Aries Horse: The Attention Grabber Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Aries born in Horse year

Aries Horse
  • Anyone born between March 21 and April 19 is an Aries.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • Sometimes a little too adventurous, these people are risk takers.
  • The Aries Horse woman can be quite eccentric at times.
  • The logical Aries Horse man will connect the dots in any situation.

Clever, Aries Horses will never make use of the intelligence they have to take advantage of people. On contrary, they are more inclined to use everything they have towards helping others.

People born in Aries the year of the Horse need to be appreciated at their job in order to perform better.

They are not necessarily the money makers of the Western and Chinese zodiacs, they follow a career more for its other satisfactions and not the financial gains.

The Sharp Aries Horse Personality

When a person or a subject that doesn’t directly concerns the Aries Horse is in discussion, these people always have to make an effort to refrain themselves from saying something on the matter. Any indiscretion may prejudice them.

Self-aware and active, Aries people born in the Chinese year of the Horse are inspiring to others and they don’t mind taking the initiative in aby situation.

They make friends easier than others speak or change their clothes, and it’s sometimes difficult for them to keep up with all the people they know.

Especially after they get involved in a relationship, they will simply no longer have any time for all of their friends.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Independent, Motivating and Social.

Enjoying life, Aries Horses look into the future with interest and enthusiasm. They are always passionate about what life has prepared for them. They love to travel and live all the adventures of the places they’re visiting.

Warm people, they like being in the center of attention at social gatherings. Their friends will be from every corner of the world, and they will struggle to give them all the attention they have.

Because they are independent creatures, Aries Horses will long all of their life for freedom. Somehow, they will always feel like there’s a freedom waiting for them in a place with no horizons.

They need a partner who will admire this side of them, someone who is willing to encourage them to be free and careless.

When they are home, Aries Horses are not the most organized people in the world, but they are trying their best to respect other people’s work and keep the surroundings clean and tidy.

If you need them to do something, they will do it and they won’t complain. If you plan to decorate your home with DIY furniture, then you should definitely call your Aries Horse friend.

He or she will love to take part in such a project. Energetic, with the innocence of a child, these Arieses will impress with their power and courage.

They are also pragmatic, so you should ask them for advice if you are not sure about something.

When they speak, they know what they are saying and they have an oratorical talent not many possess. They are aware people are listening to what they may have to say, and they will keep the audience’s interest alive.

Perfect careers for Aries Horse: Education, Programming, Travel, Politics and PR.

This trait helps them at jobs where they have to hold speeches or talk a lot about something. For example, they could be great TV hosts or sales persons. However, when they need to get involved in something grandiose and truly remarkable, these people can’t see themselves in that project for the long term.

They are too adventurous and eager to see what will happen next, so they don’t project themselves in the future.

They will spend their money almost as soon as they get them, so it is advisable that they have someone to take care of their finances. If they start a family however, they tend to be more careful with their cash.

Aries Horses will always tell you the truth to your face, not matter how hurt they know it will make you feel. Another thing with them is that they can lose interest in someone or something very fast.

Love – Revealed

Enthusiasm can sometimes be the worst enemy of romantic love. It is definitely the case with the Aries Horses.

These people fall in love fast and they burn the romance with passion, in a blink of an eye. When they meet someone they are interested in, they no longer pay attention to their friends.

After a while, they will start to get in touch again, but only if the partner allows them to. Being influenced by the Chinese Horse in terms of selfishness, Aries Horses take only their own feelings and needs into consideration.

The Aries influences them to have a passionate individuality and a desire to get the ideal partner. They can’t base their relationships solely on the passion with which they experience love.

Most compatible with: Leo Tiger, Gemini Dog, Sagittarius Ram, Gemini Tiger.

It is advised that they approach the entire situation with a more serious attitude instead of their enthusiastic, rushed style. Sentimental, Aries Horses get from being excited and happy about their relationship, to anxiety and worrisome if they feel like something is wrong.

They want everything to be perfect, so they’ll stress a lot about the partner’s happiness. These Aries individuals are self-sacrificing type. They will go over their own will and wishes to satisfy their other half’s every hope and dream.

When they’re in love, these people are loyal, respectful and loving. They would never argue with the person they love, but they like a good debate on social or political issues.

Everything in the relationship with them will be discussed, and they will never allow anger to build.

Aries Horse Woman Characteristics

The Aries Horse woman has everything she needs in order to become successful. She’s lucky, intelligent and talented.

She will be prosperous and fulfilled at a young age. Cheerful and optimistic, she will attract only positivity. She has a strong intuition and she is delicate with people.

You may think the Aries Horse woman is living in her own world. And she is. This lady needs to take advantage of the opportunities in front of her in order to fulfill her dreams.

Rational and a little bit eccentric, you can bet that romantic relationships with this woman are always interesting and fun.

Her partners will be strong, intelligent men. She often attracts guys to study their personality. But she doesn’t let this to be known, as she manages to keep her relationships relaxed and appropriate.

She can’t be bored or else she will search for someone new. It is advisable that the Aries Horse woman trusts people more often. Besides, she should learn how to keep her emotions in sight and be more reserved as she tends to express her feelings too loudly.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Horse: Rolf Harris, Aretha Franklin, Jackie Chan, Cynthia Nixon, Robin Wright, James Franco, Emma Watson.

Aries Horse Man Characteristics

Attractive, with a good sense of humor, the Aries Horse man is polite and sometimes authoritative. He would like a lady who shares his views and connects with him spiritually.

He likes interacting with other people, and he studies the way society reacts to him. Interested in others’ opinions about him, this guy will struggle for approval.

It isn’t easy to understand the Aries Horse man, but he will still have many followers due to his popularity.

Self-confident, he needs a woman who will match his style. When stressed, he becomes nervous and he refuses to share what he’s feeling with others. He can be rude in trying to make his other half “perfect”.

Courageous and ambitious, this guy is logical and analytical. He likes his independence and he’s very observant.

It’s advised that he focuses more on what he has in mind, and that he learns how to love himself with his qualities and defects. This will help him in relationships with others and with self-respect.

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