Are Aries Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Aries jealousy surfaces when least expected and engulfs all aspects of the relationship.

With a macho charm and an enlightened attitude, the Aries man is difficult to resist to. When he enamors, he does it for real and things start to become very intense for him. He likes any challenge in life, so the challenge of a new love would be very interesting.

You have to understand the Aries man pays close attention to the people he’s interested in, so you can flirt and in the same time make him wonder about your feelings. You’ll be able to surprise him more this way.

Arieses are known for obsessing over things and people. As soon as an Aries man has fallen in love, he will make an obsession from the person he likes. If you happen to be the person he wants, get ready to be acclaimed and cherished.

As an incurable romantic, the Aries man will flirt, take you to enjoyable and fun dates, and make you feel like you are the most important person on Earth.

He has an unique style of making people fall in love with him, and he usually succeeds when he wants to attract a person.

You will be flattered by all the attention he’ll give you. As your partner, the Aries man will do his best to make the relationship interesting and fun, and he always expects the partner to do the same.

Full of energy and always active, the Aries man is looking more for someone to enjoy life with, and not someone to level with him. He’s an exciting person who likes to be allowed to live intensely.

It would be difficult to make a married Aquarius man run away from his partner’s side.

But if what he needs is not being fulfilled, especially his sexual necessities, he prefers to leave everything behind and move on. While giving what he can not to show it, the man in Aries is jealous as he is a little bit insecure.

He likes being the one that leads and he is very competitive, so a new person who flirts with his partner would only drive him mad.

While the Aries man is possessive, he doesn’t like his lover to try and possess him. His feelings are always fixed on himself.

If he’d want to be a better man, he would have a lot to learn from Libra, a sign that knows how to balance and make things fair in life.

If you want to date an Aries man, keep in mind he doesn’t usually respect the rules. He likes being the boss of everything and he’ll make this clear very often.

He is jealous and he can take love to extreme sometimes. He will see the partner as a property and if there will be some other contenders, they will be discouraged.

The man in Aries reacts when he’s jealous. He will mention the fact that you may be unfaithful and he’ll admit he’s jealous.

If you want your Aries man to remain interested in you for a long time, be a little bit distant. They like challenges. Their expansive personalities hide a vulnerable, insecure soul.

In case your Aries guy thinks you may be flirting, he will break up without looking back. All the Arieses are interested in the future and they like to live their life to the fullest.

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Written by Denise

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