Aries Dog: The Direct Personality Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Aries born in Dog year

Aries Dog
  • The Aries dates are between March 21 and April 19.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • The logic of these people will save them at key moments in life.
  • The versatile Aries Dog woman is often blamed for changing her mind too quickly.
  • The Aries Dog man also knows how to play it safe.

Studying the Chinese and the Western zodiac, you can find out that Aries Dogs are responsible, hardworking and ambitious.

They are very energetic and they can make others around them feel more positive and courageous.

Many of the people born in these signs don’t like to compete and hate mean people. Not very interested in arguing, they will try and resolve conflicts in a peaceful way.

The Chinese astrology says that Dog people are friendly and loyal. Aries natives born in this special Chinese year are also honest and frank.

The Honest Aries Dog Personality

Aries Dogs are not afraid to be truthful and they are always fun, no matter how boring the situation.

What makes them unique is that they have a special way of telling the truth nicely, without hurting anyone.

The thing is, they would hate to make people feel bad and in the same time they cannot lie. So being tactful is their one and only solutions. Since they are practicing tact all their entire lives, they are pretty good at it.

Active and idealistic, Aries Dogs are always open to help others who need them. The Dog may be a little bit pessimistic, but the Aries isn’t.

On contrary, people born in the Aries are known to have this enthusiasm that no other signs have. However, their enthusiasm needs to somehow be tempered, and the Dog does just that as it is known to be a cautious sign.

Down-to-earth and logical, Aries Dogs will always be able to dig into life situations with attention. They will make decisions that are fairly judged, and they will usually not be mistaken.

While these guys have a kind heart and want to help others without expecting anything in return, you can’t easily fool them.

Top Characteristics: Compassionate, Generous, Comfortable, Assertive, Judgmental.

They may seem naive and facile to toy with, but they are perceptive and attentive to everything. As a matter of fact, they are able to read people more easily than others, and they can tell when someone is trying to play them.

When a person is trying to hurt or manipulate them, they immediately fight back and protect themselves. Always interested in doing what’s right, these guys are good judges of character.

More than this, they don’t like people who can’t be honest, and who are trying to mislead others for their personal gains.

Always worried about the wellbeing of others, Aries Dogs will try and make everyone feel comfortable and confident.

When they are interested in an idea or a concept, or they are following an ideal, Aries Dogs become very determined and dedicated. They will invest a lot of time and energy in something they believe in, sacrificing a lot of themselves to hold on to that idea.

They are deep and righteous no matter the situation and the people surrounding them. As they like to be around people whom they really trust, Aries Dogs won’t make friends that easily.

They prefer to have a few good friends and not many acquaintances. Not the most self-confident of the Arieses, these guys are somewhat shy and cautious when they meet new people.

It’s easy to be around them. They always see the full half of the glass, keeping everything on an optimistic note.

Intelligent, they will come up with many great ideas at work. Bosses and colleagues will really appreciate them for this. Since they have a natural curiosity, these Arieses will spend most of their time learning and exploring new things.

They will go places, read and study different materials on subjects that interest them. You can easily surprise them in a pleasant way with books. Don’t try and take them to do something involving sports. They are more into relaxing activities like reading or going to the planetarium and study the Universe.

Perfect careers for Aries Dog: Politics, Travel, Engineering, Television, Music.

Music is also something they enjoy, so a night out at a classical concert would very much be to their liking.

These guys prefer to be sentimentally and spiritually fulfilled rather than filthy rich. They won’t suffer too much if they are in financial trouble.

Seeing things rationally, they will manage to find the key to their problems very fast. All they need is to organize their time so that they can deal with the issue at hand.

Strong and wise, Aries Dogs are capable of attaining happiness and keeping it. Their main weakness is the fact that they are counting too much on their intuition. This can lead them to interpret things wrongly.

When they analyze people and situations, they are using their instincts too much. This way, they can miss great opportunities or valuable friendships just because their gut hasn’t helped them too much.

It is possible to find themselves regretting that they haven’t made a friend because they haven’t trusted enough. But their optimistic ways can help them deal with any upsetting situation, and they can overcome regrets with ease.

Love – Revealed

As soon as Aries Dogs have got married, they become more stable and balanced. When they are young, they tend to look for that Hollywood movie love.

But they soon get to realize life is not a soap opera and they become more realistic as they grow old.

They can be confused when they are looking for a suitable partner. Usually, these Arieses wait to be approached by someone.

It’s not them who initiate the contact. As soon as they have hooked up with a person, they become trustworthy and loyal.

Once they grow tired of a relationship, they end it without regretting a thing. It is important that their other half is as honest and optimistic as they are.

These people need to communicate and to trust the person they are loving. Adoring the simple things in life, Aries Dogs would be perfect with someone who enjoys the same activities as them.

Attached and faithful, it’s the same on the sentimental level. They need someone who will also be faithful and affectionate.

If their partner does them wrong, they will forgive and they will not try to get any revenge. But this can sometimes influence them in a bad way as they can be with someone who doesn’t deserve them.

It can take an Aries Dog years to realize he or she is with a lover who is toying with their feelings.

Most compatible with: Pisces Rabbit, Pisces Tiger, Sagittarius Rabbit, Leo Tiger, Leo Horse, Aquarius Tiger.

Aries Dog Woman Characteristics

Emotional, the Aries Dog woman can be quite categorical in the way she judges other people. She can fully understand others’ needs, and her decisions are often right.

This makes her more interesting but less practical. Compromises need to be made with people, if she wants to achieve more.

Persistent and uncompromising, this lady can sabotage her friendships very easily. She can never be depressed as she has special ways to deal with negative feelings.

It is advised that she tries more for her goals and passions. She should also be more determined and strong willed.

This girl needs to be anchored in reality and leave dreams aside if she wants to succeed.

Celebrities under the sign of Aries Dog: Jane Goodall, Gary Oldman, Alex Baldwin, Laurie David, Mariah Carey, Vince Vaughn, Seth Rogen.

Aries Dog Man Characteristics

Always happy and nice, the Aries Dog man will easily communicate what’s on his mind. It will be difficult to find a better friend than him.

But make sure you don’t anger this guy, as he can show his ugly side. Talented, this man would be good doing any kind of job.

He needs to self-develop if he wants the best results in life. With the fate on his side, he can achieve great things.

Assertive and knowing what perseverance is, he will be successful at anything that he may be doing. It is advised that he plays safe.

He should also let others take responsibilities onto themselves too, especially at work. Being more receptive to the ones they love would be a great idea for them.

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