Aquarius Sun Aries Moon: A Friendly Personality

Temperamental, the Aquarius Sun Aries Moon personality will put a mask of confidence even when they are faced with the most difficult of life events.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon

People born with their Sun in Aquarius and their Moon in Aries will establish their individuality by coming up with good ideas and by breaking the rules. It’s normal for them to shock and to further develop anything they take an interest in.

What makes them so unconventional when it comes to science and philosophy is their willingness to play by their own rules. That’s why they’re the “outlaws” of the zodiac.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Innovative, passionate, clever;
  • Negatives: Rebellious, arrogant and annoying;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who knows to hold their ground in arguments;
  • Advice: Accept that not everyone is a fast-thinker like them.

These natives are the warriors, the ones who are eager to start new projects, the ass-kickers and the most competitive ones. Moon Aries are emotionally satisfied only when they get to be the first at something, when the situation requires them to be fast and when they generate trouble.

Personality traits

It doesn’t matter if it’s about their job or sports, Aquarius Sun Aries Moon people will always move faster and will concentrate all their forces on winning.

They are good problem-solvers but a little bit difficult to live with. Who would want to deal with being told the truth in their face all the time and with getting involved in new projects all the time.

Amiable but egocentric, these natives want what’s best for all. And they will fight in an honorable way for this to happen. They need to do things their way and they don’t mind being the first in line.

Impulsive and fast-thinkers, they are aware of the fact that their mental capacity is above the average. But they tend to be judgmental and to have this superior air.

It’s necessary they keep their smugness under control or people will start to avoid them. Interested in how things work and wanting to gain a deeper knowledge about everything, these Aquarians are honest. But they need a push when it comes to being more emotional.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon natives are too cold and sometimes too superficial. Not to mention they want everybody to listen to them. It’s not that they don’t have an accurate type of information to transmit, because they have a clear thinking and a sound judgment, it’s that they need to be interested in more than just thought.

Very sociable and interested in spending as much time as possible around people, they will be lucky enough to have been born in a good family. And this will open many doors for them.

If they would work their sociability and stop being arrogant or so sure of themselves, people will be warmer to them. Their usual ways can impede others from expressing their love.

And Aquarius Sun Aries Moon people need affection just like anyone else. It’s their way of thinking and their unquestionable independence that makes them detached and not at all focused on gentleness.

Because they are stubborn and impulsive, they want people to think the way they do. It wouldn’t matter how smart and tolerant they will be, the fact that they can’t accept other people’s opinions and that they are hasty will impede them from attaining success.

It’s better for them to work alone because they are not the best team players. Nervous, restless and usually thinking ahead, they don’t like it when someone can’t keep up with them.

While imaginative, innovative and prudent, they aren’t as intelligent as they see themselves. Individualistic is the term that characterizes them best. It can be said they’re sophisticated, but when it comes to communicating their ideas, they can’t make a connection with the ones who are listening.

They are too eager to talk and not at all open to listen. When coming across unawareness and bewilderment, they start to worry and to become angry. They don’t believe in defensiveness, only in offensiveness but this is not the best tactic.

To win, they may need to become more relaxed, however, they can end up with more problems when they are letting things go. While they will have many things to worry about, they will continue to dream and plan.

What they have to work more on is their emotionality. Also to be more trusting. Learning diplomacy and to appreciate what people say will help them accomplish many things in life.

They are impatient, no matter if it’s about love or other things. Many will think they are fools because they rush into things. If they want to achieve their big dreams, they have to be more understanding and to rush more rarely.

As far as their job goes, they would be great scientists, sociologists, inventors. Brilliance will characterize them no matter what they will do. They will look into the future and be the bosses because they’re progressive and want to change things.

Not to mention how successful they will get to be when they will start appreciating others’ ideas.

People with this Sun Moon combination are more intellectual rather than emotional, but they have a temper and can get angry very fast, in a terrifying way.

When feeling threatened, no one knows how to deal with them anymore. It’s because they are insecure under their mask of confidence.

A perfectionistic lover

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon lovers will always be friendly and nice. While very devoted to their other half, they will still stand aside and observe their own relationship from a distance.

This, coupled with the fact that they are independent, means they are not the most romantic or cuddly partners. But they still make the perfect lover for those who don’t want someone chaotic.

It’s true Aquarians can be unpredictable, but they will never be illogical or unpleasant. Under the Moon in Aries they become warriors, passionate and willing to lead an exciting life.

Their partner should never be boring or give in when they are fighting. They like it when they are being challenged because they express a lot of their feelings when having an argument.

What’s great about them is that their moodiness doesn’t last for too long. Also, that they don’t hold grudges. Their defects emerge when they get bored and they start to become angry with their partner over the most insignificant of issues. These natives need to be stimulated more than anything else.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man

If lucky enough, the Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man will be helped by his family to succeed in life. He would have been raised aware of the common sense and what he can accomplish.

He will probably be the type whose street smart without ever having to roam the streets. School probably bored him, but his grades would have still been good. In consequence, he will be very understanding with his kids.

He’s not too big on being an adult anyway. What makes him different from the children are his direction and purposeful existence.

He’s not the most charming man, people will find him arrogant and superficial when they’ll first meet him. And he is all this, but at the same time, he’s smart, passionate and clever.

He wouldn’t want to be seen as the supreme bachelor, but he surely acts like one even if married. He will always go to poker night and at races. He’s very masculine and his own self.

You will never see him repairing things around the house because he’s not domestic. He doesn’t necessarily want a relationship. While determined and impulsive, he will still be attentive not to hurt others.

Creative, this guy will come up with innovative ideas all the time. Because he hates routine and having a tight schedule, he will probably work as a freelancer.

He doesn’t like agglomerated spaces and to feel tied down. So, if you like him, make sure you keep your home clean and as spacious as possible.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman is intelligent and lucky enough to come from a good family. She will impress with her common sense and creativity. But her lover and friends need to keep up with her.

She has many things to offer, but the fact that she’s a troublemaker can’t be changed. Passionate and fiery, this lady hates routine and classical romantic gestures like bringing a woman flowers and chocolate.

Her lover should get used with her many friends who will sometimes crash at her place. She won’t decorate the house because it’s not her way to be domestic. Not to mention she would be too busy.

Her man would be lucky to have her home cooking dinner one night. Those who want a conventional relationship and a woman who stays at home to clean should look somewhere else.

Forcing her to be this way would be unfair. Not the most materialistic girl in the zodiac, the Aquarius Sun-Aries Moon woman is more into ideas. You will notice her in a crowd because she looks a little bit different from others.

Athletic and attractive, she will move and think the quickest out of all the people. She will also be surrounded by friends. It doesn’t matter that she has a temper and is aggressive, people will still be drawn to her.

They will forgive her for getting angry because they know she doesn’t hold grudges and she’s not mean. And even if they wouldn’t forgive her, she wouldn’t care.

There are other things she will worry her mind with anyway. For example, she will wonder about the environment, religion and the entire mankind in general. This is not the type of lady to stress her mind with recipes or what school the children should go to.

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