Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon: An Emotional Personality

Honest and direct, the Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon doesn’t shy away from displaying emotions.

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon

Those born with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Cancer are emotional and intelligent creatures who are able to come up with many inventive ideas. They get their energy from their aspirations and the fact that they want to make the world a better place.

At the same time, they need a family and a comfortable home where they can retreat after a long day at work. Not that change and disobeying the rules doesn’t make their heart skip a beat. But they still want the security of a serene life.

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Strong, convincing and energetic;
  • Negatives: Untrustworthy, moody and indecisive;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who will help her create a comfortable home;
  • Advice: Be careful about breaking rules and taking risks.

They don’t have a problem thinking about the future or with being empathic. As a matter of fact, these things characterize them very well. They will often struggle to choose between what they are used to and their progressive ways.

Personality traits

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon people see others as they would see themselves. They know their limits and have some insecurities regarding their capabilities. They are accepting, sympathetic and patient with others.

People can see they are honest and adore their romantic side. Not to mention how comfortable they feel around them because they are also easygoing. These natives are among the most imaginative, appealing and responsive people in the zodiac.

They are detached and great intellectuals, just like the Aquarius influences them to be. But their Cancer side makes them more tolerant, emotional and receptive to other people’s feelings. Instinctive, insightful and intense, they will always appreciate kindhearted people.

Moon Cancers love to travel and to make new friends. They are sociable creatures who can host great parties. But this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some time alone to gather their thoughts.

After all, their inner world is fascinating and they need to connect with it. Many will think of them as clingy, but they are just the peaceful type who prefer a movie or a dinner instead of clubbing.

A quiet night will help them recharge their empty batteries because their energy levels can significantly drop sometimes. It’s normal for them to be highly active for a period of time and after to just rest for a while.

Their friends don’t hear from them for weeks sometimes. No to mention they like to retreat under their own shell when upset. Their close ones should judge for themselves when they need to do something to entertain them and when to let them be.

People with this Sun Moon combination will usually consume all of their energy helping others because they tend to give more importance to people’s problems than to their own. They are empathetic and adaptable.

Their intuition helps them understand most of their friends. They are comfortable with anyone and you can never see them arrogant or superficial. It’s amazing to see these native’s imagination at work.

Their dreams will most likely come true because they know how to work on them. And they really dream big. It’s normal for them to hold in what bothers them. And this can cause some problems in their balance.

It all goes back to when they were children and needed the most to be encouraged or feel secure. However, they are self-sufficient enough to make it as adults.

They may need to come out of their protective shell from time to time because life can’t be all the time secure. What will cause them to come out of their comfort zone will also be what helps them make things differently and develop.

These natives seem to have a strange connection with the prenatal period and feel the most comfortable in the fetal position. And it can be said life sometimes involves all kind of rebirths. Moon Cancers will experience all kind of existential crises and adapt to the ambiance or new situations.

They should view these births as blessings and not as burdens. Experiencing as much as possible will only help them broaden their mind. Their life will never go back to the way it used to be when they didn’t use to have a care in the world.

The Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon natives need to trust the future and look at their new destinations with hope. Aquarians get their comfort and security from interacting with others. Their past wouldn’t matter.

They’re alluring and affable enough to get support from everyone. If they weren’t encouraged as children, they will surely be when adults. No one can stop them from being inquisitive and as determined as possible. The fact that they have their Moon in Cancer makes them more insecure and a little bit unadaptable.

The male natives with this aspect will try to hide their vulnerability under a macho mask. It doesn’t matter if women or men, they will always be eccentric and very imaginative. Cancers are known for being paranoid sometimes.

It’s important for these native’s emotional wellbeing to retreat from time to time. But they don’t need to think they’re defeated when withdrawing. And they shouldn’t isolate themselves either. They can only escape their most negative thoughts by socializing.

A moody lover

People with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Cancer will always look to break the rules when it comes to love and covering their emotional outbursts.

Their attitude is relaxed and their way of thinking very logical. Their partner will find it difficult to deal with them because they often seem like they don’t have any emotions.

You will never see these natives expressing their affection. They view life and relationships in an unconventional way. Not that they aren’t loving or loyal. They are just independent.

You can be sure they’re in love as soon as they’ve committed to someone. Moon Cancers are moody and can change from nurturing to childish in a second. That’s why they need a down-to-earth partner who can understand them.

These natives can’t seem to be able to keep it together. They don’t know what being cool means because caring for their partner will make them happy.

They feel great when they have the occasion to be motherly, but they have to be cared for too and this becomes more apparent as the relationship progresses.

The Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon man

Because the Sun is not really at its strongest in Aquarius, but the Moon is right at home in Cancer, the man with this Sun Moon combination is often ruled by his emotions and is less detached than other Aquarians.

However, he still treasures his independence, and couples it with the emotionality and thoughtfulness of the Crab. Influenced by others, these natives will always change and will be eager to move around.

They are responsive to environments and fast to react to other people’s needs. Their intuition will always guide them. All these things make them popular and friends with many.

Charming, kind and graceful, the Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon men will pay a lot of attention to their social life. Because they invest a lot of effort into the businesses they are conducting, they will probably make a lot of money. After all, they’re industrious and good negotiators.

Not to mention they can spot when someone’s lying from a distance. Because they are also influenced by the Cancer, they tend to feel things rather than think them through. But they will still be realistic and all the time optimistic.

He knows when to give his best and they make great hosts. Their talents and sociability will help them attain success in many fields of activity. What makes this man so great is the fact that they can understand human weaknesses and complexities.

The Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon woman is undoubtedly interesting and creative. She wants to be free and to move around because she’s an Aquarius but she’s also emotional and conventional because her Moon Cancer influences her.

Strong, convincing and energetic, this lady’s positive energy will help her succeed at almost everything she proposes for herself.

She can use her emotions in a productive way if smart. But she can’t adapt very easily to new people and situations. She’s the rigid type who doesn’t see another way but hers.

Interested only in honesty and openness, she’s precise and rarely makes mistakes. She dreams big and is very determined. People will appreciate that her success was obtained through hard work.

Down-to-earth and inquisitive, the Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon woman may sometimes seem impulsive. Her ideas can sound outrageous, but she will still take the initiative.

It’s hard to convince her of something. If she wants to be happy, relaxing and detaching from stress would help her a lot.

The fact that she’s too ambitious can influence her health in a bad way. Being more humorous wouldn’t hurt anyone either. In her own way, this lady will be successful and at peace with herself and her realizations.

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