Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Freedom Seeking Personality

Progressive and opinionated, the Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon personality promotes thinking outside the box and always questioning things.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon

People with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Sagittarius are active both physically and intellectually. Not to mention independent and free in their way of thinking.

Expressing themselves comes easily to these natives. They combine the amiability, creativeness and freedom of the Aquarius with the honesty, straightforwardness and adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Glamorous, competitive and cerebral;
  • Negatives: Temperamental, hostile and imprudent;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will allow them all the freedom in the world;
  • Advice: Be careful about future plans and consider consequences.

Usually open and alert, they will talk about freedom and independence with a lot of interest. They will make their dreams come true because they are determined.

Personality traits

Accessible and humanitarian, the Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people will always be busy taking care of something that benefits others. They want to know the Absolute Truth and to gain as much knowledge as possible.

These natives are sincere and hate people who are trying to deceive others. You’ll never see them bending the rules. They are never willing to go over their principles.

Those who are honest and direct will be their favorite people. They love to discuss about philosophy and to make plans for the future. As great intellectuals themselves, they have strong opinions and an outside of the box way of thinking.

Not to mention how curios they are about politics and the state the world is in. It doesn’t matter how progressive and eccentric their ideas will sound, they will proudly stand by them.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon natives are the type of people who prefer to work with innovative concepts and get things done faster rather than doing something everyone does and waste their time.

While interested in the academics, people under this Sun Moon combination still prefer to learn by experimenting. They will create their own worlds, try to attain their ideals and leave the reading just for enjoyment.

Their desire to travel the world will haunt them from a very young age. Not to mention the one for independence. It’s not easy for these natives to settle down.

What’s the most difficult for them is to focus on only one project and to follow one path only. Imaginative and capable, they will prefer to deal with the unusual rather than to stick to a routine.

Moon Sagittarius natives are known as explosive and adventurous. It’s difficult to make them commit to a partner because they hate feeling tied down. But they don’t mind when a relationship of any type helps them develop.

In this case, they will want to spend as much time as possible with the person that got them interested.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals like people who belong to different cultures and to connect on an intellectual level with others. Some of them will probably be deeply spiritual and even practice witchcraft.

Closed-minded people annoy them the most. While no one can tame the Archers, they will still stick around and make people laugh. They are true comedians who shine when they are making others feel better. They don’t mind relying on theory and on different philosophies.

They are truly inspired by anything but it’s practicality they are having some trouble with. Not to mention they easily get bored and want to deal with new people and things.

It’s not surprising many dilettantes are in these signs. Others will admire them for being meticulous. But they won’t apply this quality of theirs when studying.

Those of them who simply can’t commit won’t accomplish too many things. But they will continue to attract others with their opinions and their informal ways.

What interests them will seem curious to most of the people. And it’s mostly because they usually don’t like what’s popular. People with this Sun Moon combination will always choose their own way. When it comes to romance, they are big dreamers and they are inquisitive with the opposite sex. Therefore, they will have many relationships.

No one will blame them for being independent and courageous, but they definitely need to learn how to adapt to the everyday life. It’s possible they will become rebellious later in life.

Many will think they are going through an egotistical phase but even with this attitude going on, they will still manage to achieve many things.

Because they’re imaginative and innovative, it’s possible for these natives to make great discoveries in the fields of science or the arts.

Love matters

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon natives can appreciate what others have to offer and to give back just as much and even more. Anyone who wants to get together with them needs to understand what friendship means.

There isn’t much difference in the way they approach love compared to other types of relationships in their lives. Not that they don’t know what friends and lovers are and the difference between them, they will just never make from their partner a vital priority.

But they will be very loyal. The right person for them is the one that respects their freedom and isn’t too emotional. Moon Sagittarius people need to move more than anything else. Staying at home and feeling comfortable is not their favorite thing.

Their perfect partner will join them in their adventures, whether if these will be traveling or experimenting with new languages and interesting cultures.

What these Moons want is more fun and a partner who’s as active and unemotional as them. They don’t like their life to be invaded by an obsessive person.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man

Rest assured this is a man who is easygoing and relaxed and doesn’t have a secret agenda. Even if heartbroken, this guy won’t stop planning for the future.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man is a true optimist no matter what life puts him through. You will never find him complaining or feeling sorry for himself. This is likely the type of man who will never be in therapy.

The way he sees life is complicated and intricate but at the same time colorful and straightforward. One of the most independent men alive, he’s less emotional with age.

Even if he will seem more mellow, he will come back to his old detached self in no time. He’s caring, helpful and nice with his other half, but he prefers to be allowed to do what he wants.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man isn’t the type to need a companion. However, he won’t mind someone in his life because he’s romantic. It’s possible he will have more than one marriage and a lot of children.

Many women will want him because he’s attractive and has a sparkle in his eyes. Even if he will be 90, he will still manage to break a few hearts.

As he loves traveling, he will most likely be a pilot or a trading professional. Either way, he will want to make money by going places.

Long-distance relationships don’t bother him at all. And while far away, he will invest more feeling than when close by.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon woman has a mind of her own and will never belong to anybody. She is friendly and knows how to make her way in a social circle but don’t expect her to be open with everybody. Especially since she doesn’t trust people easily, no matter their social status or their position at work.

This lady will be more interested in how much a man knows about space than in his money. She can see beyond masks, so no one can toy with her feelings.

Attracted to those who are into philosophy and preferring to be honest, the woman with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Sagittarius will probably not even notice small defects in a person’s appearance.

Because she’s hasty, she will most likely live intense romances that will last a few months and get married soon afterwards. She wants to achieve great things in life.

But what she gives importance to may not be in agreement with the way the majority thinks. What she wants the most is freedom, to experiment and interact.

However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want any money. Because she needs them to pay her for excursions to far away countries. It’s very probable she will move her family from one place to another just so she can learn a new language and interact with a different culture.

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