Aries Sexuality: Essentials On Aries In Bed

Sex with an Aries – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

Aries natives praise themselves as great conquerors and masters in bed. They expect a lot from a romantic partner, mainly to keep up the pace with their dominating lead.

Trying hard to make you become enthralled with their charm and sex appeal, these natives also require a bit of cooperation from your part, so that everything is perfect.

With Mars keeping watch, Arians were bound to be aggressive and confident individuals, with a fiery and volcanic attitude when it comes to love-making.

They are in touch with their feral instincts, making sado-masochistic techniques pretty common and desirable.

What really sets an Aries apart from nearly all other zodiac signs is their warlike personality, which goes on to influence how they perceive intimate relationships.

Always seeking to establish control and dominate the flow of the act, nothing makes an Aries more excited than knowing himself on top of the world.

To these natives, what matters the most is the fulfilling of the act, the satisfaction of certain cravings, which is why they tend to overlook the partner’s feeling and happiness.

Leaving aside any kind of foreplay or preparatory stages, they get into the action with no regard for anything else.

Being by far one of the most impulsive and gluttonous people out there, Arians come off as pretty mysterious sometimes, but further observation usually renders their motives quite clear.

There doesn’t seem to be any other stronger motivations to them, apart from receiving the daily dose of sexual pleasure.

A drug in and of itself, sex turns them into maniacs, and when it comes to one’s libido, Aries natives are the real monsters of the zodiac. Click To Tweet

Living with that immense sexual appetite is anything if not unbearable and utterly uncomfortable. Arians could very well go insane if they don’t release that pressure building up inside in the quickest time possible. The sooner this gets done, the merrier it is.

With Mars at the helm, no one is expecting this native to be classy and an elegant romantic, courting someone with the patience and perseverance of a true gentleman. Instead, a straightforward and in-the-face attitude is way more like it.

Sex is basically the only thing they will ever think about when seeing a woman, and they feel even more attracted when a woman knows how to capitalize on that.

Experience and insight are highly valued by an Arian, and a woman who possesses these traits is definitely on top of the list.

The hunter and the prey

Being bathed in the volcanic waters of their primordial element, Aries natives are naturally endowed with a sense of royal superiority, or better yet, of hegemony/dominance over others.

They need a strong and reliant partner, and so those who can’t even get the courage to take the first step, are not even worth the effort.

It might also be that taking the initiative is seen as unsuitable for a person of their caliber. Anyway, what is clear here is that Aries natives are looking for confident and straightforward individuals, those who can take some risks and walk out unscathed, eyeing the potential and seizing it by force.

Arians are big fans of sexual games, and we’re not talking about BDSM specifically, although that’s not out of the question either. But this time, we’re focused on their predatory nature.

Taking the role of a hunter, or the other way around, of the prey, can be a very stimulating and replenishing experience for these dynamic natives.

They are thus beings of great sexual prowess and intensity, the satisfaction of which must be prompt and fulfilling enough.

The lack of inhibitions and anxieties further increases their hunger and ability to sate it at the same time. Having sex on the first date? What a good idea. Practicing voyeurism? Now that’s even more intriguing and thrill-inducing for an Aries individual.

Their sexual appetite

Given all that pent-up sexual appetite (which can turn into straight-up frustration if not properly taken care of), it’s only normal for there to be problems with devotion and loyalty.

If they’re not happy and satisfied, what else can they do, except solve the problem immediately?

More so for single individuals than for couples though, because the latter case implies a certain emotional connection and a fundamental trustworthiness. If it ever comes to that, chances are it will only be something fugitive and non-important.

The zodiac says that Arians are incredibly witty and intellectual, as well as spirited and dynamic (this was already very apparent already).

What it doesn’t say though, is that those perks are quite handy and useful when applied to sexual life. Creativity, restlessness and ferocity.

Are these not the perfect traits of a master in the arts of love-making? The woman who could resist them was probably not born yet, nor will it ever be.

The perfect partners for these Arians are our “go for the kill” Sagittarians. This combination is simply mind-numbing and fantastic. Nothing could ever be in so perfect a harmony than the feelings and experiences of these guys.

Both crave for the maximum level of satisfaction and bliss, and both receive it as a result. The apex of an intimate relationship, this is what an Aries and a Sagittarius succeed in doing.

Filled with nothing but boundless energy and a wicked sense of pleasure, these natives are among the best couples in the world, in terms of compatibility, if not the most successful.

Free of all limitations and hesitations, their love touches the realm of paroxysm and uninhibited bliss.

An Aries native prefers their partners smart, intuitive and dominating, the latter being almost an essential perk, the lack of which will almost certainly lead to disaster.

If your aim is to make them become utterly attached and obsessed with you, pay close attention to how sexual fantasies and dreams are achieved.

Their attitudes and behaviors, impulses and reactions, these are very important, in order to find a way of taking a more active role in the relationship.

Staying put and waiting for them to do everything will eventually make it all fall into nothingness, so avoid inactivity.

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