Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon: A Contradictory Personality

Proud and domineering, the Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon personality can be very soft on the inside and prefers to keep their life as private as possible.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon

People born with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus are a good combination of emotionality and intellectuality. They can’t function without a purpose and they are usually highly efficient at what they set their minds to.

Rational and flexible, these natives make great executives. All they need to do is to wish to be the managers. More interested in personal satisfaction rather than oriented to attract the attention of the public, they are never too domineering or the ones to try to impose their will on others. They are more the type that goes with the flow.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Light-headed, composed and determined;
  • Negatives: Stubborn, conflictual and obsessive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can offer them the stability they need;
  • Advice: Be mindful of how they come across to other people.

Some people may think of them as snobs because they are so detached. But they aren’t. When they’re observing others, they don’t care about the financial aspect or the position in society. They are looking for what interests one may have and if an individual won’t make them curious, they will simply not bother to get to know him or her better.

Personality traits

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon people want to live in peace and to have security. They will be tactful and gracious all the time, in order to avoid conflicts.

Usually quiet and private about their personal life, these natives are also determined and good enough to obtain what they want from life without struggling too much.

This determination may make them stubborn while they will be young, but it will definitely become concentration towards good purposes with age.

These Aquarians are known for their patience. They will always be aware that forcing things to happen can’t bring anything good. When it comes to their sociability, they are sympathetic and nice. But it’s essential they learn not to give up on themselves if they want to make others happy.

Their friends will always want them around for a piece of advice. Interested themselves in the arts, they will have many friends who already are artists. Or perhaps they will get together with art directors and managers of museums.

They have executive skills too, so talking about how to organize a sculpture display can be their favorite subject of conversation.

Individualistic and ambitious, Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon natives will set high goals for themselves. As natural born leaders, they will be followed by many. And they won’t mind being the ones who rule over others. As a matter of fact, it makes them feel like they are doing their part in making the world a better place.

Some of the plans these natives come up with can be either very daring or just funny as some have no chance at succeeding. Confident, they will defeat anyone in a debate because they have the intelligence and the observation skills to identify their opponent’s weaknesses.

Not to mention they would be more knowledgeable. The compassionate, revolutionary and unusual Aquarius is helped by the sensitive, stable and down-to-earth Taurus to be more practical and more of this world rather than a wanderer in the realm of abstract notions.

Many will think these Aquarians are too charming to be true. But they are only noble romantics with a more practical and composed attitude.

The Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon people like to study, and their ideas are perfectly suitable for the big picture. They know how much they’re worth and they would never compromise their principles and ideals just to seem different or smarter.

It’s true their beliefs can change from time to time, but in their own time, not because someone wants them to think differently. Less hasty than other Aquarians, these ones prefer to make plans and to think of all the pros and cons of a situation.

It’s possible they will talk to fortunetellers and psychics because they really believe in the occult. They think highly of themselves and can be so stubborn to the point of arrogance and self-obsession.

Being more easygoing and taking others’ opinions into consideration are advisable if they are to be happier. Never believing in what people are saying and doing only what they want can impede them from making their dreams come true. Not that they aren’t sociable and amiable.

On the contrary, they usually think of friends more as of family. But they simply want to do things their own way. Superstitious, they will take chances but not before they have performed a few personal rituals meant to bring them good luck.

Many will like them for being in control of their own actions all the time, not to mention how attracted others can be to their style. It wouldn’t matter the fact that they are eccentric and unusual, people will still find them reliable and worthy of all the attention.

If Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon people won’t allow themselves to think only of their negative traits, they will be able to accomplish anything they want in life. The fact that they are rigid and stubborn can influence them in a very negative way.

As young adults they will experiment with all kind of styles, political parties and philosophical theories. But they will stick to only a few as soon as they’ll decide what suits them best. And they usually don’t change their mind about something after they have made their choice.

A lover with a mind of their own

Romantic, dependable and devoted, the Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon lover will continue to be loyal even if the situation would be the best in the relationship.

They will be devoted more than they will respect the rules for they are known for not having tolerance for conventions and norms.

Their position in life is usually center-left and it wouldn’t matter what they are doing for a living, you can be sure their influence will be left in their work. They don’t necessarily want to fit in and to be a part of something, so their partner should expect them to rebel and never conform.

They need a lot of space to express their individuality and a lot of freedom to do what they want. When they’re someone’s lovers, they are playing every role: from companions to best friends and siblings.

Moon Taurus people know what they want from a relationship and that is serenity, security and longevity. They are strong people who enjoy living the simple life with the one they love the most.

These natives will never try to over-complicate a situation or to read between the lines. But they can’t be moved from their own beliefs and opinions. They are so stubborn, it’s possible they’ll become irrational supporting what they believe in.

And it won’t be refusal that makes them like this. It’s more like a survival instinct for them: to not accept what others want and suggest. For them, change is something dangerous. When advancing, these natives need to do it step by step.

The Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon man

Under the influence of both Uranus and Venus, the Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon man is calm, but his nervous system is very fragile. It’s true it can be contradictory to have sensitive nerves and calmness at the same time, but that’s how he’s built.

The unconventional and the out-of-the ordinary are his main objects of activity. But he needs as much tranquility as possible if he’s to be efficient.

Aquarius doesn’t mind chaos that much, but Taurus simply can’t stand it when someone or something messes with their routine. Water Bearers are born revolutionaries, Bulls need a quiet home and to set up roots somewhere.

For these opposing qualities, the man with this Sun Moon combination will be considered hasty and chaotic. However, the more successful and older he gets, the more he manages to sync his contradictory personality.

He doesn’t want fame, but he may obtain it. Not that he’ll be very enthusiastic about it. He will use it, just like he is using his money: for different humanitarian causes.

His dreams are going to space and teaching people how to make money or have more confidence in themselves. He is interested in both business and the human psychology.

His Moon won’t allow him to give up the famous stubbornness of the Bull. Women will like him because he’s romantic and seems mature and reliable. But he will want all the advantages of a relationship without committing.

This guy doesn’t mind curvy girls who are flighty and have grace, like Marylin Monroe. He will do the chase because he likes it and has doubtful morals.

It’s good he’s not a liar no matter how much he wants to get a girl into his bed. Anyway, women will fall for him easily.

The Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon woman

Sweet and always good to people, this lady doesn’t have strong opinions. But she’s stubborn over who knows what. She doesn’t mind when people are doing things their way because she’s looking to please and to be liked.

But she can change this about her in a moment. If you see her crossing her arms and being furious, you should know you’ve done things the way she didn’t want you to.

As one of the most sensual Moons in the zodiac, she’s also a romantic. Even as a senior, she will still turn heads. When it comes to her partner, he needs to be playful and at the same time hard working because she’s the perfect wife.

As a mother, she will provide and be sympathetic with her children. Some specific characteristics of her personality make her very lovable. For example, she doesn’t try to change anyone. People are who they are, and she loves them.

This is one important rule in her life and it says a lot about how wise and soulful she can be. This lady will dress up to show her eccentric side. And she’ll surprise with strange hats or a colorful tie.

When it comes to love, she prefers the unusual and for her relationship to develop at her pace. She may get a husband younger than her or live with a boyfriend without ever getting married.

The Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon woman lives by her own rules. There’s no one and no institution to change that about her. It’s possible her childhood hasn’t been that happy and her life a complete mess until her 30’s.

After this age, she will bring some security in her life, managing to have a home and to pay her bills on time. Because she loves good food and high-quality things, she will probably have some good furniture and some expensive wine or French cheese in the fridge.

She’s aware life’s more than possessions, but she still wants them badly. She usually believes we get rewarded after we die, so she’ll give her best to keep her integrity and be honest in this life.

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