Aries Tiger: The Charismatic Entertainer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aries born in Tiger year

Aries Tiger
  • The Aries dates are between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • Adventurous and restless, these people benefit from a lot of energy.
  • The Aries Tiger woman has unbeatable leadership qualities.
  • Faithful and caring, the Aries Tiger man will protect their partner.

The Aries Tiger personality is divided between the boldness and charm of the Aries and the coolness and lucky karma of the Tiger.

These people like teaching others what paths to follow and what to do with their lives. This is a feature that is present in both the Aries and the Tiger.

The Dynamic Aries Tiger Personality

Always energetic and up to fun things, Aries Tigers seem like they can never stand still. Not even for a moment. Things happen for them at different speeds, and if they’re not continuously entertained, they get bored and leave.

Life with them is like riding a roller coaster. They don’t think twice when they embark on a new adventure. More than this, they tend to not care much for people who don’t support them.

When they are bored, and they get bored very quickly, the Aries Tigers start to be annoying and restless. And because they can’t rest and they have this energy, they will try to help others with whatever they can.

They are the happiest in a job that requires them to travel. For them, being on the go is the most important thing there could be. Charismatic and friendly, they have good relations with their colleagues and they make friends easily.

Top Characteristics: Sociable, Competitive, Straightforward, Nurturing.

After combining both astrological charts of the Western zodiac and the Chinese one, you can notice that Aries Tiger people are also popular. It’s because they tend to be always straightforward and they’re not bothered to say what bothers them.

If they meet someone honest and nice, they immediately develop a bond and a relation based on mutual trust with that person.

People born in Aries the year of the Tiger will use their energy to accomplish what they want in life. They are hard workers who like to play sports and take part in different kind of physical activities.

Fast learners, they are suited for any job. And they would be good at it too. Adaptable, open, organized and fun, Tiger Arises will have many friends with whom they will do all sorts of enjoyable things like kayaking or skydiving.

They don’t run away from challenges, even if these challenges are dangerous and soliciting.

This doesn’t mean they can’t sit and simply enjoy a movie or browse the internet for something interesting, because they have these moments too.

Their mind is playful and creative. That’s why they will keep being promoted at work. They will bring up ideas that will amaze everyone. They like team work and they’re usually appreciated by colleagues because they are serious in what they are doing.

And not only at work they are serious, but in every aspect of their life. They are ambitious and they don’t give up till they have finished what they started. Lazy people should stay away from them.

Perfect careers for Aries Tiger: Music, Police, Athletics, Medicine.

Not only the Aries Tigers won’t understand laziness, they will not be able to stand people who prefer to do nothing with their lives. Always looking to change their lifestyle, they will move from city to city, from a country to another one.

Very intelligent, the Aries Tigers will look to experiment. They want to try new things and they are eager to see what happens when they go with innovative ideas. However, just like everyone, they also have weaknesses. Because they can’t be still, these people can get to be irritable.

During their youth, they take many jobs and end up mastering many skills, thing that isn’t so bad for those friends of theirs who are in constant need for advice.

Another weakness may be the fact that they are at times irresponsible, bothering the people around them.

Love – Exposed

From youth, the Aries Tigers will crave the attention and affection that are being shared in a romantic relationship. They have a magnetism and charm others simply cannot resist.

And it’s all because they are so energetic and passionate about everything. They can be affectionate and caring, so many people will be interested in being their partners.

While they may give the impression that they are sophisticated in matters of romance, they are in fact naive, innocent and eager to love.

Like children. Funny and always ready to party, people born in Aries the year of the Tiger can also be loving and attentive with the partner’s feelings.

They will start looking for someone with whom to share their life with at a young age. They want for their lover to be their best friends too.

Relationships with them are in continuous change, but not because they aren’t faithful and they want to run into the arms of another partner, but because they want to constantly change something about their life.

Most compatible with: Leo Dog, Sagittarius Dragon, Aquarius Dragon and Sagittarius Horse.

These people will not be the ones to have only one partner in their whole life. With all the need for change, they are also demanding.

But when they commit, they do it seriously. Their relationships are usually great and happy, no matter if they have reached the age when they want to settle or they are just testing the sea.

Aries Tiger Woman Characteristics

The Aries Tiger woman will always be the one who’s encouraging and makes others’ decisions for them.

She can be innovative at work, but when facing decision making for her own sake, she becomes hesitant. She sets up global goals for herself, not being able to attain them.

Ambitious and strong, she is also selfish sometimes. She could do any job as she has many talents and she likes to work hard. This is a lady who likes to travel, and that’s the reason why she has financial issues or why she is lonely.

If she wants a happier life, she needs to change priorities. Her career will always be something she is perfect at.

The Aries Tiger woman is an excellent leader. Not knowing how to establish her priorities in life is her main weakness. She doesn’t need to solve other people’s problems as she often does, she just needs to take care of her own.

If she would pay more attention to small things, she could learn life is not all about big dreams and higher purposes.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Tiger: Elle Fanning, Paris Jackson, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Matthew Broderick, Jeff Dunham.

Aries Tiger Man Characteristics

Attractive and open, the Aries Tiger man knows his way with life. While it may be difficult to understand him, and his relationships with others may seem cold, he loves his independence and doesn’t take to be pressured by others.

His optimism is contagious and many ladies would like to date him. Since youth, the Aries Tiger man may get involved in passionate relationships, and this can cut his wings a little bit.

He should try and stay away from temptations, and learn how to deal with his passion if he wants success in life. This man is never offending and he prefers to compromise rather than having a fight.

This helps him with long-term relations. He will be the faithful and caring husband for the woman who deserves him.

While he may get angry sometimes, he will never do something to upset the partner. He will take some time before deciding to marry and he gives career a whole lot of importance.

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