Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon: A Progressive Personality

Loyal and charming, the Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon personality is one you can always count on, for better or worse, in love or work.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon people want to live where they’re allowed to observe and intervene within social situations, making them less “normal”.

Ruled by Uranus, these revolutionaries don’t like to obey rules and to subject themselves to conventions. It’s an inspiring and progressive attitude they’re having. The Sun is the energy of life, while the Moon determines how people can feel emotionally satisfied.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Personable; tenacious and persuasive;
  • Negatives: Confused, disorganized and egocentric;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is straightforward not too romantic;
  • Advice: They should seek happiness inside them not outside.

Natives with this Sun Moon combination are interested in the unusual and want to accomplish many things by rebelling. For them, life is a continuous search for breakthrough ideas.

Personality traits

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon natives are strong. However, they are not the most constant individuals. It sometimes seems like they come from a different world, one that is more philosophical and broad.

They are intelligent and great humanitarians. Not to mention refined and open and almost the only people with a touch of the genius. They are talented and full of ideas that for some may seem too eccentric and not at all in concordance with society’s norms.

It’s normal for these natives to deal with the unconventional because it’s their favorite way of doing things. While having a very active mind, they can also be the biggest procrastinators.

People with their Sun and the Moon in Aquarius can’t pay attention for too long to only one project because they always want to get involved in something new and to experience change.

That’s why it’s possible they will start too many projects at once and finish none of them. They like to study far-away cultures by living with the natives, to resolve puzzles or to observe things in detail.

And while they will do this, they will most likely make great discoveries and become successful. But there’s the danger they get so involved in their projects that they lose contact with reality.

They may make discoveries that are useless in the present and will be famous in the future. It’s easy to spot them because they have a sparkle in their eye. This is what reveals their curious and active personality.

Very fond of people, these Aquarians are sociable and great at reading others’ true intentions. They make friends immediately. Not to mention they rarely argue. Individualistic and in love with freedom, they appreciate people who let them be free to do their thing.

And because they get along with everyone, they would do great in the business world. Surprising and always looking for excitement, they can make their partners of conversation very curious.

The more they find something to do and have an interest, the happier they are. But because they are a little bit hasty, many will be scared of them.

The thing is, having both their Sun and the Moon in Aquarius makes them strange. Those who can’t accept them the way they are will be very disappointed.

If they would deal with their uniqueness, they wouldn’t have any trouble with others. When it comes to work, they need a job that makes them curious and sends them all over the world.

They could do anything that requires them to interact with the public. Because they think ahead and their ideas are always innovative, bosses will greatly appreciate them.

Being a fixed sign, the Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon individuals have determination and most likely achieve what they want in life. If businesspeople or scientists, they will want to do something great that will benefit the entire world. It’s one of their life’s purposes to make their surroundings a better place.

It’s essential they always keep their mind occupied and that they’re allowed to work independently. Routine and a tight schedule makes them go crazy and quit.

When their life is too stressful and agglomerated, they need to relax and release the tension as often as possible.

As humanitarians and logical thinkers, these Aquarius have a lot to give to the society. They will be the discoverers, those who will deal with the unusual. It’s easy for them to start anew all the time because they are energetic and excitable.

There’s no one more inquisitive and interested in eccentricities than them. Intuition, creativity and smartness are some of their best traits. Always curious about what the future will bring, they are prepared for anything.

It’s their inconsistency and unpredictability that bothers. At least they dedicate themselves completely when they get involved in something. People will appreciate the fact that they are focused and enthusiastic.

As professionals, they would be great scientists or human resources inspectors. While open and alluring, they are still insecure about themselves. That’s why they need so many friends from different corners of the world: to approve of their actions. It’s more like they associate with people rather than create friendships because they are usually detached and don’t really know what intimacy means.

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon people will get along with everyone because they can’t hate. Many will be drawn to their charm and uniqueness. Others will be repulsed by their eccentricities and extreme need for independence.

Not an emotional lover

Sun Aquarians will always think outside the box. They have no interest in the conventional. As a fixed sign, they may insist on doing things only their way, even if this would involve changing the entire world in order to get things done.

Their ideal partner will realize they need to rebel all the time if they are to be happy. Usually loyal but detached, these Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon natives can be in a relationship they enjoy for a very long time.

Moon Aquarians want freedom more than anything else. The way they obtain their independence is through permanently demonstrating their capacities and personal resilience.

They are not very domestic because they’re busy with their work and hobbies. These natives feel the most secure when they’re at home. They will look to get inspired by their other half but will always run away from emotional outbursts and displays of affection.

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon man

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon man will always look to explore and to study. He wants to travel the world, to meet new people, to interact with other cultures and to be free. His ideals are high, and he doesn’t discriminate based on income, social status, gender or race.

The more universal answers and spiritual concepts will reveal themselves to him, the happier he will be. Many people will be tired in his presence because he never gives up experimenting.

Not to mention how many interests he can start to pursue in only one day. This guy will read about philosophy, engineering and even witchcraft.

As a leader, he’s inspiring and able to bring a new energy to groups. It’s possible you’ll find him working as one of the smartest scientists. All he needs to do in order to attain success is to stick to one of his interests.

More efficient when working alone, he doesn’t mind having colleagues either. His friends will be from all the corners of the world. Only his wife will be a “normal” person because he’s quite the snob when it comes to romance.

When things start to concern his soulmate, he becomes this conventional person that he so much hates seeing in others. But don’t think he will be with someone who doesn’t appreciate freedom or doesn’t think progressively.

He doesn’t mind his partner having a good salary either. Not that he’s greedy or wants to live on her back, he just doesn’t like to have people depending on him.

Not to mention he encourages everyone to be independent and as adventurous as possible. His children will be taught all this from a very young age.

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon woman is changeable and not at all reliable. She may decide to go on the first date at the planetarium and after change the location for the park.

This lady is a seeker of the Absolute Truth. She doesn’t want relationships and marriages. Her masculinity is the most obvious in the entire zodiac. So it’s very likely she’s not like other women.

Not interested in fashion, her man doesn’t have to be stylish or too groomed. He has to be her best friend before anything else. Never emotional, she will probably like boys from a young age, but won’t feel very in love, like other girls.

She’s popular and gets along with anyone, from her family to the most far-away acquaintances and colleagues. It’s because she’s happy when interacting with people.

However, the fact that she is impersonal makes her even more interesting and appealing. Many will see her as a detached person. Her children and husband will think of her as kind and very focused on high ideals.

Because she’s impulsive, she will go along with any idea, no matter where it comes from. But she will never build her existence around someone else’s. She respects people and doesn’t interfere with their individuality.

As she’s logical herself, she likes a person who’s the same and with whom she can communicate easily. This lady is never boring or repetitive.

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