Aries Sun Scorpio Moon: A Secretive Personality

Confident and bold, the Aries Sun Scorpio Moon personality is one of a kind and will not follow what everyone is doing.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon people will be self-protective and composed by the Moon’s influence, and at the same time impulsive on the Aries’ side.

They want to experience emotions at a very intense level in both love and their creative endeavors. These people are usually emotionally receptive and strong when they invest their energy in their high goals.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Mysterious, fierce and irresistible;
  • Negatives: Domineering, pessimistic and cold;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will be honest and straightforward with them;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about their obsessions, especially those they exhibit in love.

Personality traits

Combine the Sun in Aries with the Moon in Scorpio and you get individuals who get their energy from making a difference in the world through their own identity.

The position of the Sun suggests they always want to be number one. This is the only thing that stimulates these pioneers and leaders. The more they thrive to succeed, the better warriors they become.

The Moon in Scorpio in their chart will reflect the sun’s light, making them domineering when it comes to emotions. These people will be passionate to dig deeper for anything that is taboo or forgotten.

The look in their eyes is deep and mysterious, which can make anyone fall in love with them. The combination between the Aries Sun and the Scorpio Moon can make the people born under this conjunction very alluring and attractive. Others will be drawn by their coolness and energy.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon individuals believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish things. Their individuality is one of the most important things for them. It’s impossible for these people to ever accept being someone else and follow the herd.

They think life is made for us to make the best out of and they strive for nothing less than the first place. Being rewarded is going to be kept dearly in their heart. Letting others know how much they are worth is more important for them than all the money in the world.

They are good artists, because they are energetic and can magnetize the public. Their interior struggles and inner thoughts will be well expressed, bringing them fame and recognition in most cases.

But don’t think they will tell others everything about themselves; they will be sure to keep secrets and have some ideas or ideals hidden from the eye of the public. Not even their friends will be aware of many things about them, so it’s possible they will surprise people without even trying.

All this secretive attitude of the Aries Sun Scorpio Moon people can be very helpful if they become the artists they are very suitable to be. Their magnetic personality can help them in business and their friendships, too.

Oriented towards their goals and not at all flexible when they have set their mind to something, these people can convince others to change their ways. Very loyal with their partner and friends, they will be appreciated and wanted around.

As soon as they decide to do something, these natives will simply go ahead and do it. There will be no one and nothing to confuse them on their road to success. They like to compete and to test themselves all the time.

Because they are confident, people see them as great leaders. They won’t be too sympathized by their peers because they are very competent and not at all lenient. But they wouldn’t even want it because it makes them feel inferior.

As a matter of fact, it’s rare to see others prouder than them. It can be said they are also temperamental. If they start low, they immediately get to high, if they are at high, they go low and at high again in a moment.

It’s good that they are capable of demanding little while they are giving their all. They like being of help and will most likely seek friendships and relationships in which they will be the givers. And when they give, you can be sure they will even give the shirt on their back for someone; but they can never accept being told what to do.

They don’t get involved with causes, they like to help individuals. Willful, Aries Sun Scorpio Moon people become upset when they no longer have a purpose.

When it comes to their relationships, they are jealous and highly vindictive. It’s difficult for them to compromise and accept their partner’s point of view. If they want better negotiating skills, they should learn tact and diplomacy.

They really know who they are, and when others want to discover them, they tend to hide their true self.

Love characteristics

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon natives will always want to be first and to take on challenges. This is a warrior sign who likes to dominate.

These people’s ego is represented by the Sun, which means they are energetic and explosive. Adventurous and confrontational, they will always be blunt. They’re not the sensitive kind of people. When they are bored in their relationship, they will want to fight rather than keeping things the same.

The Moon in Scorpio means they are emotionally honest and not always interested in raw intimacy. It will take others a lot of time to gain their trust.

They are manipulative and doubtful about other people’s intentions. But as soon as someone gains their trust, they will be the best partners.

Those with their Moon in Scorpio will always be reserved, no matter how good their relationship is. Their partner needs to let them be secretive or they will get annoyed and even leave if challenged to reveal themselves.

The Aries Sun Scorpio Moon man

In the Aries Sun Scorpio Moon combination, the two ruling planets of the signs, Mars and Pluto get to meet: the planet of energy with the one of regeneration.

It’s a lot to take for the man born with this aspect: this guy is a monument of self-respect, but he won’t be loud when imposing himself, and everyone will know this. You can trust he’ll have the energy to do anything.

People will fall for him all the time, but they will never know what he is really like inside. A worrier, he will often get headaches, but he will never say out loud what bothers him; not that he’s a macho man, he simply likes to keep things to himself.

He will listen to others’ problems and keep their secrets. When in love, the Aries Sun Scorpio Moon man is fiery and passionate, and he won’t refrain from doing anything to prove his love.

His partner shouldn’t ask for his independence or his money. He can be trusted to never cheat, and he expects the same thing from his woman. As soon as he is cheated on, the relationship will be over.

He also doesn’t like superficial people; only what’s deep, mysterious and magnetic will get his attention.

Knowing he’s irresistible and a great lover will keep him longer next to a woman. There’s no one to guess how many times he thinks of sex.

He doesn’t like change, but the Moon will help him reorganize in tough moments. He will never bend the rules because he respects them too much.

The Aries Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The Aries Sun Scorpio Moon woman is intense and excessive. She knows her thing and can’t be easily tricked. It would be better if you didn’t cross her or you will get to feel her wrath.

A good person, she wants to be the best wife and mother. Some people will not understand why she’s so committed to all this, though.

Having a turbulent life, she will often have problems sticking to her plans. She will find her way each time she gets confused. Life with her is never boring.

It’s possible she will buy the most luxurious clothes and furniture. Depending on the time when she has been born, she can be the type who marries well and remains a widow. But don’t think she won’t have a career just because she wants to be a wife. On the contrary, she can be a great scientist, private detective or sex therapist.

Her sexuality is very pronounced; she knows how to arouse and excite her man by playing out all of his fantasies.

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