Aries Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Aries kisses can be a little overwhelming in passion for the uninitiated but surely are coming straight from their heart.

Aries kissing

Aries natives love being in charge, no matter if it’s about talking or taking action. When it comes to kissing, they’re romantic and do it like in the movies, meaning they’re putting in a lot of effort and being quite dramatic about it.

However, they should be taught that less is more, as well to be more elegant. Some of the Rams are about grabbing their partner by the neck.

Aries kissing in a nutshell:

  • They are surely not shy so their kisses are passionate and wild;
  • They are the masters of sneaky kisses and they love a quick make up session;
  • The Aries man loves to act his kissing fantasies;
  • The Aries woman loves initiating kisses and to see where these are going.

The ones to take the initiative, Aries natives are known to always keep everything fresh and to have charisma. They can just kiss their lover out of the blue, in the most passionate manner. This doesn’t mean they’re trying to tempt, they just want to kiss and feel the closeness.

Aries kissing style

Because the fiery planet Mars is ruling them, Aries people are kissing with their entire bodies. Impulsive, they’re using every muscle in their face to come up with a sensual and wet kiss that’s straight from their heart.

Many of their lovers describe them as explosive kissers. They’re doing it enthusiastically and have a desire that can’t be equaled, but they can as well be hostile with their style.

There’s no one to make things hotter and more overwhelming than them. Appealing because they’re looking to pleasure both themselves and their partner, they’re also very fast when kissing.

For this reason, they may need to be stopped a bit. They’re rapid and full of passion, just like they’re most of the time expressing themselves.

However, they can leave their other half lingering for their lips for some time. At least they’re not looking to impress anyone for years because they’re just living in the moment.

As said before, these natives have a lot of passion and can surprise others with their fiery lips. They have the tendency to ask for all at once, so they shouldn’t be with people who are refraining themselves from love.

Their kisses are full of energy and they’re sometimes using their noses as well. Daring and never tired, the kisses of Aries natives are like ways of discovering secrets.

Not at all shy and wanting someone who’s as passionate as them, they can go around and just kiss people, meaning their perfect other half for kissing has to be a Gemini, these sexually tense people who are always ready to play and to enjoy life.

Arieses don’t really like putting all of their efforts in just kissing. There’s the chance for them to catch their partner off guard and to kiss them passionately, just because.

When it comes to their romantic smooches, these are aggressive and at the same time sweet. What’s great about them is that they can surprise everyone with their lips.

Aries’ kisses will make your blood run wild

These beautiful, wild, naïve and a little bit scary Arieses are the favorites of many when it comes to kissing.

More than this, they’re the ones to kiss their partner in the middle of the road, in crowded places, because they’re impulsive.

They don’t necessarily want an audience because they can do it in the woods as well. Besides, they don’t mind doing it in bars either.

What’s to love about their kissing is that they can leave people completely surprised, as they’re the masters of sneaky kisses. They’re welcoming any surprise when it comes to joining lips.

For this reason, they’re kissing passionately and are as adventurous as any other sign like Sagittarius or perhaps the Scorpio.

While not paying too much attention to their hair, they like it when someone touches it. Many astrologers are saying Aries’ partners should play with their hair because this can make them shiver, as it’s awakening their senses and makes their blood run wild.

Therefore, those who are with Aries people should play with their hair. If these natives are to be tamed, they’re looking for quick sessions of kissing, this giving them complete satisfaction.

It’s not easy to have Arieses in their place, listening to their lover. As far as kissing is going, they’re always active and focused on what they want, strong and elegantly aggressive.

These natives can catch people off-guard and end things with passionate kisses in which the lips are being used in a surprising manner.

They love being spontaneous and in charge of situations, by every mean. Aries natives are consistently looking to please their lover and to obtain the pleasure that can be obtained from action-taking.

Kiss an Aries man

Because they love being in control, Aries men love to be in the game, but they shouldn’t exaggerate. They can be led to romance with only one kiss. When it comes to the man in this sign, he’s always ready to lead and to ask their partner to satisfy his wildest fantasies.

The ladies who want to seduce him have to let him be in charge of kissing because let’s not forget, Arieses are initiators who need order for control.

He’s all the time looking to calm his aggressive side. This man is strong, imaginative and full of passion, not to mention he’s looking for the new or to be challenged.

He loves acting his fantasies out and doesn’t doubt the woman who has captured his attention. In bed, he’s a sport who’s looking to dominate through speed and fire, so there’s no one who can stop him. It’s important he’s as well appreciated.

Different from the woman in the same sign, the Aries man needs to be approached from the side. He likes to know women are interested in him and that he’s the most wanted. As soon as he has established a connection, he’s feeling like it’s only his decision if the relationship should take a romantic turn. It is important to know this when trying to seduce him.

Kiss an Aries woman

Aries women love to compete because they’re ambitious and aggressive. They know how to take action and to make decisions. For this reason, they’re careful with the way they’re kissing.

Arieses love initiating kisses and to see where these are going. The woman in this sign doesn’t care if she’s sweet or to join lips for too long, she’s a fire sign who wants to gain territory. This is why she’s kissing by surprise. Her interest is to have sex, so she doesn’t mind when her man is displaying some affection or is being romantic.

She’s sure to enthusiastically say yes to him. This lady is discreet as far as intimacy is going. She’s fascinated by challenges and wants to obtain what she can get.

Her blood is running fast and she has an incredible force because she wants to play the game of catching the person she’s interested in, in a net. This woman is acting on impulse, not to mention she’s responding rapidly when physically attracted.

She’s not at all too fascinated by romance and can follow the signals of the human body in the most spontaneous manner. More than this, she wants to be gratified, independent and next to the person who can offer her ecstasy.

When it comes to intimacy, she’s domineering, but also possessive. Those who want to seduce her should understand she doesn’t play anyone.

This lady believes in herself and is comfortable in her own skin. She likes being with someone, but not with the wrong person. Because her personality is powerful, she’s daring when playing the seduction game.

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