Aquarius Rooster: The Exuberant Persuader Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aquarius born in Rooster year

Aquarius Rooster
  • The dates of the Aquarius zodiac sign are between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • These people could hate anything but originality.
  • The Aquarius Rooster woman can be biased and more drawn to someone like her.
  • Elegant and rational, the Aquarius Rooster man makes for a great company.

According to the Chinese zodiac, Aquariuses born in the year of the Rooster inherit many of the Rooster’s qualities.

The Rooster has a plume of red color. The Chinese culture teaches us that this plume is useful in scaring away the bad spirits.

When this belief is coupled with the Western astrological sign of the Aquarius, the person born in both the Rooster and the Aquarius signs has a great intuition that will help him or her identify what can be useful for him or herself.

The Affable Aquarius Rooster Personality

These people are usually lucky, intuitive and sociable. This means they will be able to get along with others and that they will know when to be more hardworking and adamant. It doesn’t matter if it’s about their career or their personal lives, they will follow their heart no matter what.

They are interested in many things, so finding a job will not be that difficult for them. They are great at guessing what others are feeling and thinking. In their view, taking advantage of others’ weaknesses is only a way to advance faster.

The fact that the Rooster is flamboyant gives the Aquarius a good sense of fashion, which is not quite usual for a person in Aquarius. People born in both these signs will dress nicely and they will manage to capture others’ attention with their clothes.

Top Characteristics: Idealistic, Respectable, Attentive and Loyal.

The Aquarius is more confident because it has the Rooster as his Chinese sign. People in the Aquarius and the Rooster will be more open and they are expressing themselves more freely than other Aquariuses.

They are original and they hate being usual. Aquarius Roosters will express their identity more precisely than others. They enjoy the pleasures of life and they will do anything that makes them feel good.

Eloquent, they have the power to convince others. These people know their weaknesses and this is how they will succeed in life: by identifying what makes them vulnerable and exploring the strong points.

They can be conservative at times, but only because they are prudent, not because they are too traditional. Charming and idealist, Aquarius Roosters are also changeable. They need support and to be admired in order to feel respected and happy.

They are always on the go with business or closing some negotiations. These are people who pay attention to details and who like to shine.

Don’t be surprised if they are sometimes ostentatious. They are provoking when they want to steal all the spotlight.

Also, make sure you are not boring and moody when around them. They hate all this and they run away from people who like routine and prefer to be mediocre instead of struggling to advance.

People may see them as loud and bizarre. And it’s not only the stylish Rooster that influences them to be like this.

The Aquarius is bizarre too. If you ask their opinion, they will always tell you the harsh truth. They will never lie a person to his or her face just to make them feel better. Proud, they tend to boast about their looks and achievements.

Their heart is where it’s supposed to be, they’re just doing this to be admired. Dependable and devoted, they won’t make any compromise. Too direct, these guys don’t really know what diplomacy is.

They can hurt people with their harsh words and they don’t accept to be criticized themselves. If you hurt them in their pride, they will try and do anything to convince you they haven’t done anything wrong and that they are perfect.

Because they like to be surrounded by others, Aquarius Roosters are perfect party hosts. They are welcoming and they will get along with anyone.

It is advised that they use some stress relief methods as they are prone to suffer from issues that are related to stress and anxiety.

Their partner’s duty is to remind them they have limits and that their endurance can’t last forever. They are hesitant to admit themselves they can no longer take it. Underneath their strong and optimistic exterior there is vulnerability and sensibility.

They are too proud to reveal their sensitive side too, so don’t expect them to be too open. In spite of everything bad that is happening in the world, Aquarius Roosters will remain generous and kind hearted.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Rooster: Music, PR, Advertising, Design and Politics.

Their extrovert side is not the best of them. It’s because when they fall, they fall badly and they become very sad and depressed. One of their weaknesses is the fact that they are blunt and bossy.

When they are unhappy, they can reveal their unpredictability as they are thinking of giving up the people and the situations that cause them to feel unsatisfied.

It is in times of need when the Aquarius Roosters will think of their friends and the help they could get from them.

Always optimistic about the future, these guys will think of different kind of solutions for problems that didn’t surface yet. They just like to see things in perspective and prepare for more than one possible situation.

Professionally, their analytical mind and innovative genius will help them advance and be good at what they are doing.

They don’t measure their achievements only in what they have succeeded with at work. Aquarius Roosters want to be successful and happy in everything that they are doing.

Love – Exposed

While they sometimes get involved in stable, long-term relationships, Aquarius Roosters try and avoid getting emotionally attached.

They prefer to stay out of a relationship if it doesn’t satisfy them in the professional field. It is normal for them to ignore all the responsibilities of the couple life.

Above everything, Aquarius Roosters want to be free and to act as they please. Barriers and limits are not for them. They would be very uncomfortable with someone who is jealous and possessive.

Most compatible with: Gemini Snake, Libra Snake, Sagittarius Ox, Gemini Ox.

Their independence is essential for them. Considerate and gentle with the opposite sex, these guys will still prefer to focus more on making money rather than on the partner’s feelings.

They need someone who will be capable of taking care of them. The most romantic of all the Aquariuses, these Roosters are a little bit too flirtatious. It is not normal for a person to flirt with someone else when already involved, but this is just the way they are.

They will always struggle to keep things interesting and fresh, and they would be very hurt if the partner would betray them.

Relaxed, they will allow their other half to be free and do whatever he or she wants. The more they mature, the more balanced they become, and they finally understand that a lover can help them be more self-confident.

Aquarius Rooster Woman Characteristics

Because she is indifferent to romance, the Aquarius Rooster woman will often realize that she is all alone. It is hard to understand her and her motives.

She is always thinking of her own problems and she never gets distracted by things that don’t concern her. Usually, ladies in these signs are able to achieve many things in life.

The Aquarius Rooster woman wants to be the best and she often succeeds at it. She should show patience and composure in everything that she is doing.

She is adaptable and she can deal with new people easily. It’s advised that she applies more diplomacy and sensitivity.

Also, it is recommended that this girl accepts others’ opinions more easily. It is important for her to develop good relations with others, as her future will very much depend on them. And to close, it would be perfect for her if she would be herself all the time.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Rooster: Yoko Ono, Bob Marley, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Sheen, Alicia Keys, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Aquarius Rooster Man Characteristics

With amazing abilities, the Aquarius Rooster man is not too diligent. He likes the new and he can’t focus on only one thing. It is a little bit more difficult for him to achieve things in life.

Always knowing what’s happening in the world, this guy is informed and knowledgeable. He wants to be rich and he will struggle to make a lot of money. While secretive, he wants to be in the spotlight.

It can be said the Aquarius Rooster man is ambitious. He usually spends all of his energy on reaching his goals.

Elegant, rational and intelligent, people will always admire him. Because he wants money, he will open his own business as some point.

It is advised that he chooses strong principles and that he follows them. He should choose a path in life, and stick to it. If he would show his uniqueness more often, he would only have to gain.

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