Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon: An Artistic Personality

The permanent optimists, the Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon people tend to look at the bright side.

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon

People with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Gemini are knowledgeable and fascinated about the world in general. That’s why they are so open and friendly. They have a caring and nice side, but they can’t sit still for too long.

The fact that they need variety and to experience new things all the time makes them restless and fun. There isn’t a place these people haven’t seen or an activity they haven’t enjoyed. Adventurous, they will travel the world to learn strange languages and meet new people.

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Attractive, charismatic and outspoken;
  • Negatives: Uncensored, clumsy and impatient;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who they can have fun with.
  • Advice: To try and spend more time at home.

Their success with the opposite sex is guaranteed because they are charismatic and mysterious. Being too objective and free means they really don’t know how to be intimate but being enchanting and appealing, it can be hard for someone to resist them.

Personality traits

Reformists, Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon people will get involved in all kinds of projects that allow them to be innovative. Their intuition usually tells them what to do and whom to follow.

They can plan for the future while enjoying what the present has to offer. Not at all emotional, they are still attentive to other people’s needs. But they are too individualistic to ever get too close to someone.

It wouldn’t matter how large their group of friends, they would still be loners. When someone becomes too emotional around them, they no longer know what to do. It’s good they are positive and optimistic enough to make up for their lack of emotions.

People with this Sun Moon combination have high ideals, but their passion is only for concepts and ideas. It would be impossible for them to be romantic.

And they don’t mind having everyone’s eyes on them. Witty conversations are what makes them tick because they can finally talk as much as they like. But they need to be careful not to become too proud.

It’s suggested they keep their health and hold on to their talents or their ability to adapt. It can be easy for them to live a peaceful life because they usually don’t attract any trouble.

Continuing to be the best and not going with the flow is what will help them achieve everything they want in life.

If they won’t try to have a career in the field of arts, all the emotions they have left will probably disappear completely. Because they have ideals, they will also be criticizing and end up disappointed each time others won’t live up to their expectations.

Especially in romance, Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon natives fall in love quickly. They are enthusiastic about a new relationship.

They will see their lover as the best person in the world. Even after the relationship has ended, they will still hold on to the ideal of love.

They usually justify all of their actions saying they were lost in romance. But if disappointed or bored, they won’t hesitate to break up from the person they are with.

These natives believe true love comes with sadness and happiness alike. As a matter of fact, they think love it’s supposed to be more sad than happy.

Sometimes dramatic, they are good storytellers. When it comes to their intellectuality, they are fast, curious and able to intuitively guess what is happening around them.

That’s why they can see beyond what’s on the surface. And this can’t be good for their professional life. They need a break from their work from time to time, just like they need a break from their lover too.

It’s possible they will change partners very often. This situation is more advantageous for a woman because romanticism is not as destructive for a female as it is for a male.

The less Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon people will drift when it comes to business, intellectuality and emotionality, the more they’ll be able to have a constructive approach to life. Being more consistent can be both a social and a business asset for them, something that will decide their future.

Running from domestic responsibilities

People born under this Sun Moon combination function better in groups than in one-on-one situations. But no matter how scared of intimacy, they will still be devoted to the one they love as long as their need for freedom is understood.

They are unconventional when it comes to how they want their relationship to be, doing things in a more eccentric way. While not the most romantic people in the zodiac, their lover can be sure they will always treasure love.

It doesn’t matter how detached they seem, they will still be committed and very much in love. Moon Geminis need to not be stressed with domestic responsibilities. They can have all the emotions in the book in only one day.

That’s why they need a partner who keeps them at all times interested and entertained. These natives love to talk about their feelings, but only if the discussion is not too deep.

They approach life with courage and they want to have as many options as possible. And they will still think what it would have happened if they would have chosen something different.

It’s difficult for these natives to focus on one matter or a single partner at a time and there will always be someone or something else to catch their interest.

The Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon man

This man is a romantic who leads with his heart. Saying he’s going to call Monday is a big commitment for him so he will probably call Friday. Yet this doesn’t mean he isn’t in love. He simply can’t hold on to what he promises to do. Some women can’t forgive such things easily. He’s just passive, not that he has any intention to disappoint.

Because the Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon man is attractive and charismatic, he thinks he can get away with just about anything. When it comes to what this guy believes in, expect him to join all kind of causes and to speak his mind.

But he will definitely not be out in the streets raising money or in a room making calls. He will let others do all this. What he needs for his relationships to work is a little bit of more stability because he’s easily impressionable.

He definitely isn’t the husband material some women expect him to be. When it comes to his career, he needs more stability here too.

It’s easy for him to do any job. Business management, engineering or medicine, just name it and he’ll be the best. He likes to negotiate and is perfect for this type of work because he never settles.

A Libra would suit him perfectly because Libras are a little bit controlling. This lady is the only one capable of changing him. With a Sagittarius or an Aquarius, he would only be more light-headed and enticing, but he’d have fun.

The Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon woman

Adventurous and always looking for excitement, the Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon woman is fun and known for her sense of humor. She’s independent and so busy that she will most likely forget about important things like her parents’ anniversary.

Not that she means to be so detached and not caring. She simply can’t remember because she’s usually doing something else like sending an email for the local newspaper or negotiating some new laws for the protection of animals.

Not to mention how much importance she gives to her work. But she won’t be at all efficient if things at her job would be too organized or would require her to respect a schedule.

She doesn’t care about owning a propriety or achieving traditional life milestones. This lady needs to be surprised all the time. She’s smart, resourceful, contemplative and a good entrepreneur. You’ll never see her in the traditional housewife’s role.

This is an independent girl ever since her childhood. While others will struggle to gather the blocks, she will already look at the construction.

When it comes to being a mother, she’s very good but doesn’t admit it. As a wife, she will be devoted if allowed to be free. Her partners will be many because she takes her time before marrying.

At least her husband will be happy to have found a buddy and a great companion in her. She doesn’t need someone to support her, she’s the type who wants someone to have fun with.

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