Aries And Taurus Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Taurus can be marked by many changes as this is a dynamic combination.

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Although they are neighboring each other on the zodiac wheel, the Aries and the Taurus couldn’t be more different: one is rushed and impulsive, while the other is slow and rooting.

The Aries lover will always be enthusiastic about new challenges and is of course interested in flirting and fighting for the heart of the person they like. These natives will hurry love and will rarely take no for an answer.

On the opposite side, there is the Taurus lover who likes to take all the time in the world before making a decision.

CriteriaAries Taurus Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The love between a Taurus and an Aries will be passionate, and it will be fruitful if the natives really want to make things work. As a Fire sign, the Aries will always be the initiator, the one who launches challenges and provokes.

The Taurus is the person who will respect every rule and play with other people’s ideas. The Aries is a masculine sign, while the Taurus is a feminine one.

They can have good chemistry, especially if the woman is an Aries and the man a Taurus. They are attracted to one another, and they also complement each other very well. But before they get to enjoy themselves as a couple, they need to learn how to overcome their differences and how they can settle down together.

When Aries and Taurus fall in love…

The Aries likes to get things their way. This sign will be intrigued by the Taurus, a fixed sign and a slow person who’s always determined to finish what he or she has started.

When they will meet, the Aries will become very flirtatious. It is rare that this native takes no for an answer, people thinking those who are born in this sign are often aggressive.

The Taurus won’t be offended by the daring attitude of the Aries, and will play along. It is very possible the person in this sign will be interested in the Aries’ advances.

Contrasting characters, the Taurus and the Aries have different qualities and weaknesses that will complement each other. Many would think the relationship between them won’t work because they are so different, but they will prove them wrong.

These two are strong people who know how to face challenges and deal with stressful situations. As a couple, it will be much harder to engage them.

It’s very difficult for each of them to deal with change, so they would need to accept one another as they are. The Aries may seem too energetic and enthusiastic for the settled, down-to-earth Taurus.

Some frustrations may exist in the Taurus’ heart, as this is a sign who wants stability and the Aries can’t offer it. If they are open to change in order to make the relationship better, it is important that the change comes naturally and gradually.

They will adapt to the other if they truly understand who they are dealing with. It is possible for them to have a long-term relationship if they hurry to get married. Their relationship begins strongly, with intense conversations and big romantic gestures. While the courtship takes place, the Taurus doesn’t mind putting up with the passionate attitude of the Aries.

With all the Bull’s attention on them, the Aries will make a show worthy of the biggest scenes in the world. If the Taurus feels like things are getting to heated, he or she will become silent and annoy the hell out of the Aries. The Taurus can be often very negative and push the Aries away. The latter is not a sign to spend too much time around people who have a negative influence on them.

It may look like they don’t have a direction and a purpose in whatever they may be doing, but they understand people very well, and they also know how to put up with a conflict. The Aries will try all kind of impressive techniques to make the Taurus fall for them as if they don’t understand that the Taurus is more interested in devotion and loyalty.

The Aries and Taurus relationship

The Aries and the Taurus will protect each other a lot if they will be involved in a relationship. They will also work hard on the things that differentiate them. It’s normal for them to make each other’s strengths surface, and they will be a dynamic couple that will succeed at everything.

If they will live together, they will be a great team. The Aries needs someone to wait for them at home after a long, challenging day and people born in Taurus are very good at being supportive and encouraging.

The Ram will make the Taurus more spontaneous and eager to live a different life. Tauruses are known for being stubborn, but Arieses sure know how to convince them to be more flexible. They will have separate friends and different hobbies.

This is good for a relationship as they will always have new things to do. It’s possible that the Taurus will become too clingy and the Aries will forget they are in a relationship.

But if they love each other, they will be a match that nothing or no one can destroy. Both are ambitious, but the Taurus is famous for stubbornness. As an Earth sign, the person born in Taurus will want a comfy home and wealth. All Earth signs are known for being a little bit slow at taking action, so the Taurus doesn’t make an exception.

The Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so always interested in new adventures and being independent. The Aries understands things their Taurus partner can’t. The Ram can see how people work and know what action to take on the spot.

It is a sign that holds on to tradition while living in the present and preparing for the future. It is rare that an Aries goes back and reflects on something they already decided on. It’s important the Taurus is more independent for the Aries to be happy and satisfied with the relationship they’re having.

Aries and Taurus marriage compatibility

The Aries-Taurus relationship can be bumpy and eventful. The Taurus wants marriage and a family, while the Aries needs to be left alone to do what they want. If they want to be happy as a couple, they have to determine what role each has in the relationship. The Taurus is the perfect homemaker, and the Aries is the one who will want to eat out and meet new people.

They will have to find a middle ground for things to work. The perfect marriage between them will be the one in which the Aries is off to work while the Taurus is at home, taking care of things.

They can even survive a long-distance relationship if they keep things this way. Their main difference is in the pace at which they are living their lives.

Spontaneous and fast, the Aries may find the slow and careful Taurus to be boring at times. They will fight over the fact that the Aries comes with new ideas and wants to act on them quickly and over the fact that the Taurus wants to take some time to think the situation through.

While the Taurus will work for a safe tomorrow and a stable financial future, the Aries will change jobs and move to a new country to discover a new culture.

They will complain about each other. If they want to survive as couple, it’s essential they both learn how to compromise in order to make the other happy.

Sexual compatibility

The impulsive Aries will rush sex, while the slow Taurus will want more romanticism and to be spoiled. The Taurus lady wants candlelight dinners and to be admired. The Aries wants to get into bed fast, or they will disappear.

In the beginning, these two signs will seem compatible and very attracted to one another. But with time, the Aries will get bored in bed, and the Taurus will want to escape their partner’s curiosity about sex. Long-term usually doesn’t work for these guys in bed.

The downsides of this union

The Aries will make the Taurus feel insecure. This is why it’s best if they keep separate bank accounts and make holiday plans that please them both. The Aries will want scuba-diving, while the Taurus will only dream about reading a book on the beach.

The Taurus wants a family and a cozy home, the Aries wants to travel and meet new people. They are so different, it’s amazing how they got to meet to begin with.

It’s important they embrace the pace at which the other is living if they want to be together. The Taurus should continue to be the supporting rock and the Aries shouldn’t give up their ways. But they need to be careful and not let the Aries dump all the domestic duties on the Taurus.

What to remember about Aries and Taurus

The Aries can be a great combination for the Taurus, and the other way around. The Bull will love the Aries’ energy, and the Ram will like the Taurus’ earthiness. What they most like about each other can easily turn into dislike as they advance in the relationship.

But this Taurus-Aries match is known to be a long-lasting one, Tauruses like to be around home and they’re dependable, the Aries will appreciate this in them. Their entire relationship is about them dealing with their differences.

The Aries is restless and always ready for the next challenge, while the Taurus likes to stay home and have a stable life. If they will learn how to compromise, they will grow to be one of the strongest relationships in the zodiac.

They will indeed solicit one another as they will need to give their best to make it as a couple. But there are good signs for a successful relationship. The governing planet for the Aries is Mars, which represents passion, and for the Taurus Venus, which represents love. They would do well together because they each have what the other lacks.

Don’t think all will be honey and milk between them, but the astrological compatibility says they are a good couple. Courageous and full of life, the Aries will want to be everyone’s hero.

The Taurus is gentle and more relaxed. This sign is a representation of the lover. They are both stubborn, so the fights between them will be terrible as none is willing to make a compromise.

Aries natives want to have it their way no matter what, and Tauruses are famous for their extreme stubbornness. It’s difficult to tell which one will lead in their relationship. The ideal situation would be the one in which they don’t corner each other, and in which they’re respecting what the other has to say.

Only equality would make this relationship work for real. The passion is there, they’re having it, especially due to the Taurus’ long-lasting sensuality. With a hot temper and impulsive, perhaps the Aries will calm around the serene and passive Taurus.

It takes a while to challenge the Taurus. When the Aries will throw tantrums, the Taurus won’t take him or her seriously, and the Aries will give up at some point.

It’s best that no one toys with the Taurus’ patience. For when the Bull is angered, things are known to go quite crazy. So the Aries should know when to stop if he or she doesn’t want to face some real wrath.

The compatibility between them is good, but the Taurus may have to deal with some meltdowns generated by Aries from time to time.

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