Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon: A Devoted Personality

Responsible and practical, the Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon personality makes for a great judge of character and down to earth decision maker.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon

People with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Capricorn are usually optimistic and authoritative. They are among the most practical and down-to-earth individuals, and they want originality above anything else.

The Aquarius influences them to be individualistic and independent, while the Capricorn makes them ambitious, cautious and a little bit conservative.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Perceptive, playful and faithful;
  • Negatives: Hesitant; forgetful and irascible;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will accept them for the odd person that they are;
  • Advice: To balance work and personal life by being more organized.

They are calm, persistent and determined. These natives calculate methodically and judge soundly when they need to find a solution to a problem. And the same qualities will help them succeed at almost anything they encounter in life.

Personality traits

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon people know their path in life so their emotions will never interfere with their ambitions. Because they can’t rest, they need to be active no matter if it’s about business, profession or personal life.

Responsible and serious, these natives will be successful at everything they will do. Their inner-self is even better than what they allow to be seen in the public.

They are good leaders and can deal with many people. And they will manage to still keep their individuality. True activists, they believe in the human rights and in dignity.

They don’t want more than they have worked for. Remember that it’s the ambitious and realistic Capricorn combined with the imaginative and prudent Aquarius. This means the native of these signs will be either little geniuses or completely insane individuals.

But the fact that they are stable and practical will never change. The respect they have for themselves neither. Fearless, they will always express their opinions, plus their code of ethics and convictions will never allow them to ever do wrong.

As humanitarian executives, the Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon natives are friendly and always fair play. And the more they achieve, the more they will strive for power and financial gains. They will come up with new ideas and break the conventional even if they have great respect for tradition.

There are only a few other people who match them in intelligence and conversational skills. Their cold logic is one of their greatest assets. They can analyze and administrate everything because they aren’t emotional and see things objectively.

Charming, exciting, friendly and philosophical from the Aquarius’ side, they are at the same time very independent. Detachment is something that characterizes Water Bearers most times.

Coupled with the Capricorn’s coldness, this can become a problem when they want to form relationships with others. While they have many friends, there are only a few to whom they are loyal to.

Capricorns give marriage a lot of importance, Aquarians don’t care that much about this issue. That’s why it can be complicated for this Sun Moon combination native to be in a couple for too long. They simply can ‘t settle.

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon individuals take responsibility for their own mistakes, but when other people are wrong, they are starting to lose their patience. The fact that they’re humanitarians will never change.

Being confident and free makes them wonder why some people have psychological problems. Compassion and tolerance are something they need to learn because their ambitions and eagerness to gain recognition can consume all of their energy.

It’s rare that these natives allow emotions and prejudice to rule them. They need to observe for themselves before jumping to conclusions. But they are pretty much stubborn to accept opinions other than their own.

They can even be fanatics about their convictions. Sociable, these natives never seclude in isolation. Everyone knows their positivity and cheerfulness hides great determination.

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon natives give high importance to friendship but choose the people around them thinking at how these can improve their image and social status. It’s difficult for them to obey rules. That’s why many people will criticize them.

They have the sense of community and want to help with whatever they can. Able to read into people, these Aquarius people are good judges of character and receptive creatures. They are doers and their signs suggest they can convince people to do whatever they want them to.

No time for cuddles

People born with the Sun in Aquarius Moon in Capricorn combination are more interested in observing how things are going from the sidelines.

Not that they aren’t sociable because they are. It’s just that they don’t like being part of things and are more focused on achieving their targets rather than being part of the team.

They will commit to the person who will accept them for the odd person that they are. They don’t mind the idea of a family, but they need to be left alone and free if they are to resist in a relationship.

Their partner needs to know them very well. He or she should know when to insist and when to let go with these people.

Moon Capricorns like organization and rules. They can’t live without having structure and feeling safe. They will be the CEO both at work and also at home. They don’t mind committing and being the ones, their partner depends on.

But they are definitely not the lovers for those who are looking for emotional deepness and to cuddle. They keep their own emotions in control without even struggling.

They don’t need anyone in their life, so it’s possible they will forget about their partner sometimes. But this only means they are truly in love with someone. It’s not like they need that person in their life.

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon gentleman is likely aiming high and will wish to become the President, the State Attorney or even an astronaut. He’s determined and dignifying enough to do these jobs anyway. Not to mention what a hard-worker he can be.

But if he won’t meet the love of his life at an early age, he will become sad and frustrated when older. He will spend many days inside and wonder if life’s worth living. But deep inside, he’ll know all his efforts will be repaid.

He’s aware he’ll get what he dreams of, and things will suddenly start to seem more tolerable. This guy can never lose faith. He will worry, just like anyone else, but he will never doubt himself.

That’s why the Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon man will be successful in his career. Authoritative, he may talk down to people. He can’t help himself from feeling superior. A natural born leader, he will probably become the leader of a company from a young age.

He will treat everyone nicely, and his partner will be his for a lifetime. But he expects the woman of his dreams to be as well ambitious. Also, this girl has to be composed, stable and honest. There aren’t that many women who can make him happy because he’s pretty pretentious.

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon lady will join many causes and protest each time she feels things aren’t right. Many will think she’s irresponsible and childish, but she actually isn’t. She only has an enthusiasm others don’t have.

Intelligent, this girl will always look for people and situations that inspire her. She’s independent and perfectly capable so no one can make her decisions for her. If someone’s too slow to catch her, he or she will be left behind.

She’s too busy to stop from her way and explain others different things. She really knows what’s going on most of the time.

This is not at all the type of woman to blindly follow a man and not to have any opinion. Because she doesn’t wear silk and satin lingerie doesn’t means she can’t be feminine.

The Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon woman just doesn’t care about the way she looks that much. But she’s very keen to keep her self-respect and how she influences people.

You will probably find her taking courses of self-development in between her children’s school and football practice. Because she likes to be of help and doesn’t mind noise, this lady will most likely have a large family.

Those who can’t understand her generosity and humanitarianism will not be paid any attention by her. She doesn’t like people who are self-centered anyway.

Her big heart is appreciated. If only she could be more romantic because otherwise, her cold judgment will help her identify her soulmate. Pretentious, she wants a man with a good career, talented and kind.

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