Aries Ram: The Honest Personality Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aries born in Goat year

Aries Ram
  • The Aries dates are between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Ram years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people often gain their self-confidence through hard work.
  • The Aries Ram woman is sensible and empathic.
  • Knowing exactly how to use his talents, the Aries Ram man is never caught out of hand.

Creative and energetic, Aries Ram people like to take on new adventures and they usually agitate people. Rebellious, these guys never care what others may have to say about them.

Dreamers, people born in a Chinese year of the Goat don’t spend too much time planning and thinking about what they are hoping for, though. They come to their senses pretty fast.

The Truthful Aries Ram Personality

Lots of the Aquarius Rams are smart and optimistic. But they also have a sensitive, sweet side. They love to explore new situations, and many people find them eccentric and interesting.

They are appreciated by friends as they have the gift to bring a good disposition when there is no more hope for a happy atmosphere. They view life from a positive spin and they are so charming, people want to be around them all the time.

Aries Rams have appreciation for everyone and everything. They love the agitation of big cities and it’s more likely that you will find them in Paris or New York and not in the countryside.

Adaptable, they will mingle with any kind of people, at any gathering. Personal situations are something they can offer advice on, and they are reliable people on whose shoulder you can cry. You can ask anyone who is their friend.

You will find out they are great comrades that are always there in times of need. It’s not their way to lie about things.

Top Characteristics: Witty, Reliable, Demonstrative, Judgmental and Generous.

As a matter of fact, it’s impossible for them to lie because they are veracious. This makes them the perfect romantic partners. If someone would ask them to be involved in a deception, they would politely refuse.

If they are financially challenged, Aries Rams become depressed. They wouldn’t show it, but inside they would be finished.

These people are sensitive and fragile on the inside, and they never show it as they like their interior struggles to be fought all alone and not with others’ help.

When the situation requires them to be more attentive, they immediately take action, not thinking twice. This means they would make great parents, being able to be childish and in the same time responsible.

Aries Rams will be interested in doing jobs as caretakers. This kind of work would give them a lot of self-confidence. They are good when they are working in teams, and they always do their share and a little bit more.

Good communicators, they are sometimes shy. When young, Aries Rams can express their need for security by being rebellious. After this stage, they could start getting involved in risky businesses.

The more they age and they gain security, the more they realize what life choices to make and how risk and rebelling aren’t going to offer them the material stability they are so eagerly looking for.

Ambitious in their career, these people have periods of time when they are challenging themselves intellectually, and periods of time when they are only taking action. If they want something, it is hard to change their mind.

Not that interested in sports, Aries Rams will only relax when they will want a break. They know how to do this and they will reflect on life on a deeper level when resting.

They like the comfort of their own home or the nature. They have a special thing for the wilderness and they will spend as much time as possible between trees and birds. But this only when they want to unwind a little bit.

Agitation is still something they crave. Only a few of the Aries Rams will prefer the countryside over cities.

Perfect careers for Aries Ram: Politics, PR, Sales, Music and Acting.

Having great taste and some incredible talents, people born in these signs would make great artists. But they may not be that interested in being famous as notoriety may bother them.

Their main weakness is that they see betrayal in everything people are doing. It doesn’t matter if they are their friends or their lovers, when people around them do something that seems unusual, Aries Rams will immediately think they are being betrayed.

They will hold a grudge and even make a scene. Some of the Aries Rams go as far as getting revenge on those who have dared to be somehow different with them.

It is a mistake to try and deceive a person in these signs. You will completely devastate them, and they will never forgive you. It is worth stressing the fact that these individuals appreciate honesty the most.

Love – Uncovered

There’s no one to cherish a relationship more than the Aries Rams. They grow to be dependent on their lovers, and they start to focus all of their attention on the connection they’re having with these.

Affectionate and romantic, Aries Rams are dedicated and faithful. They can become very possessive and there’s no one who can change their ways.

These people need to understand their lovers tend to have a life of their own, in which they work and interact with other people.

They sometimes make confusions between love and treating someone as a possession, and the people with whom they are spending their life with start to feel they are being owned by the Aries Ram.

Most compatible with: Sagittarius Horse, Rabbit Aquarius, Leo Horse, Aquarius Pig, Gemini Rabbit.

Aries Ram Woman Characteristics

Life’s hard for the Aries Ram woman. This girl will face hardship and she will not always be able to deal with them. She should focus more on self-development, if she wants to have control over her destiny.

Open and kindhearted, this lady will share her feelings with others. She’s sensitive and she can see what someone else is feeling.

But this can convince many dishonest people to take advantage of her. Her romantic relationships are usually unhappy because she can’t spend too much time with only one individual.

If she would pay more attention to her partner, she would be able to have something long-term and serious. It is advised that she is not so harsh with words, and that she gives up being so direct and frank.

She also needs to be more understanding or she will end up alone. If she starts to be more bold and resolute, life will send her positivity.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Ram: Christopher Walken, Reba McEntire, Angus Young, Heath Ledger, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson.

Aries Ram Man Characteristics

Attractive, good natured and intelligent, the Aries Ram man will want to help anyone. He gets along with people, and women are very much into him because he is very charming. Independent and determined, he will succeed at what he puts his mind to.

But this guy is also sensitive. This is why he empathizes with others and wants so much to help.

Outside he is happy and cheerful, inside he feels contradicted and unbalanced. Not very self-confident, he needs others in order to make it.

He always uses the right ways to reach his goals and he very much takes into consideration what others have to say about him.

He will attract money and he will have a career that will keep him comfortable. If he wants to succeed more, he needs to leave all the fears aside and take advantage of his periods of loneliness. It is also advised he distances himself from the people who have negative thoughts.

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