Aries Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love

The Aries man puts all his efforts into impressing everyone and into satisfying his partner’s desires and expectations.

man with an Aries sign

Aries men are really independent and think for themselves in general, this being the main problem that they encounter when trying to connect on a deep level in a relationship.

They just can’t feel enough interest or compassion for their partners, not when it challenges their sense of self. And, believe us, it’s a very developed sense of self.

Pros Cons
He is up for anything for his partner.He can be harsh with his comments.
He is confident and decisive.He is after instant gratification.
His curiosity means you will never get bored in his company.He loses interest quickly.

Moreover, there are rare those who could follow the pace of an Aries man. The only way things could work is if his partner would also have her own life, her own plans, and interests that are out of the grounds of the relationship.

He has an ideal type

Falling in love comes with double the intensity and trouble for the Aries man. On the one hand, he will behave just like a fearless warrior does or just like the knights of old, protecting that which was sacred to them.

He will struggle and put in all his efforts to impress the object of his affection. On the other hand, he might have some issues with his own inability to express his emotions as well.

When he notices that he just can’t clearly express his feelings or even fully understand them, he gets angry.

Once in a relationship, the Aries man will want to run the show, no questions asked. You don’t even have to raise this problem because he will naturally take the reins and start leading you both toward a brilliant future.

Household affairs, finances, professional providing, he will do them all, or at least he will take all these responsibilities on his shoulders.

He wants his lover to take care of herself, to never have to work a day in her life, to adore his strength and great ambition, to be the queen of his life. This Mars ruled native can be very aggressive and dominating as well.

The Aries man is looking for a very specific person to fulfil his ideal type of relationship. His vision is grand and all-encompassing, built atop his own efforts and principles, governed by rules of his own.

He’s surely not even realizing that everyone has his or her own free will, independence, tastes, and dislikes and that no one would willingly agree to be moved like a puppet.

This is why he wants to find perfection from the get-go, that ideal relationship in which to pour in all his efforts and attention.

He’s honest and straightforward with his interests, romantic conquests, daily activities, and he will tell you right from the beginning if he’s been dating anyone before you showed up.

He’s either totally invested in a relationship or he’s running amok, trying to find the one.

He is a creature made entirely of building blocks to the peaks of pleasure, adventure, adrenaline, of a life taken to the extreme.

He’s always anxious and keen on trying new things, knowing that the world is filled with plenty of opportunities. This is why he will think it through very hard before committing to a relationship, settling down with someone, abandoning his freedom.

His ideal relationship is one where he doesn’t need to fear losing the love of his partner, that sense of belonging, but one where he’s also free to experience the world.

This is often a contradictory type of bonding between partners, but if it does become a reality, he will be the happiest man in the world.

Always running around, with full-blown enthusiasm, treating everything like a play where he plays his part, a playground to experiment in, the Aries man is just one of a kind. He revels in the pure joys of living, of diversifying his life.

The one true problem with the Aries man in love is that he will want to have things be done his way or no way at all.

If you really want to have a long-standing relationship with him, you will have to agree to many of his desires and wishes, many of which you will definitely find to be obnoxious and weird.

He may choose to leave for a few days, not telling you where he is going, to have a night out with his friends, to move out for some time, and you can’t say anything. Raise the issue and he’ll leave for good.

These men are extremely passionate and intense, fighting with all their beings to conquer and seize the day, to make the best of who they are.

His relationship is an emotional rollercoaster

In a relationship, he will behave just a like a commander in charge of a platoon of soldiers waiting to be led to victory.

He will watch over household affairs, control the comings and goings of guests, teach his children the proper way of living life, and he will argue with anyone if he’s not obeyed.

However, these conflicts are also fuel to his incredible drive. His partner will definitely enjoy the moments coming after such a high-paced armed conflict.

Keeping in mind that the Aries man prefers to go his own way, to conquer the world with his endless energy and Mars’ given combative spirit, you can figure out quickly why he’s so reluctant to take the vows and commit to a relationship.

He values his independence and freedom to wander the world with fierce abandon, and he will take some convincing to give up on them. However, once he does take that decision, you can be sure of his devotion, love, and endless loyalty.

He will be protective and take care of you in all regards if you only accept that he will rule the show from now on.

This goes a lot of ways, but one thing is true, that this man will be impulsive and unexpected, even uncertain.

You might go through a lot of highs and lows, desperate moments and ultimately joyful moments, a real carousel ride. He’s aggressive and he doesn’t like doing things the old-fashioned way, but in the end, he’s also going to fix everything up, raise the bar and become better each day.

If you’re looking for an active, outgoing, crazy, and simply unorthodox man to spend the rest of your life with, then look no further. You will have to be patient and calm though with him.

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