Aries Rooster: The Thrill Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Aries born in Rooster year

Aries Rooster
  • The Aries dates are between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • Self-sufficient, these people are not very clingy to others.
  • The Aries Rooster woman is very analytical and quick to make plans.
  • Idealistic and honest, the Aries Rooster man is often disappointed to discover flaws in people.

People born in Aries the year of the Rooster have a very special place in the zodiac. They have an enthusiasm and a passion that no one else has. Their energy is unmatched and they are constantly doing something to consume it.

They like being in the center of attention and they are sure to make you fall in love with them in a minute.

The Aries makes them enthusiastic and independent, while the Rooster makes them want to be the ones that are in the middle of things. Reliable, open and fearless, Aries Roosters are above all idealists.

The Lovable Aries Rooster Personality

They have strong beliefs and no one can change their mind from believing in certain principles and morals. Proud and courageous, they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to take on any type of challenge, no matter how dangerous and difficult.

These are impulsive and spontaneous people, but it doesn’t mean they are inconstant and they have goals that aren’t precise.

An Aries born in the year of the Rooster will borrow the Rooster’s way of being loud and at the same time loving.

They are attractive and will charm anyone very fast. And they are not only physically attractive. They also have a great personality that makes them be wanted by the opposite sex.

Top Characteristics: Diplomatic, Inquisitive, Adaptable, Impatient, Attractive.

Their curiosity will lead them towards many adventures in their entire life. They have many friends who can count on them and they are helpful and accommodating. If you would go to an Aries Rooster asking for help, he or she will surely give you a hand with anything that you may need.

Like many other people, Aries Roosters are attracted by extremes. They have no complexes and they usually display their feelings and their private life.

Without being rude, they can make themselves noticed in public or at friendly gatherings. It would be hard not to notice them.

If you are the type of person who likes to plan and anticipate future events, stay away from the Rooster Aries. They are the exact opposite and you will probably disagree on many subjects.

Because they are self-sufficient, it doesn’t mean they don’t need someone to love and appreciate them. It is the Rooster’s influence that makes them this way.

While they are a little less independent and serious than other Arieses, these ones are more warm and open. Friendly, cheerful and sweet, you can’t ignore them. But these traits often attract people with bad intentions to deceive them. They will be schemed and realize only later what happened.

The older they get, the wiser they become, being able to priorities things in their lives better, and forgetting about wanting to be in the center of attention. They can be dreamy, but when things are serious, they immediately get it all together.

Colleagues and bosses will love them. It’s the same for friends, family and partners. They could do any type of work as they are adaptable and easygoing.

They have great taste and they criticize when someone is not wearing the right clothes or has a bad hair day. It’s true that their opinions can sometimes irritate, but that’s life. Others need to learn how to live with it.

They are not the most diplomatic and they can’t hide their feelings too well either. If you are keen to understand which are your flaws, just ask you Aries Rooster friend. You will surely not be lied to.

Because it’s their way or the highway, these people can sometimes be vocal if they’re expressing their opinions. When they want to do something their way, they’ll insist and persist on the matter till they get what they want.

They are not manipulative, just intelligent enough to bring in solid arguments. It’s easy to understand them as they know how to express themselves very well.  As far as money go, Rooster Arieses like spending a lot.

They want to keep a stylish image, so they will often buy useless things like clothes they will never wear.

When they have a little bit of free time, they prefer to spend it with friends and family. Their problem-solving skills are helpful when they are facing difficulties from which others would never think they would get out.

Perfect careers for Aries Rooster: Politics, Law, Engineering, Acting.

It is impossible for them to listen to others. They only take after themselves and they are a little bit too much. While they are young, they start eccentric, grandiose projects designed to impress others and make them feel special.

Their main weakness surfaces when things aren’t going their way. This is the moment when they start to be vocal and loud, when everyone thinks they are being spoiled and not thinking of others. It’s not enjoyable to watch an Aries Rooster having tantrums. You would be amazed about how different they can get from their usual ways.

Their learned discipline in their career with time, and they can easily get to be leaders as they have the necessary talents.

But to get back to their tantrums, these don’t last too long and are only meant to show they are not satisfied with something. Aries Roosters want to make people aware of their feelings.  They will tone down fast and they will get back to their old selves again.

Love – Revealed

Stable and loyal, love relationships are important for Aries Roosters. While they give the impression that they’re enjoying loneliness, in their heart they want someone with whom they can share all their feelings and dreams.

They are honest and innocent when they fall in love. It is easy to read them, but you need to be careful as they have many admirers.

They can be fussy about their involvement and they will only commit once they are sure the person they like is 100% in love and ready for something too.

They will most likely be involved in a few romances before they will find their one and only love. And this is not something wrong.

Most compatible with: Gemini Snake, Leo Ox, Aquarius Dragon, Aquarius Snake.

Many people are involved many times before they find someone suitable for them. They believe in honor and loyalty, so they will be faithful to the partners and they’ll expect the same thing back.

Their sensuality and energy makes them attractive and good in bed. However, Aries Roosters can sometimes fight with their partners because they show what’s on their mind too openly.

Too much truthfulness and to little love can make people run away and never look back. But in times of peace, they like to take care of the partner and they guard them from any negative emotions.

They like to look great and attract the eyes of many. They won’t flirt if they are already involved, but they love the wooing.

So make sure you don’t throw yourself at them from the first day. Keep it real but at the same time be a little bit distant. If you want to make them happy, get them clothes.

Aries Rooster Woman Characteristics

The Aries Rooster woman will always search for success. She doesn’t care too much about friends or her love life, she just wants success.

But since this involves many problems and difficulties, she won’t be spared. She sets goals and she manages to achieve them. But it would be wiser if she would calculate if the efforts and the time invested are worth it.

She is down-to-earth and she analyzes people and situations very well. Never frightened of new beginnings, the Aries Rooster woman makes plans and she sticks to them.

It is advised that she reconsiders relationships with her family or she will be alone for the rest of her life.

Also, this lady should be more patient. Too demanding, she needs to not be so pretentious with people around her. Otherwise, this girl is perfect and she will manage to attain the success she so badly wants.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Rooster: Jayne Mansfield, Eric Clapton, Linda Hunt, Julia Stiles, Chance the Rapper.

Aries Rooster Man Characteristics

Intelligent and attractive, the Aries Rooster man will have many admirers. He is a little bit cold and detached when he’s in love, so don’t expect him to be the most caring partner.

He could be very well and happy in a relationship with absolutely no feelings. He is capable of overcoming difficulties with ease.

Practical and honest, this guy has an incredible imagination. He is always busy and he will try and achieve success at work and in his personal life too. He has many friends and he likes money.

The Aries Rooster man will work hard for his income, that’s for sure. He has a good intuition and he communicates easily.

Mistakes will be avoided as he calculates everything before taking a decision. He will get in love and after out of love.

He is disappointed when he sees the flaws in people. Impulsive and sometimes aggressive, it would be good if he would be calmer.

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