Aries Dragon: The Practical Thinker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Aries born in Dragon year

Aries Dragon
  • If you are born between March 21 and April 19 then you are an Aries.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people need to keep their imprudence tamed.
  • The courageous Aries Dragon woman as some very high standards in life.
  • Self-confident and ready to learn something new, the Aries Dragon is multitalented.

Intelligent, imaginative, and fast thinkers, Aries Dragons will impress with their energy. If you take a look at all the Arians in the zodiac, you’ll notice the Dragon ones are the most amusing.

These people really know how to make and take a joke. The two signs combined give these individuals all the wisdom and courage to go over any difficulty in life.

They are strong willed and they know how to approach problems. Not unaware of the tricks of the trade, they will often take the shortcut in order to get what they want.

The Resilient Aries Dragon Personality

Arians in the year of the Dragon are enthusiastic about everything, and this can annoy some people around them.

When they want to know something about a person, they become nosy and others don’t like it. But they are lucky and they get away with it. Luck will help them many times in life, when they will lose out of imprudence or when they will not pay enough attention.

Because they tend to act like they are the most important people on Earth, Aries Dragons can sometimes commit errors without even being conscious about it.

Ingenious and crafty, you’ll never find someone with a more honest heart than the Aries Dragon. When they make friends, and they don’t make them easily, they remain loyal for a lifetime. Thoughtful persons, you’ll always be spoiled around Aries Dragons.

Top Characteristics: Honest, Witty, Cautious and Ingenious.

Because they want to know every little detail, the Aries Dragons will investigate situations and people, and get to their own conclusions. They don’t like to rely on other people’s opinions.

Knowing where they’re going in life, it’s easy for them to forget about what others have thought about a problem they were interested in. And this can sometimes cause things to no longer be as easy as they seem.

People born in Aries the year of the Dragon will want to know others just because they are being pushed by curiosity. They like people who think differently and they enjoy it when someone brings something new and innovative into discussion.

Good conversationalists, Aries Dragons will have many friends with whom they will spend many hours talking. If you want to conquer the heart of a man or a woman in these signs, arm yourself with trivia on many subjects of discussion.

Their way is to take the answers given by a person and use them to determine if that person is worthy of their attention. While they are not sure this is a good strategy, sure to give them results, it’s in their blood to do it.

They don’t mind if someone works the same thing with them either. When they have to wait for something, the Aries Dragons start to go crazy.

They like to say what’s on their mind and this can annoy some people. However, while they can be criticized for a lack of tact and finesse, they can’t be blamed for not being loyal.

Perfect careers for Aries Dragon: Sales, Finance, Maritime Travel, Painting, Politics.

Ambitious and often impulsive, the Aries Dragons will rush with everything they’ll do. They simply throw themselves into situations, not thinking of the consequences. That’s why it’s sometimes difficult for them to repair a situation.

Emotional and vulnerable, they will be the ones to cry at funerals and weddings. Because they have an unequaled confidence in themselves, the Aries Dragons will feel superior to those around them.

Open and happy, they never see the bad side of a situation. Their main weakness is that they sometimes refuse the opinions and advices of others, especially if they are upset. If you see an Aries Dragon angry, just let him or her be.

These people like to deal with their problems on their own, and they’ll ignore everything you may have to say. They can even end up doing literally the other way to what you have suggested.

Love – Uncovered

Aries Dragons like their relationships to be balanced. Faithful, they expect the same thing from the person they’re in love with.

Because they fall for someone very easily, people born in Aries the Dragon year will have many relationships of greater or lesser importance before they will find their true love.

As said before, they’re impulsive, so they will rush to be with many people whom they only slightly like.

Affectionate and tender, Aries Dragons will dedicate all of their time to their lovers. If they are somehow angered by the partner, they become destructive and you’d better stay out of their way.

Having high standards for their relationship, they are perfectionists and they expect their love to be the most intense one the world has ever seen.

Most compatible with: Gemini Rabbit, Aquarius Monkey, Leo Rat, Aquarius Rabbit.

They often don’t understand when others are reserved with their feelings, and they like people who express their love in public.

It would be almost impossible for an Aries Dragon to cheat. They like to tell their partner everything about what they have done, with whom, and during what time period.

You must know mutual trust is one of the most important things for them. If you are open and you like to demonstrate your love, then you should definitely be with an Aries Dragon.

Aries Dragon Woman Characteristics

Lucky and courageous, the Aries Dragon woman is also straightforward and stubborn. She can be disrupted from achieving her goals only by her superficiality and pride.

She appreciates honesty and trust, and she falls for people who have a noble air. If you don’t have all these qualities, don’t even think that she will like you.

It is recommended that she remembers to not be so energetic as she needs tranquility in her life too. This is a lady who will be faithful to a partner all of her life. Emotional and caring, she hurries things when she wants something serious.

The Aries Dragon woman is generous and elegant, but she struggles all her life to find her balance. She’s a knowledgeable and good conversationalist. This girl is not vengeful, but it’s hard to betray her.

If she gets attached to someone, she will invest all her enthusiasm in making that person happy and standing up for him or her.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Dragon: Steven Seagal, Russell Crowe, Elle Macpherson, Reese Witherspoon, Wladimir Klitschko, Jessie J.

Aries Dragon Man Characteristics

Rational and calculated, the Aries Dragon man will impress people around him with his pragmatism. Because he likes being in the center of attention, he will be flirtatious with people.

He knows how to get women to like him, and he’s intelligent and fun. Energetic and optimistic, this guy will easily overcome life’s difficulties. He will be successful and financially stable from early on.

He can’t stand unfaithfulness and he will leave his partner at the first sign that he’s being cheated on. If you don’t want the leadership in your relationship with the Aries Dragon man, you can be his best friend.

Ambitious, he can’t sit still for too long, so he will set new goals for his life to move forward. Self-confident, lucky, and talented, he will get where he wants without asking for too much help.

Because he’s so generous with his time, he will often not know when to take care of his own problems anymore.

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