Aries And Libra Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Aries and Libra is a slow developing one, with a fair share of goods and bads.

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If you want to watch a romantic comedy, the Aries and Libra couple is the one to look for. These two have a love and hate relationship, something that goes to the extremes and creates funny situations. The Aries will come on strong, making a fuss about what they are feeling, and the Libra is generally one who likes being in love.

CriteriaAries Libra Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityDoubtful
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

With the Aries, a Libra will think for a while that true love can be found. While they will date, things will be perfect. The Aries lover will make the Libra shine. they will be committed, thing that will make the Libra fall in love more.

The Aries likes to move fast, and the Libra won’t be bothered by this attitude. This is the combination between a lover and an ambitious fighter. Around the Aries, the Libra will become more provocative, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

When Aries and Libra fall in love…

Something feels right when the Aries and the Libra fall in love. The speed at which everything will happen can surprise both of them. They will express their feelings freely, and the imaginative Libra will teach the Aries how to organize fun dinner parties and other type of events.

The Aries will find once again, an opportunity to shine. They will do anything just to impress their love interest. It’s in their nature to glow and be in the center of attention. They will both like the situation in which this relationship puts them. It can easily be said this is the perfect couple.

The fighter Aries gets together with the peaceful, balanced Libra. In the beginning, they won’t agree with one another, but with time, they will realize how much chemistry they have.

More than this, both these signs believe in justice just the same. They like to fight for different causes. You will see them standing up for the less fortunate or the ones whose rights have been stolen.

This means they will have interesting and deep conversations about anything they agree upon. While the Libra and Aries fight differently when they are provoked, they will be great when they’ll collaborate to defend what they are standing for.

The Libra doesn’t necessarily want an audience when doing something interesting and worthy of being mentioned, while the Aries needs people to admire and support them. It’s good that they meet in the middle and are complete when they’re with the other.

The Aries and Libra relationship

The Libra doesn’t get depressed when failing, moreover, people born in this sign know when to compromise. This will make the Aries want the Libra more as the Aries is very competitive and always interested in winning. It is possible they will teach the Libra how to be more determined and more interested in achieving.

Because the Libra can lose motivation and be less energetic at times, the active Aries makes an ideal partner for this sign. And the Libra won’t mind being instructed and taught. They are very attracted to one another.

Not only they are opposites who complement each other, they also have an immense respect and admiration for their loved one. It’s essential that they are both open about their thoughts and feelings.

Only this way, the impulsiveness of the Aries will be calmed, and the indecisiveness of the Libra will be turned into determination. They may look like they don’t have a direction and a purpose for their love, but the Aries and the Libra are surely entertaining to watch as a couple.

They will make fun of their own “can do” attitude. They will want to go on safaris and expeditions to the North Pole. And sometimes they will actually do what they have thought of. What makes them so suitable for one another is the fact that they are opposite personalities.

The Aries will want to be sophisticated and charming like the Libra. They know their partner is one of the most logical and balanced signs of the zodiac, and they will find it difficult to contradict their other half because they will know the Libra is always right.

While they have many differences, the Aries and the Libra are strongly attracted to one another. As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries is the initiator, the one who always welcomes new challenges in their life and who wants independence more than anything else. It’s almost impossible to make these people stay in one place for too long.

The world has too much adventure to offer, and they’re not going to sit and wait for things to happen. On the other hand, the Libra is placed at the centre of the zodiac. People born in this sign are planning their life ahead, they want balance and are good judges of character.

These guys have a way of knowing how things are happening, and what causes situations to be the way they are. It is good for an Aries to have a Libra in their life. They become more balanced and settled this way. The Aries doesn’t need someone to confuse them. They’re too busy living the life.

Also, someone who is too needy and clingy will not resist for too long next to an Aries. The Libra doesn’t need to be the leader and of course, this is perfect for the ambitious Aries.

The most important difference between these two signs makes them so compatible with one another. The Libra will always be indecisive and will take too much time to determine what works best. On the opposite side, the Aries will decide fast, and will face difficulties without worrying too much about others’ opinions.

In an Aries-Libra relationship, these differences will work incredibly well. They will both discuss and decide on the perfect solutions for their problems. They compensate each other’s weaknesses. The Libra’s tendency to be lazy and to procrastinate from time to time will be changed by the Aries’ enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the Aries’ impulsiveness will be balanced by the Libra, who is down-to-earth and much more thoughtful. There would be problems only if one would try to change the other. If they accept one another just the way they are, they have a good chance at making their relationship perfect.

Aries and Libra marriage compatibility

It is possible that the Aries and the Libra will almost spend a lifetime before their wedding. They will plan how they’ll get married in every little detail. Because they both like to travel and to face new challenged, it is possible this couple will move a lot.

In spite of their compatibility, the Libra can sometimes ask the Aries to be less selfish and independent. The Aries can forget about the fact that they’re involved in a serious relationship and take care only of their needs. And the Libra will surely not like this attitude.

But in general, the Libra-Aries couple is destined to work pretty well. The Libra will become dependent on the Aries’ adventurous nature and their delightful company.

It is advised that the Libra doesn’t forget about friends and family, for the Ram can’t offer them that much of their time. Not the most practical couple in the zodiac, they will find it difficult to stay clear of debt and financial issues. It’s because they will always go on new adventures and try many different new things.

Sexual compatibility

The sex between a Libra and an Aries is sensual and not at all boring. The Libra will teach the Aries how to take it slowly and have a more classy, creative bedroom sensation. The Aries’ most erogenous zone is the head, while for the Libra is the lower part of the back.

Caresses, whispers, dancing and scented candles will be a part of their lovemaking. They are meant to be together for a long time, and their relationship can be truly a success.

Libras like being out, having fun with friends, and the Aries wants to be in the center of attention at every gathering. People born in Libra have a very good eye for fashion and detail, meaning the Aries will be classier when coupled with a person born in this sign.

The downsides

Monogamy is not the word to characterize both these signs. The Aries wants to be number one for everyone, so they can end up cheating. The Libra will probably have an affair with someone more romantic.

If this will happen, the Ram will take their revenge and destroy the entire relationship. If the Aries will be the one to cheat, the Libra will find the power to forgive.

As discussed, the Libra-Aries relationship is one of love and hate. The Aries is confrontational and impulsive, while the Libra hates conflict and is much more elegant.

Both busy, they will probably not have the time to talk about having a family. The Libra will be the one who will organize the parties, and the Aries will entertain the guests. They need to seriously discuss if they will have an open relationship or something more serious, before they engage in loving one another.

What to remember about Aries and Libra

The Aries-Libra couple can be surprising as it is another combination of Fire and Air, the element the Fire so much needs. These two signs will be strongly attracted to one another, especially because each has what the other one lacks.

But their relationship will be very tried as it’s complex. Because they view life differently, these two should learn how to listen and make room for the other to be the boss. The Libra will be responsible with keeping the relationship balanced and at peace.

Compromise is something normal when two people get together and decide to become a couple. In this situation, the Libra is the one more likely to compromise. The Aries will view it as submission and will refuse to do it.

The Libra will be the one who will give up their wishes to make space for those of Aries. If they want to have a healthy relationship and live a better life, the Aries should leave some of his or her aggressiveness behind because the Ram can be too harsh sometimes. Being softer and more easy-going would be helpful not only in general, but mostly in the relationship with the Libra.

The Aries can also be too insensitive sometimes. These people are selfish and rough, thing that will bother the fragile Libra. The Libra will accept it all because Libras are too diplomat and are only looking for harmony.

But if the Aries pushes it too far, the Libra will surely change his or her ways and do something about it. With two people who are so different in every little detail, it would be hard to say they are compatible. They will have their moments. The Libra will analyze every situation and weigh every decision.

The Aries is the opposite, impulsive and hurried. It’s easy for conflict between them to arise in this case. Because they are both cardinal signs, these two match each other on some level. Astrological compatibility is a lot about the qualities and the sign elements of the two people.

Two cardinal signs will always be advancing. This means the Aries and the Libra will never get stuck in past events and will move forward no matter what. They will not hold grudges. The Aries can be happy he or she has met a Libra.

The mix of their governing planets, Mars with Venus, is also exciting. It combines war with beauty and love. The Aries will like the Libra’s confidence and bold spirit. What’s also important to know is that the Libra doesn’t want to lead, leaving the natural born leader Aries to do it.

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