Aquarius Tiger: The Friendly Competitor Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Aquarius born in Tiger year

Aquarius Tiger
  • The dates of the Aquarius zodiac sign are between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Tiger years are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.
  • These people are capable of handling very serious life situations.
  • Rather emotional, the Aquarius Tiger woman is quick to change her mind.
  • A child of freedom, the Aquarius Tiger man cannot be tied down.

The Chinese zodiac teaches us that Tigers are sophisticated, intelligent people. Combine Tigers with the Western astrological sign Aquarius, and you get someone who likes deep thinking and is creative to the point of inventing new things. The Aquarius in Tiger takes all the courage and endurance from the Tiger.

From the Western Zodiac side, those born in Aquarius Tiger take independence, capability of seeing the bigger picture and friendliness.

The Impulsive Aquarius Tiger Personality

The Aquarius Tiger people are always charming and they constantly want others’ approval to be sure of themselves.

Active and competitive, these individuals won’t miss a chance to take on new challenges. No matter how bad the situation is, these guys always manage to make it.

They sometimes force things a bit, but at least they can turn something bad into something beneficial for themselves.

Not afraid of anything, they are capable of handling more situations at a time and they are also successful at it.

The Aquarius Tigers are efficient and reliable. Their weakness is that they become angry and bossy when they think the person they are talking to is not on the same level as them.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Persistent, Unpredictable, Passionate.

What characterizes the Aquarius Tigers most are determination and ambition. These could be in both their detriment and their benefit.

The advantages are they can be emotionally resilient and strong, while the disadvantages are detachment and not obeying the rules.

Their unpredictability can be considered an asset because it makes them more spontaneous and fun.

Having an Aquarius Tiger as a friend means you’ll never be bored. If they will decide to settle down with someone and have children, they will be amazing parents. Their friends appreciate and admire them for their sincerity.

Open to others and always up to something, Aquarius Tigers need nothing more but new ideas and they will become passionate and centred.

In the Chinese culture, it is believed that if you know someone born in the year of the Tiger, that person is going to be your lucky charm. In case that person happens to be an Aquarius too, you will not only be lucky, you will have someone to make your days more beautiful and happier.

It’s true that Aquarius Tigers are sometimes attention seekers, but they have a lovable personality, so you’ll be completely charmed by them.

Just like the real tiger, they have an authoritarian air without being bossy or annoying. They know persuasion and they truly understand people. You can’t fool a person born in these two signs.

They usually make decisions on their own, and they stick with what they’ve concluded. It’s not easy to change their mind.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Tiger: Travel, Engineering, Education, Accountancy.

Their interests revolve around science and the latest technology releases. They like to make use of everything new, so if you want to have a conversation with them, bring up the latest released phone.

It’s kind of difficult for them to keep their temper under control as they usually act based on impulse.

They have an inner world people can’t see or understand. Because they don’t trust people easily, the Aquarius Tigers may sometimes lie or start being rebellious just to cover their vulnerabilities.

One major weakness in their character is their vanity. Also, the Tiger is known to be a little bit superficial. If they manage to keep their weak points under control, they will reach their full potential.

Love – Uncovered

The passion of Aquarius Tigers doesn’t last too long, but when they fall in love, they start to obsess about the person they like.

The romantic feeling, that they have when in a relationship, nourishes their love, but they try as much as possible not to give themselves into it. While it’s easy for them to make new friends wherever they may be, things are not the same when it comes to relationships.

It’s hard for them to accommodate with someone as a couple. This is because they are independent from both the Tiger and the Aquarius’s side.

Most compatible with: Aries Dog, Libra horse, Gemini Pig, Sagittarius Horse and Libra Dog.

Because of these two signs, the Aquarius Tigers are very cautious before settling down with someone. They will take time to make a decision involving the loss of their freedom.

Knowing their ways with romance, these persons will often be the ones that change partners like others are changing their socks. They will flee as soon as their lover will mention the word marriage.

So, don’t try and persuade them into staying with you. This will only scare them more. They know how to break up by disappearing into thin air, terrified of commitment.

Aquarius Tiger Woman Characteristics

Determined, courageous and strong willed, the Aquarius Tiger woman has an energy that will allow her to communicate and work more easily.

She’s adaptable and she doesn’t need any help to do what she’s required to do. She can build relationships if she needs someone in her life and she believes in family.

Children are very important to this woman. She will dedicate her entire life to them, not only to making money and building a career. Emotional, the Aquarius Tiger woman will think differently of herself every day.

One day she’ll see her most interesting and appealing traits, the next she will judge herself harshly. As a matter of fact, her emotionality is her weakest point, which can ruin or destroy relationships for her.

It is advisable that she balances all her negative emotions. This lady needs a system of values and to take her emotions into account.

She needs to be more open to criticism as it’s a chance to build and improve on it. If she would be able to be more rational, she would identify her successful path in life more easily.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Tiger: Ariel Winter, Christian Bale, Robbie Williams, Seth Green, Billy Ocean, Etta James.

Aquarius Tiger Man Characteristics

The Aquarius Tiger man is the independence seeker, the freedom’s child. While he’s like this, he won’t allow his partner to be that free.

He doesn’t expect people to help him in getting what he wants and he’s a good conversationalist who will often impress the opposite sex. He is aware of his charisma and he will use it.

But one thing the Aquarius Tiger man may not know is that he attracts negative energy. For this to no longer happen, he should be careful when choosing his words. He achieves success after maturity, when he has learned calmness.

This is a man for the exact sciences. His mind is analytical and meticulous enough. It is recommended that he becomes more sensitive in his relations with others. He brings in the joy, but he needs more stability if he wants to succeed.

Responsible and talented, he has an unexpected restlessness and he would do anything to reach his goals.

The Aquarius Tiger man will only be pleased with an intelligent, attentive lady. He will test the woman before marrying later in life.

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