Aries Pig: The Relaxed Motivator Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aries born in Pig year

Aries Pig
  • Anyone born between March 21 and April 19 is an Aries.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people are not always able to completely relax.
  • The Aries Pig woman is incredibly confident and flourishes in the hardest of times.
  • There is this air of glamour about the Aries Pig man.

Unlike the typical Aries native, the Aries Pig is less strict and rigid, acting in a more carefree and breezy manner, not putting everything to heart and seeking perfection in everything.

Also, their expectations of other people are not as high, while being really funny, sociable and understanding of mistakes and missteps.

The Aries is a very stubborn and quite pig-headed individual, with an innate desire for being in complete control of their life. No one is allowed to intervene and make any changes to their routine or plans, because they won’t be very glad, nor thankful of it.

Instead, they prefer to do their own thing, and in society, they are very communicative and direct, acting with the most honest reasons and motivations.

The Stoical Aries Pig Personality

The Aries Pig natives are what we might call the heroes for sacrifice, the people who will do anything in their power to help their family and close ones.

Being exceptionally generous and kind-hearted, you will quickly come to recognize these individuals wherever there is one. They’re usually the ones who are the most cheerful, supportive and appreciative with everyone else, regardless of who it is.

They don’t have anything to hide, and they will tell you if something’s wrong or out of place. Evidently, with this open-minded and welcoming character, there aren’t many who will hesitate in trusting and accepting them as trustworthy people.

For this reason, working in groups or initiating a group project will work out wonderfully, because everyone will listen to and conform to their every word and command. After all, they wouldn’t do anything detrimental, now would they?

Furthermore, they don’t stay for too long mired in dreams and idealistic concepts, because everything they need is in this world, in the present, right here and right now.

Top Characteristics: Flexible, Analytical, Sociable, Determined and Generous.

And they won’t ever let these joys and opportunities slip away, just so they could live a fairy-tale in a chimerical world of their own making.

Making friends, travelling, meeting new people and establishing relationships, eating exotic food, all these wonderful activities are just waiting to be explored. Their comfort is the most important factor here, and this is what they focus on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re all fun and games, while avoiding responsibilities and serious issues. Not at all, because when the time comes, they can completely transform into an efficient and determinate character who proceeds with the plan and solves the problem, whatever it may be.

Sentimentally, they can also be quite profound if the situation calls for, or when someone is in need of comfort or a shoulder to cry on.

Have no fear, because your Aries Pig friend is there to support and help you pass through these trying times. They do this because they have a very high opinion about people in general, and not because of a more selfish reason.

While it may be true that they are really empathetic and compassionate individuals in general, that doesn’t mean that when someone oversteps their bounds and makes an attack on them, they’ll behave them same.

Perfect careers for Aries Pig: Consultancy, Accountancy, Journalism, Design.

These natives are usually engrossed and despise people who use deceit and unsavoury methods to accomplish their goals, and because it quite literally affects their potential development in the future, tolerating those kinds of people is not an option.

Professionally, it’s obvious that their qualities and natural talents will give off a warning signal to the people in charge, and they will quickly get noticed and rise among the ranks swiftly and with great efficiency.

Born to be in leading positions, acting as the head of a group of people and coordinating their efforts to achieve the given goals, the Aries Pig sets off an example wherever they go and never disappoint.

Also, they enjoy taking their sweet time to relax and find moments to relax and forget all about work, daily stress and mandatory projects.

So, whether it’s going out with a couple of friends in a club, watching a good movie or making a barbecue out in the courtyard, this native knows how to always find the much-needed comfort.

And they are usually very careful not to forget about this, because over-exertion and an abundance of stress can reveal some of their latent vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which, truth be told, are not as disastrous as one might think.

It’s just that they distance themselves from anything social life, become enclosed in their own carapace and are very gloomy. These are all markers of an overly-encumbered schedule and an abundance of stressful thoughts.

Love – Revealed

Romantically, the Aries Pig is one of the most loyal, devoted and loving individuals out there. If you thought that perfection was unattainable, especially in a partner, then you have to step back and rethink this a little bit, because this native seems to be completely and irreversibly committed to the relationship, and to their partner.

They will not hesitate to put an end to their own wellbeing and happiness if that means their lover is satisfied and happy.

Considering the amount of time and effort that they put in, all the emotional baggage that comes with a relationship, all the experiences and happy moments that they’re responsible for, they should rightfully expect a royal treatment and a place in paradise.

Most compatible with: Gemini Dragon, Leo Rabbit, Sagittarius Rabbit, Aquarius Dragon, Leo Dragon.

Realistically speaking, whoever doesn’t appreciate this and is ungrateful, deserves nothing more than the cruellest and most heinous treatment one could ever receive.

It is this high risk of disappointment and disillusionment that stems from their selfless and self-sacrificial personality that make it advisable for them to take the time to truly get to know a person before fully committing.

There are plenty of people out there, and there are a lot of opportunities to find true love, you just have to be patient and it will eventually arrive when you least expect it.

Most importantly, don’t try to force it, because nothing good can ever come out of that. After having decided to reveal their inner world to someone else, time will strengthen the bonds between them, and love will keep on being nurtured with care and kindness. And let’s not forget about this native’s highly romantic and flirtatious approach, which is certainly not something to put aside in a corner.

Meeting one of the Aries Pig ascension will be the best thing to even happen to your life, that much should be evident now.

Aries Pig Woman Characteristics

These women are individuals of rare confidence and determination, often being put in difficult situations solely because of this inflated sense of self-worth and even arrogant attitude.

The status-quo is just a joke in front of them, a previously established order that seems absurd and flawed to its very core, one which needs a rehabilitation as soon as possible.

But, beyond these idealistic dreams and rioting spirit, the Aries Pig women are very independent and unflinching in the face of danger.

She is a being of extreme confidence and of utmost potential, one which doesn’t take long to sprout and flourish in the most extraordinary ways.

Because she is so richly endowed with talent, intelligence and a special charm, the ego also starts to become bigger and bigger, almost excessively so.

Therefore, she isn’t likely to follow other people’s advice, or even try to come to a consensus on some sensitive matter, because their point of view is the correct one anyway. Why bother explaining that?

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Pig: Elton John, David Letterman, Alan Sugar, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Miranda Kerr.

Aries Pig Man Characteristics

The Aries Pig man has a natural allure of attractiveness and glamour swarming around him, quite possibly because of his kindness and good-willed character which spill forth in the outside world.

It is said that you know a good man when you meet him. Maybe this is what they referred to. Moreover, he is almost always in the search for one more treat, one more escapade outside the confines and day-to-day stress and working routines.

Comfort and personal satisfaction are among the most important things to him, and he will often be found thinking of new ways to satisfy his desires and cravings.

What really makes these natives one of a kind and prone to great achievements is their great observation skills.

Intelligent, of course, the Aries Pig individuals will usually know everything that you might ask them, and not because of their nerd-like behavior, but because they are a little more attentive and open-minded than the rest of us.

That’s not really something to brag about, you might think. But, considering that this is the main reason for which he will eventually reach success and make a fortune, it might be better to follow his example and pay more attention to your surroundings.

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