Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon: An Enticing Personality

Tenacious and persistent, the Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon personality can sometimes be a little too hurried and straight forward for their own good.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon people are individualistic creatures who think being themselves is the most important thing in life. They don’t care about rules, conventions or other people’s opinions about them.

Never tired and rebellious, these natives will enjoy life as it comes to them. And they will do many things in the name of breaking the conventional. Even their marriage will be bumpy and unusual in the eyes of many.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Firm, sensual and persistent;
  • Negatives: Dogmatic, indecisive and misguided;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who takes pride in their appearance;
  • Advice: Relax more to avoid adverse health effects.

If they will realize they need to continuously become better, they will find their personal key for unlocking success. There will be many “deaths” and rebirths from their own ashes. And they will impact the humanity in a great way.

Personality traits

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon natives are appealing individuals who live by their own rules. They are independent, original like all Aquarians, and emotionally intense and determined like all the Scorpios.

People will respect them because they are respecting themselves and because their attitude demands it. Strong and well-intentioned, they will focus their energy on doing something constructive.

If only they would keep their emotions in control. They are good leaders, but they can insist too much on getting their own way. No one can tell them what to do or how to do it.

They will be great working with people because they are never asking for something they couldn’t do themselves. It wouldn’t matter how many mistakes they have made, the responsibility will be entirely theirs.

These natives rarely listen anyway but their pride can also destroy them. And it’s very present in this combination of the Aquarius and the Scorpio.

People who will meet these natives will feel like they have encountered the most forceful and resilient person. And they will also be charmed because these natives can be very alluring.

They will either impress or leave others with a bitter taste. There’s no middle ground with them. As a matter of fact, extremism characterizes them best. They are dutiful and creative, especially the ones of them who are the most evolved. Their Moon will make them stronger, more inspiring and also high-spirited.

All this, coupled with their innovative mind, can turn them into great scientists, sociologists or politicians. But they need to be practical before anything else.

While they want to be comfortable and acknowledged more than anything else, it’s possible they will lose their perspective that drives them towards their goals and become very mean and egoistical.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are usually open to new experiences and tolerant, but their Moon can influence them to have prejudices and to believe only in a few ideas. Many of them will be very wild.

Some will have such determination and ambition that will force their own will upon others. They have the tendency to be harsh and hurried anyway. If someone else would as well push them to do something, they would become even more agitated.

Their intense ways and their conviction that they need to achieve will make them succeed while on the move. Their health could suffer tremendously if they wouldn’t learn how to relax. Going in nature would be a great idea for them to unwind.

It’s also suggested they stop taking themselves so seriously. Laughing at oneself can be more helpful than just sticking to a plan. It’s true they aren’t superficial, but this doesn’t mean extreme seriousness is the way to go.

The fact that they are tenacious and persistent would be more than enough for their success without having to keep a frowny face. Their stubbornness will never bring them anything good. But their needs are many and their determination to get things done is strong.

Scorpios are more egoistic and witty, Aquariuses are all about serving others and making the world a better place. This means their natives will not know what to do: either to make others happy or work for their own ambitions.

Most of them will make efforts for their own satisfaction and feel guilty for it. Just like all the Moon Scorpios, they will rise from their own ashes after a defeat.

When others won’t agree with their dreams, they’ll become irritated and perplexed. After all, their signs are both fixed and that means they can’t understand people who don’t think like them. And when they don’t understand things, they can grow to be angry. Being more tolerant and easygoing is essential for these people’s development.

Being rigid and believing they are real saints won’t help anyone. Luckily, they are among the few capable of renewal.

Freedom seeking

True rebels at heart, the Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon natives believe in freedom and being as detached as possible. But the fact that they’re fixed means they don’t make any turn on the road they have chosen in life. That’s why they are loyal partners.

The secret is to find someone who understands the fact they’ll never be too emotional and intimate. These natives need space to be themselves. They will commit, but not in the traditional way.

Because they keep a distance between themselves and their partner doesn’t mean they don’t love. They just prefer to stay behind the scenes and observe things from far away.

And this only means they can be the best friends. Which is important for a healthy relationship. They could break up with someone just because they feel like they are tied down.

Moon Scorpios want deepness and hate superficiality. Their partner should completely merge with them. That’s how they feel they can appreciate and be appreciated.

People who don’t want to give themselves completely and to express their emotionality shouldn’t be around these Moons for they like courageous lovers who are ready to devote themselves. Possessive, they treat love seriously and need someone who can understand they are sometimes jealous.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon man can sometimes be negative and not perceive reality as it is. He doesn’t learn and likes to live spontaneously.

You’ll never see him planning things ahead. Not to mention no one can change him because he’s very happy with whom he is all the time.

People will respect him because he commands it. This, coupled with the fact that he’s smart, will help him be a good leader and rule over very large groups.

He’s harsh to make decisions and doesn’t mind laughing at himself when he makes a mistake. Not that he will laugh so everyone hears him, but he will surely crack a smile.

Always looking to be in control, this guy will simply destroy the person who doesn’t take him seriously. He can be very dangerous when angry.

His secret passion is an interest for the occult. It’s very possible he will look for all kind of healing practices in methods of witchcraft.

And he can have some pains as his reproductive area is one of his most sensitive ones, plus he’s an extremist when it comes to intercourse.

He will probably suffer from hypertension as well for he can’t let go of grudges when he has them. This guy can take a grudge with him to the grave.

Guided by this Sun Moon combination he will keep his life private and will have many secrets. There will be things about him he will not share. And he would be right not to because he can enrage people with his past actions.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman

Keep in mind that the Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman is under the influence of two fixed signs, one governed by the planet of new beginnings, the other by the planet of change. Her Sun is a humanitarian, her Moon secretive and intense.

She will probably have a midlife little crisis when she will change her lifestyle and her career, at about 41 years old. But she will remain the same bold and ambitious lady.

The fact that she lives intensely can cause her to suffer from nervous diseases and hypertension. Circulatory and emotional problems are not out of the question either. She can’t sit still and relax for a moment in her life. This is definitely not the woman for a man who wants his lady to never have an opinion and to only cook and take care of the home.

This girl talks politics and takes part in social movements. But she can live for a very long time in an unhappy marriage because she would be too busy working anyway.

But even then, she will still protect her husband with every bone in her body, especially when someone would try to do him wrong.

Her energy may make her seem like she’s fierce, but she’s in fact a little bit gentler than what she allows to be seen.

Her friends will be many and her colleagues will adore her for being funny. As a mother, she will take care of her own needs first, without feeling embarrassed about this.

If you want her attention, it would be enough to flatter her. And the more a man wants her, the more he’ll have to pay attention to her wishes. Praising her would help tremendously.

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