Aries Jealousy: What You Need To Know

Their jealousy goes to the Sun and back.

When it comes to an Aries’s partner, everyone should keep their hands off. This sign can exhibit territorial and combative tendencies. Highly jealous, the Aries would simply destroy anyone who dares to disturb his or her relationship.

They are not the indifferent kind and it is likely they would get jealous for no reason. If you’re looking to provoke someone who’s the jealous type, then Aries is the person for you.

Aries’s jealousy isn’t necessarily destroying. When a partner is committed to a relationship, he or she should be faithful and attentive.

Jealousy starts to build when one of the partners is trying to flirt with someone else. Everyone has the right to show jealousy if they feel they are being cheated. However, sometimes the jealousy is not founded on facts and this can destroy a relationship.

Don’t think that you have got yourself an Aries you are going to live “la vie en rose” Things aren’t at all like that as the Aries can be possessive. This sign is ruled by Mars and it’s the first in the zodiac.

Dynamic, intense and somehow romantic, the Aries will never be dull. They will get jealous when they’ll have the impression their partner is having a good time in the company of someone other than them.

They will not sit there when feeling threatened, they will have a discussion with the person they’re jealous of, informing them their partner is taken. With the partner, they will argue and say everything that bothers them.

An Aries that is born in the first half will be a little bit more indulgent and relaxed than the one born in the second half. One that is born on the cusp of Taurus will not be as harsh when taking over the situation. He or she will act calmer.

It doesn’t matter how you put it, Aries is a jealous sign and no one can change that. Being direct and enthusiastic, the Aries will react with attitude when provoked.

What’s good to know is that they’re not the ones to remember the bad things for too long as their life is always busy with a new activity. They sometimes just love to fight and that makes them a little bit annoying in a relationship.

Jealousy will always be out of love

When involved, the Aries is an interesting partner. They put passion in what they have built with their lover, and they are always up to something new.

They like being social and you are sure to go to many parties if you hooked up an Aries. It is better if you are an independent person. They can be assertive in a relationship, but still they don’t like needy people.

Be sure your Aries lover will know everything regarding your schedule. They may seem like they are not paying attention, but they are.

They simply won’t accept that you are interested in someone else. All this while they are allowed to spend time with someone interesting and attractive. It is possible for the Aries to be suffocating with his or her protection and love.

An Aries believes in love and knows someone perfect for him or her is out there. They are sometimes looking for the utopic love with such an ardor that they miss what’s before their very eyes.

If they think someone may be hitting on their partner, they will immediately make that someone leave. The Aries next to you is always going to be proud of what he or she achieved in both personal and professional lives.

They are a bit of a show-off. They don’t like waiting for something to happen and they immediately take the necessary action to attract new projects. You should be open to this and let them explore opportunities around while being supportive as well.

A little bit similar with the Leo, the Aries doesn’t display insecurity. He or she wears a mask that inspires certainty and people will not think for a moment they are weak.

Sometimes, their jealousy is not generated by the partner’s actions and flirtations, but by their personal lack of confidence. They will not blame themselves for being frustrated, they will make a scene to their partner.

Avoid fanning the flames

Someone involved with an Aries will see many jealousy crises in his or her partner. It’s because this sign wants to be the one and only. And they are number one after all as their sign is the first in the zodiac.

The hate deception and they need to have certainty in a relationship. If their loved one doesn’t take into consideration that they are sensitive, they may walk away.

In situations of extreme jealousy, it is advisable that the Aries talks things through. Leaving the problem behind won’t help anyone. It is true that they forget easily, but this can’t solve the real problem.

If you want your Aries to always be interested in you, be a little bit distant. They like to chase and to fight for the person they like. But be careful as their open personality may hide insecurity and vulnerability.

It is preferable that you don’t flirt with someone else because you’re not risking only a jealousy crisis, but your entire relationship. They will leave you without looking for a second back. Their purpose in life is to move forward and never look back.

There are other signs that are jealous in the zodiac, but none of them is as feisty as the Aries. This is the sign that gets jealous and tells it, does something about it.

If you feel like you can no longer be in your relationship because your Arian is to possessive, have a serious talk with him or her. These things can be discussed and the Aries is not the one to refuse a different opinion.

They like when new situations arise, so it won’t be that big of a problem to have a jealousy situation in the table. It’s worth trying to relax your relationship as the Aries is a devoted and reliable partner.

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