Aries Monkey: The Uncommon Perseverant Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Aries born in Monkey year

Aries Monkey
  • Aries people celebrate their birthdays between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Daily stress is not commonly an issue for these people.
  • Wilful and forward, the Aries Monkey woman often finds herself understated.
  • Nothing escapes the analytic eye of the Aries Monkey man.

The Aries Monkeys are having a blast wherever they go, and nothing can cut short their enthusiasm and high-paced joy.

Making jokes and using subtle humour to entertain friends and family, they are very sociable and likeable individuals with whom you can talk about anything there is, because they will listen to you with a transfixed gaze.

Moreover, due to this optimism of theirs, coupled with an iron will and a witty personality, they can take on all of life’s challenges with a carefree attitude and succeed every time.

The Meditative Aries Monkey Personality

A true behemoth of a character, nothing can stand in the way of the Aries Monkey, not difficult situations, not enemies, and certainly not the prospect of failure.

Instead, they are incentivized and given fresh power by their deep desire of money and power, of professional and financial success.

Because of their patient and reasonable mind-set, they appear to be much more mature and experienced than they actually are.

After all, when they have a tendency to realistically point out the flaws in an idea, while also making their own contributions alongside it, or when they keep their cool in even the most critical situations, what else could you think?

Top Characteristics: Attractive, Persistent, Intelligent, Reliable.

Even more, these natives also have very keen eyes and a good intuition when it comes to other people, being able to immediately spot the tiniest flaws in a person’s countenance, or their weaknesses.

Being physically attractive only manages to increase their self-confidence and create certain expectations of their own person.

They like being admired and praised for their looks, and they do everything to keep that going by wearing the most beautiful clothes and the most stylish accessories.

At home, they prefer it to be a relaxing and comfortable environment, rather than simple and basic, practical in other words. In order to afford that lifestyle, they have to work hard, and the ideal workplaces are those that can motivate and stimulate them intellectually.

The saying “the end justifies the means” fits perfectly with this native’s character and their preferred way of doing things.

If you can’t achieve it through standard and normal methods, why hesitate and let it all go to waste when you can make ends meet through other, more unconventional means? Some will scoff at this, while some will criticize and mock them, but at the end of the day, the Monkey Aries will get the pie while the rest are still daydreaming.

Of course, this doesn’t mean in any way that they’re all work and effort, and no fun. They know how to relax and forget all about the daily stress, and whether it’s a party in the club with friends, or a movie at home alone, it’s all the same for them.

The uncommon and generally brilliant methods that they have at their disposal make it seem like nothing is a true challenge and everything is easily attainable.

Add to that an infinite source of energy and a resourcefulness few can match, and you have a native who can achieve great things, but also the jealousy and aggressiveness of competitors.

Perfect careers for Aries Monkey: Medicine, Arts, Journalism, Law and Sales.

While they do prefer to work from the shadows, behind the curtains, more often than not, the way they do things will eventually attract all the attention and glory to it.

Never bragging and never seeing themselves as superior or in possession of a bigger brain than others, the Aries Monkeys prefer to act, rather than talk, and this is obviously something which will undoubtedly propel them to the peaks of fame and fortune.

For this very reason, there couldn’t be a more paradoxical situation as it is with this native. Why, you ask? Because, against all odds and logic, they tend to be indecisive and hesitant in some situations. Yeah, the native who is always resolute and determinate, will, at times, find it hard to take a decision and must deliberate before doing that.

The reason for this consists in the long observations and in-depth analyses that they usually do, and being of a rational nature, it’s pretty evident how they could be hesitant and prone to calculations.

Love – Exposed

In love, the Aries Monkeys exhibit a very loyal and determinate behaviour, fitting for such an intelligent and resolute character.

There couldn’t be a more attentive and affectionate person that this native, and each and every relationship with them is like a fresh breeze of air in a spring day.

Besides being very kind and thoughtful, they are also by far the best lover overall, be it intimately or emotionally.

To think that they would falter when confronted with arguments or issues would be an understatement of their resistance and willpower, because there aren’t many things which could do that to them.

With a tendency to view everything else other than their own ambitions as being superfluous and not as important, they are likely to not pay as much attention to the relationship as it would be normal.

And that can be evident from the behaviour and attitude shown in day-to-day life.

For that reason, when they meet someone who has the same ideas and goals in life, it’s basically the beginning of a long and beautiful bond between two compatible individuals.

Most compatible with: Leo Dragon, Gemini Dragon, Sagittarius Dragon, Leo Rat, Aquarius Rat.

Aries Monkey Woman Characteristics

What stops these women from advancing to an even higher level of professional expertise and overall accomplishments is the internal struggle with oneself, the unstable state of their emotions and thoughts.

These fluctuations in mood tend to destroy their focus and take their attention away from a realistic self-awareness, when speaking about setting goals.

In general though, the sheer power of will and ambition of these natives is so great that there aren’t many things which could ever hope to put them in a critical condition.

With an adaptable nature and efficiency-focused attitude, failure would be the biggest surprise in their lives, that’s how confident and strong their abilities and talents are.

As far as intimate relationships go, the Aries Monkey won’t stand on ceremony and go for the kill as long the interest is there. And if it’s not there, she won’t even take a glance at you, even less trying to flirt or seduce you.

Compatibility is a very important thing for her, and if she succeeds in finding out what makes you a fitting partner, you can be sure that she won’t quit until you give in to her advances and be hers.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Monkey: Omar Sharif, Diana Ross, Steve Ballmer, Andy Garcia, Ashley Judd, Patricia Arquette, Celine Dion.

Aries Monkey Man Characteristics

The way the Aries Monkey perceives human relationships is a little abnormal at best. If you’re there for him and offer support through trying times, then you can count yourself lucky because he will never forget this.

On the other hand, if by any chance you manage to step on his toes and anger him, there’s nothing than can be done anymore, he’s just sentenced you to death, total ignorance and animosity.

Being able to see the situation from many points of view and approach it from different standpoints can only be beneficial and efficient in his life.

Nothing escapes the analytic eye of this native, and any change in the surroundings is observed and accounted for immediately. This is why he isn’t likely to rush in head-forward without first taking a step back to plan accordingly.

Only after this come the systematic initiation of the strategy and the eventual completion of the goal. And what goal!

Due to his staunch and confident character, not just anything can enter his crosshairs, but only the most difficult and complicated pursuits are to his taste.

Romantically, the Aries Monkey is a pretty straightforward and simplistic individual. If someone shows genuine interest in him and acts with care and tenderness, he will respond in an equal manner and offer the same treatment.

While he’s going to keep paying attention to you solely, that doesn’t mean he loses account of everything else, and he thus observes your situation and capabilities as well before committing.

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