Aries And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Virgo is a promising one if both have the wisdom to move past their differences.

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Aries and Virgo make a strange couple. However, laughing at their own differences would only help them become better. The enthusiastic Aries can impress the Virgo, who’s composed and down-to-earth. The Aries can’t stay still for a second, while the Virgo worries about every little thing.

CriteriaAries Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesDoubtful
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

Virgo lovers are quite reserved when it comes to dating, and they want to be courted the old-fashion way. It’s difficult to get to know this sign. They don’t show much and they judge people only by what they are doing, not by what they are saying or how they dress.

The Aries lover can destroy the sensitive Virgo with his fervor. Private and keeping it together, the Virgin can feel the Aries is too much.

When Aries and Virgo fall in love…

The Aries and Virgo can be the protagonists of a romantic comedy, but one without the humor. Their relationship is usually interrupted by their careers or distance, and it comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

They have simple needs, but needs that are very different and specific. The Aries wants to be stimulated and to have fun, while the Virgo is in search for security and to take it slowly.

However, together, these people can form a couple that is active and in which the partners are honest with each other.

They will probably have romantic dates and after won’t talk for months. One of them must break the circle of silence and say what they’re feeling if the relationship is to develop into something more serious.

It takes something very big to take what they’re having to the next level. Both these signs are helpful and altruistic, although they have different motives for being there for others. More than this, they are always in the search for the absolute truth, and believe they are the only ones who know what’s real and valuable.

The Virgo will be annoyed each time the Aries is late or doesn’t do what they have promised. In spite of all the personality differences they’re having, they will think it’s comfortable to be with the other.

They have admiration for one another, and they both want to help others in need. If they are business partners or colleagues, they will most likely succeed at everything they will be doing together. If you take a look at their relationship, you can’t determine who’s leading.

They are both active in working towards a more meaningful union. They have a neurotic way about making things work, so they will match each other from this point of view.

Even when they’ll be involved in a charitable event, these two will work together like a force. The Virgo will plan everything, while the Aries will be the one who will socialize and keep everyone happy.

The Aries and Virgo relationship

When it comes to talking and showing their feelings, the Aries and the Virgo prefer to keep it to themselves. The Virgo hates displaying affection in public. It is possible closest friends and relatives won’t even realize the Virgo and the Aries in their life are forming a couple.

If they are talking about each other’s friends and they are mentioning these guys’ opinions when you least expect it, you can be sure something is happening with them.

The Aries’ main traits are honesty and straightforwardness. This sign is known to succeed and win at many things in life. The Virgo is always in search of security, thing that the Aries will be able to provide.

The Ram works hard and helps others with a light heart. This is very beneficial for the relationship with a Virgo, especially if he’s the man and the Virgo is the woman. In case the man is a Virgo and the woman an Aries, the lady will be very supportive and helpful to her lover.

One of the Virgo’s main traits is being criticizing, these people simply can’t refrain themselves from saying what bothers them. Not one person could move a Virgo, and this will definitely influence the relationship with the Aries as he or she will be the target of this criticism.

The Aries will be annoyed each time the Virgo will pick on every little detail and will come with his or her perfectionist attitude. Arieses are not people to obey rules and set limits for themselves. This means the two will have many disagreements.

If the Aries would understand the Virgo means only well when picking up on him, and the Virgo would try and not criticize that much, they would fight less, and their relationship would be happier.

Very different in the way they approach life, the Aries is impulsive and hurried with whatever they may be doing. On the other hand, the Virgo is cautious and looks for a good reason in everything. This can cause them to disagree and be critical with one another.

If they have been together for a long time, the Aries will surely be bothered that the Virgo doesn’t understand their need for freedom. Besides, they won’t understand why the Virgo always wants things to be perfect and neat. If they both accept what benefits the relationship they’re having brings them, they can be successful at being a couple, and achieve many things in life.

The Aries is the risk taker, so the Virgo needs to know this and worry less. If the Virgo has enough patience, he or she can teach the Aries how to be more self-disciplined and restrained.

Their relationship is sure to have ups and downs. Only with compromise, they can make things work. If they identify the strengths the other has and explore them more, they are sure to be a happy couple for a very long time.

Aries and Virgo marriage compatibility

In the Aries-Virgo marriage, things will always be tensioned if the Aries will be ignorant and the Virgo will continue to worry. However, if they play each other’s strengths, they can build something beautiful together.

The Aries will protect and the Virgo will maintain. When they’ll be parents, these two will cooperate very well as they are both very protective, and the Aries is sure to keep the kids busy and active. Their only mistake would be if they think they have the smartest and most beautiful children in the world. If the marriage between them will last, they will take care of each other when they’ll be old.

These two are both health-freaks, so they’ll know what to do to make the other feel better. It’s important they understand how successful they can be as a couple, but only after leaving differences aside and exploiting their common points.

It doesn’t matter who’s the woman and who’s the man in this relationship, the Aries is the one who should be out there providing for the family. The Virgo is more inclined to take care of the household and organize things.

Sexual compatibility

The Virgo and the Aries are very attracted to one another. As said before, if they focus on what brings them together, they can have a very long, successful relationship.

Love between them is something that can easily happen as they both want to make each other better. Their astrological charts are saying they are a good and a strong couple when it comes to sex.

This means they will make love like no one else, and renew their desires each time they are doing it. The Aries should be passionate like they usually are, but mustn’t forget that the Virgo is delicate.

The downsides of this union

The Aries can be ostentatious and sometimes driven by social status. Being of Cardinal modality, people born in this sign take initiative and only want to lead. All this while they are also impulsive and fast in making decisions.

This will create problems for the Virgo, who’s a mutable sign. Thankfully, the Virgo is flexible and very practical. The Virgo people often analyze what advantages a relationship brings.

As long as the Aries is careful with their common finances, they should both be fine as a couple. It’s possible these two will end up hating each other when the relationship has reached a more advanced stage.

The Aries has a tendency to start projects and to leave them unfinished, thing that will greatly annoy the Virgo. The Virgo will also be scared by how much the Aries can spend without even thinking. These differences, if accentuated, can impede them from building a happy home together.

What to remember about Aries and Virgo

The Aries and the Virgo are different in many different ways, but the Virgo will think the Aries is exciting, and the Aries will admire their partner’s intelligence. Their differences would need to be managed properly.

Arieses are innocent and the Virgo will love them for this. However, the Virgin may be too fragile for their impulsiveness. However, the Aries may not put up with the Virgo’s over critical spirit. But this doesn’t mean they can’t make for each other many beautiful gestures.

The Aries will respect the Virgo as soon as this last mentioned one will open more. Once the Ram will see that the criticism is only something the Virgo is doing by default and doesn’t mean it personally, they will start to get along.

The Virgo has this way of always being right. There’s nothing more satisfying for a person born in this sign than to see that he or she knows the truth. A perfectionist, he or she will always criticize and look to improve others’ life.

It is best to listen to what a Virgo has to say, these people tend to have a good opinion and solid advice to offer. The fact that the Virgo is practical and mature will be perfect for the Aries, who’s like a child. Their love will be colorful and passionate.

They will be loyal and understanding with one another, and this will make their relationship almost perfect. The Aries needs what the Virgo has to give, which is some common sense and a lot of wisdom. And the other way around, the Virgo needs some excitement and joy in his or her life.

Virgos are known to live quite dull and quiet lives and will not always be self-confident, thing that will bring out the nurturing feeling in the Ram.

And the Aries will also become softer with this occasion. Don’t imagine the Virgo is helpless and vulnerable, though, this is a sign that knows his or her grounds and has many things to bring to a relationship.

For example, he or she will guide the Aries from the shadows. Their compatibility is natural and it comes easily. With time, they will find out they can’t live one without the other. They both want what’s best for themselves and one another, friendship being what characterizes their relationship the most.

There is something romantic and sweet about the Virgo-Aries connection. It won’t be noticeable from the outside as the Virgo hates to show love in public, but they will love each other tenderly and beautifully.

It’s a relationship in which the Earth’s stability gets combined with the Fire’s energy. There is great potential for a long-term relationship here. Not to mention both signs are very practical.

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