Aries Rising: The Influence of Aries Ascendant on Personality

Instilled with dynamism and strength, people with an Aries Ascendant will follow their goals relentlessly.

Aries Rising

Aries rising people are straightforward and quick to act. They like to compete and love it when they’re winning at something. Not at all patient, it’s difficult for them to be around slow individuals who refuse to be active.

Known as impulsive and for having a quick temper, they still deserve all the admiration of others because they don’t hold grudges. Also, independent and very confident, they usually manage to make their dreams come true.

Aries Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Dignified, ambitious and daring;
  • Weaknesses: Irritable, clumsy and absentminded;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who chases harmony rather than adventure and puts them first;
  • Life Lesson for Aries Ascendant: To put those close above anything else.

The rising sign should always be considered when reading a birth chart because it determines how a person looks and acts around others. It is also an important element when it comes to what impact the individual has on everyone, symbolizing the first impressions people get about a person.

Aries Rising personality

Having a tendency to be selfish in the most ruthless way, Aries rising can’t really be too considerate because it would mean for them to interrupt their energy flow and to no longer focus on their own goals.

There’s something in their personality though, a kind and loving attitude for the one they are sharing their life with, coupled with a desire to live a peaceful and beautiful life.

In short, when it concerns their lover, they are more like Libra, their opposite in the zodiac. But their closest friends won’t even notice this about them for it will only be something they’re only revealing to their partner.

Their determination and impulsiveness can overwhelm others but are traits they find to be very important for their upbringing. These natives need high ideals and to have a purpose because they’re only motivated by good results.

Only when working on something, they feel fulfilled and wanting to release all of their emotional and physical energy. But expect them to be aggressive, restless and very impatient.

You will always recognize them in a crowd for they have sparkling eyes that make them look like they’ve just got out of bed. It’s normal for Aries rising to pay attention to their own image and to put on the coolest clothes that reveal their great taste.

They have a dignifying look and live the most dynamic lives. Anyone can notice their body is always stretched and ready for action, which completely makes sense because their energy levels are incredible.

These natives can’t be stopped from getting what they want and for always wanting to do something.

Ruled by Mars, through their ascendant they’re the fighters and the winners of this game called life. Mars is known as the planet of war, after all. Expect them to always focus on what they have to do and to want the center of the stage, not at all to be in the shadows.

They simply love life and know how to live it at a fast pace. Cheerful and enjoying every moment to the maximum, these people have passion, are agitated and can’t wait around for things to just happen.

That’s why they want a partner just like themselves. However, it’s also possible for them to be attracted by the soft signs ruled by Venus.

Hating stupidity, they will surround themselves with intelligent people. When things are not going the way they want them, nervous breakdowns start to take over their life.

Because they lack patience, it’s absolutely normal for them to just give up on some things and projects. It’s just that they want immediate results, not to just wait around and to expect for things to happen.

When in a competition, all they will do is think about the end and about winning. It’s possible for them to learn patience if fate will force it into their life. So, a marriage, a friendship and also parenthood will teach them to wait for the good things.

While not showing it all the time, Aries ascendant people are very courageous. But others should be very careful not to make them angry or to tell them things twice.

Being told too many times what to do makes them feel stupid and they surely don’t like feeling like that. What’s good to know is that their anger doesn’t last for too long and a good joke can have them cheerful again.

Decisive in nature and powerful, they sometimes force their intentions upon others. Preferring to show off their talents, Aries rising won’t just sit and wait for someone to appreciate them.

If they’re the introverted type, the assertiveness specific to Arieses will be later on revealed in their personality. If it won’t, they’ll end up frustrated and famous for throwing tantrums out of anything.

When people have Libra Descendant like them, they become less aggressive and more attentive to what others need. However, in order for these natives to be more composed and calm, it’s necessary that they get their boldness, power and independence straightened out first. And only after that, they can start to be more courteous, thoughtful and discrete, but only in a gradual manner.

These people won’t waste their time with someone egotistical and mean. The more gentle and less competitive a person is, the more attracted they feel towards him or her.

Aries rising may have a contradicting side because, when young, they are independent and flirtatious and at the same time want a stable home and to get married.

This is not abnormal because their fourth House of family and home is ruled by the Cancer and thus, the Moon. As young people, they won’t even think of establishing a career for themselves because they’re too impatient.

The physique of Aries Rising

Aries rising are known for their fast walk and sudden movements. Their facial bones are prominent, and scars may be present around their eyes or on their cheeks because they seem to always injure themselves around the face area.

Their body is strong and athletic, so many will be sure they’re always working out. Proud of their physical appearance and youthful in spirit, these natives have an incredible energy and lust for life that make them want to take on new challenges.

Giving a lot of importance to how they look and present themselves in the world, Aries rising will be careful at what clothes they are putting on and how they are wearing them.

Very honest and straightforward, they will always speak the truth and not care if others get hurt. They don’t have bad intentions and you can be sure they’re reliable and devoted.

Their body is ruled by Mars, so when the connection between their vibes and this planet will be interrupted, they won’t feel so good.

Ruling over the head, these natives will often have migraines. Some dermatological diseases on their face are also common for them, together with feverish dispositions.

Sporty and always on the run because they have this amazing energy, Aries rising could put up with a lot of physical effort. They pay attention to how fit they are, so it’s not impossible to find them at the gym after work.

Aries Ascendant man

The Aries rising man needs to be always in control. Ambitious and impulsive, he’ll most likely get to fulfill his dreams. This male native requires his partner to be completely honest because this is how he is as well.

He likes to chase and loves a woman who poses as a challenge for his conquering abilities. The thrills of the courtship make him thrive, so the more she doesn’t give into him, the better for her.

Ladies who act fast immediately turn him on. He likes to be seen as the most important person in the life of his woman, this being the reason why he hates to hear about her ex-partners.

His lover should calm down his anxiety and teach him how to express himself sexually. As soon as he has won a lady’s heart and he feels comfortable, he starts to show his more aggressive side.

Aries Ascendant Man: The Bold Entrepreneur

Aries Ascendant woman

The Aries rising woman is not afraid of any challenge or conflict. She likes independent men because she herself is like this.

This lady won’t hurry to get married because she first wants to make her other dreams come true. If she would feel a relationship isn’t for her high standards, she would rather be all alone.

When in love, she makes sure the person of her interest finds out about her feelings. Not at all patient or open to let things just happen, she’ll most likely have some problems with her love life.

Aries Ascendant Woman: The Uninhibited Lady


Aries ascendant people are highly energetic, eager to start things, impulsive, and opinionated. They are known to be restless but thoughtful and straightforward and they simply hate being tied down or told what to do.

It’s suggested they learn how to be more tactful, patient and thoughtful because if they would know how to focus their energies on something more constructive, they would be much more successful.

Just like the ram that symbolizes them, they’re using their head to face obstacles and hope to always have the power to knock down anything they may be dealing with, including their opponents.

They love being challenged because their spirit is competitive and aggressive. Finishing a project before starting another one is suggested for their life to take the right turns.

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