Aquarius Snake: The Vigilant Optimist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Aquarius born in Snake year

Aquarius Snake
  • Anyone born between January 20 and February 18 is an Aquarius.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • These people can also be gloomy and vengeful.
  • The Aquarius Snake woman is ready to achieve greatness.
  • A social butterfly, the Aquarius Snake man is very efficient and direct.

Aquarian Snakes are very enthusiastic and driven individuals who are likely to fall into depression, rather than give up on doing something.

The Snake of the Chinese zodiac gives them the power to organize thoroughly whilst the Aquarius lends them the love for their peers and this innate need to change the world.

But given their excess of energy and willpower, neither option will come to pass, most likely. Socially, they aren’t as proficient, and they have to put a little effort into making other people take notice of their feelings and emotions.

The Overprotective Aquarius Snake Personality

The sheer benevolence and kindness of the Aquarius Snake is so great and intense however, that they can’t possibly hope to express it fully and clearly, but it is there nonetheless.

Although a very intellectual and quick-witted individual who seems to always have a well-thought out plan in motion, these people can easily fall prey to spontaneous emotional outbursts or sudden change in mood.

From feeling enthusiastic and happy about going on a vacation, to the sadness and desperation of a failed project, all on the same day, with only minutes apart. It just keeps on going, with no stop in sight.

Top Characteristics: Sociable, Positive, Persistent and Moody.

Their pleasures mainly consist of vices, those short-term satisfactions that bring us the most excitement immediately, like sex, buying a nice pair of jeans or a brand-new watch, going to a club to have fun, and so on.

The Aquarius Snake also tends to pursue these cravings to the ends of the Earth and back, only to find the long-desired fulfilment.

Optimism and strength of character were never so evident in a zodiac sign as in this case. The Aquarius Snake was endowed with the ability to shrug off any negative emotions and bad mindsets, if and when they appear. It’s not often that you see this native acting gloomily or being down about something.

Most of the times, they see the benefits and good aspects of a situation. However, when someone or something goes against them and act with wilful malevolence, he forgives nothing and seeks vengeance with reckless abandon.

In time, this attitude will dull and become transparent, as a symbol of his maturity and self-understanding.

Being one who doesn’t settle for half-measures and singular goals, the Aquarius Snake is a multitasking and quick-witted individual who has both the willpower and the abilities to finish everything that he has started.

However, for all the projects and endeavours that he’s implicated in, comes an equal share of stress, exhaustion and constant vigilance, which don’t do well with his peaceful nature.

Moreover, the way by which this native acts is also one not entirely healthy and advisable. Their “method” is therefore one which many of us use when pressed by straining situations and don’t have the time to think things through.

Exactly, they act on impulse and without a second thought, rarely putting in the time to think about the possible consequences or the probability of failure.

Of course, this is not a permanent trait, and it will cease to be so evident with time, but in the meantime, it’s a very dangerous characteristic.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Snake: Design, Law, Travel, Journalism and Diplomacy.

You would think that, since the Aquarius Snake is not one to hesitate, this individual’s relationships and intimate bonds were all doomed to failure or premature separation.

The truth is, if he realizes his qualities and defects, it’s not so hard to find someone truly perfect and start a mesmerizing tale of love and happiness, until death do them part.

However, when someone betrays their trust and muddies them whole with lies and misdeeds, this native won’t take it like that. They won’t forget it, nor would they ever forgive it, and take care of the situation in a manner unique only to them.

While a good thing, in that they retain their confidence and self-esteem intact, constantly being at war with the past is eventually not something good at all. When was it ever fun and pleasing to always be flayed by sorrowful and saddening memories, after all?

Love – Uncovered

The Aquarian Snake has a very interesting and rather spot-on technique for catching a person’s heart.

Firstly, he goes on to attract their attention and make them interested in the first place, with a show of high-class intellectualisms and profound ramblings.

When the goose is fully trapped, they proceed on coaxing them with the most powerful seduction armament at his disposal. Either by charm or by sexual appeal, the target will eventually become transfixed and ready to become theirs.

Obviously, the mindset of a possessive individual who seeks to own all the partner’s affection and attention, the Aquarius Snake won’t admit the existence other challengers to his beloved’s interest.

So, if you somehow fall for this native, be careful of his beguiling personality, it’ll only take second for his spell to entangle you completely and eliminate any chances of ever escaping again.

In turn, they need the support and loyalty of a soul mate in order to keep on going at a similar pace undisturbed and with a calm mind.

Most compatible with: Gemini Ox, Aries Rooster, Aries Rabbit, Libra rooster, Sagittarius Ox.

Aquarius Snake Woman Characteristics

Multifaceted and being endowed with a lot of hidden potential, the Aquarius Snake women only need to find the best path for themselves in order to achieve greatness.

And this is something really enviable, because of their many options and possible ways in which to go.

Being so talented and gifted will always provide one with a great future, but only if properly used. Usually, it all starts from an early age, and if they don’t receive a proper education and training then, their abilities will dull with time, and everything’s going to be a lot harder in the future.

Filled with boundless energy and being of a more dynamic demeanour, the problem of not having the strength to try all the possible paths and walk one until the bitter end is basically non-existent with this native.

Whether the goal becomes reality or not is entirely dependent on his own will and ambition, nothing else other than that.

As far as romantic relationships fare, the feelings are all intensified and go through a strange transformation, becoming more intense, determinate and passionate.

With this native, there are no half-measures and everything has to be fully immersive and real. Otherwise, it won’t be completely satisfying and pleasing to the senses.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Snake: Shakira, Dr. Dre, Chris Rock, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Jean Simmons, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Aquarius Snake Man Characteristics

The Aquarius Snake man has been granted a great gift upon birth. And that is one that has to do with his social likeableness and attractiveness.

A social butterfly, that’s the very best definition for this guy, because there is literally no one that he can’t befriend and go out with, and even make them confess their deepest and darkest secrets. A truly admirable ability, of that there is no doubt.

As for the rest of their personality, it’s centered around self-sufficiency, independence and, last but not least, a great intelligence and quick wits.

Whatever projects they’ve got going on, or any ongoing plan, everything’s going to get finished through a cumulated effort of determination and innovative action.

Given this efficiency and great ability, they will naturally refuse to recognize others as being worthy of praise, least of all that someone is on their level of success and accomplishments. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant at best, as it really is of no consequence to their self-esteem and attention.

Simplicity is the golden rule of a happy life, but not imposed and forced upon oneself. It has to come as a natural realization of the self, and this is what the Aquarius Snake has to learn if he is to achieve true happiness.

On one hand, there is more to a goal than just its completion, even beyond the addicting feeling of victory, there are the experiences and events that had to come to pass in the entire process.

And those experiences were the real catalyst to his growth and development. On the other hand, he should learn to value the words of others, as they could provide with great help in trying times.

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