Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon: An Unconventional Personality

Eccentric and fascinating, the Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon personality raises more than a few eyebrows but deep inside, these people are affectionate and have simple needs.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon

People born with their Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Pisces are gentle and very supportive. It’s easy for them to make friends with anyone, plus they will give all they have to their loved ones and they will be modest about it.

These natives are wise and honorable. They can identify what’s wrong and what’s right. But they will often feel conflicted by the fact that they are practical and at the same time very spiritual.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Sophisticated, responsible and original;
  • Negatives: Questioning, restrained and skeptical;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who accepts their eccentricities.
  • Advice: To be careful about the quality of their perception.

They will never try to manipulate or to discriminate, so people will trust them completely. Because they believe in others very much, many will try to take advantage of them.

Personality traits

Individualistic and attracted to the spiritual world, the Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon natives are friendly and highly perceptive. But the Pisces’ influence is mostly felt in their emotionality and creativity.

These natives will persevere in getting what they want. They are hardworking, detail-oriented and wish for discipline above all else. The way they react to what is happening around them is very interesting.

It’s possible they will spend most of their time dreaming about what could happen. Everything out of the ordinary and abstract interests them. That’s why they will most likely study philosophy and religion.

And they can be avid readers, not to mention how good students they are. Many will think of them as knowledgeable because they will actually know everything about many subjects.

More interested in progress and intuitive in their behavior, the Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon people can’t stick to a routine. They believe in their own dreams and they really dream a lot. Because their mind always wanders, they can easily forget what project they have started and why they decided to follow a certain route.

They perceive the world so vividly, so it’s not the best way for them to pay attention to everything they set their mind to. Private, these Aquarians will never allow too many people in their life.

Moon Pisces are dreamy and not all the time anchored in reality. While not able to deal with problems in a practical way, they will compensate everything they are missing with a great intuition.

Another great quality they have is that they can perceive what others are feeling without talking to them too much. And they will definitely care about any problem others have.

No one is better than them at offering support but they can be easily influenced and lose themselves in other people’s pain.

They will save the situation with their silly sense of humor. It’s not like they are the party-starters, but they can surely bring a smile on the saddest of faces. Not to mention how easy it can be to make them laugh.

The human nature fascinates them. They want to be in touch with everything others are transmitting, and they can easily perceive emotions. Because they are good at imagining and speculating, they will be great at making money too.

With their intuition, they will feel when certain stocks will go down and invest in what really seems to work the market. This is how they will seize financial opportunities. Not the most talented leaders, Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon people are better when they need to use their talents and their creativity.

They can drift off when things are not going quite the way they want them to. It will be necessary for them to sometimes be more determined because they can be too cautious.

They will succeed only when they will decide to no longer be passive or too amiable. Letting others know they can’t be taken advantage of is a great idea for them. As a mutable Water sign, Pisces change their personality more often than others change their clothes.

They like to work but won’t stay for too long at a job. Perhaps if they would be required to travel the world or to change the environment.

These natives prefer to start all over again and to master new techniques all the time. That’s why they will have more jobs than most people. As they are big dreamers, they will do all kind of strange things like farming for truffles and tending for bees.

Many of their occupations will seem impractical. Moon Pisces are known for their kindness and loyalty.

When it comes to love, they want to meet their soulmate and to live with him or her for a lifetime. Their need to show themselves will only be satisfied through art.

When seeing someone in a bad situation, they will do anything to help. Humanitarian causes will occupy a lot of their time. They don’t really care too much about money because they are able to rise above the material world. They want peace and serenity to rule their life.

Individualistic lovers

Sun Aquarians approach their relationships in a unique way. They are not like others for they could be loving this moment and completely detached the other.

But it wouldn’t matter the way they treat their lover, as they will still think love is sacred. Their partner should know the only way to make them run away is denying them their freedom and their way of thinking.

All these natives want more than anything else is to be themselves and to respect only their own rules.

And their other half would have to understand they are very individualistic. Keeping them guessing would be a great idea because they want to be surprised. They would be more than happy to share their life with someone who’s as unconventional and as eccentric as themselves.

Moon Pisces can understand what most of other people don’t. They are sensitive and can see beyond reality. And this makes them weak but strongly intuitive.

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon individuals need a partner who feels the way they feel, someone who isn’t necessarily very aware of the fact that he or she is sharing emotions.

They are empathic and they can drift when life requires them to be as alert as possible. Their energy is from the Universe, a deeply spiritual light that goes beyond their own person.

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon man will always look dreamy and will play the confusion card, as if he doesn’t know where he is. And he will be like this no matter the situation or the people he’s dealing with. He can have mixed feelings when taking on too much.

He will end up not knowing how to separate feelings and activities. Because he’s deeply spiritual, he will most likely become a priest or a religious guru. The occult attracts him, therefore many will see him as strange because of this.

A career involving technology or a very competitive environment will never work for him. He would be happy if he’d be able to help people. That’s why he could be a great psychic.

Imaginative, the man with the Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon combination thinks a lot in images. If trained and motivated, he could become a good artist or designer. But he needs to be more disciplined and focused for this to happen.

Without concentration, he’s just a wreck that continues to degrade. Easily influenced by others’ feelings, this man absorbs emotions like a sponge.

That’s why he needs to meditate and to relax as often as possible, but with care, as isolation makes him too apathetic. Many will think of him as uninterested in others because he’s easygoing. This is the Aquarius’ influence. But he’s very caring, just that he doesn’t show it.

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon woman has high ideals and is passionate but she never thinks realistically. She only analyzes from her point of view.

Not the most practical lady, she allows emotions to control her. She will exaggerate and see the world as she wants it. Not to mention she has a fantasy world where she retreats when life’s too hard.

As an Aquarius, she’s independent, intelligent and creative. As a Pisces Moon, she can adapt, overcome and tolerate others’ flaws. There is a balance in all of her qualities. Her mind thinks fast and she can do almost anything she wants in life.

She will react immediately to stimuli because she’s observant but she won’t be too deep for she doesn’t like to deal with details. And this will cause her trouble at work.

Not to mention she can’t focus for too long on the same thing, whether it’s from her professional or personal life. Her mind always seems to wander. That’s why she could be very successful as an artist.

She wants to express herself and her freedom anyways. Journalism and marketing would be good for her to because these are jobs that require creativity. This is not the person to follow a routine and a strict schedule.

She can’t go with the system because she’s moody and temperamental. People will always be surprised by the way she acts.

But she wants a secure relationship. Her friends and her lover will be essential for her wellbeing because she will be kept in a certain stability knowing that she has them.

Chatty, this lady needs to talk to someone all the time. She will most likely get together with people who think like her.

The Pisces influences her to listen to her intuition and to think in a philosophical way. As their symbol suggests, people in this sign can have contradicting opinions and not know where to go because the two fishes in their sign swim in opposite directions.

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