Aquarius Goat: The Relaxed Worker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aquarius born in Goat year

Aquarius Goat
  • Aquarius people are born between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people don’t like relying on others.
  • The curious Aquarius Goat woman is prone to meddling.
  • The Aquarius Goat man has a contagious optimism.

These guys are incredibly patient, which is not normal for a person born in Aquarius. But it’s the Chinese sign Goat that makes them like this. Besides, they are always calm and able to help others keep it together in stressful situations.

Aquarius Goats know how to make plans and how to stick to them. They will succeed at what they set their mind to, and they will have a lot of fun while doing so.

The Gentle Aquarius Goat Personality

Aquarius Goats are eccentric, funny people who love to dream and bring peace wherever they may be going.

Sociable, they make friends easily, but they prefer to have an interest in someone before they get together with him or her.

They like to be surprised and entertained, and they are very curious about how the world works. These people can adapt to all kind of situations and people. They are full of ideas and they have a potential that is rarely met in others.

It is their soothing nature that helps them have so many friends, among other qualities. While they love having company, Aquarius Goats will also look for moments of peace and solitude.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Compassionate, Opportunistic, Comfortable.

They like relaxed environments and they will work hard to have one of their own. Never keeping sides, they are good with people, easily allowing new persons to enter their circle of friends.

You will never meet someone more open-minded than them. But their friendliness may be wrongly interpreted sometimes, people thinking they are a little bit ridiculous with their openness and sociability.

Dedicated to attaining new things and researching all kind of subjects, Aquarius Goats are the artists everyone will want to know and be around. They like to please and surprise their friends all the time.

The fact that they are imaginative can help them make a profession out of their artistic calling. If they would be more confident and believe more in their own abilities, they would have the chance to achieve many things in life. But they usually postpone their opportunities and this thing doesn’t help them very much.

Aquarius Goats don’t aim too high in life, they are happy to just go with the flow. They are pretty unpredictable and moody.

Today they could work with enthusiasm on a project, the following day they could be in bed without even going out for a coffee.

When they don’t know someone, these people are reserved. But this changes as soon as they get to know that person better. They can juggle people and they know how to talk. It is impossible for Aquarius Goats to get bored.

They love spending finances but this doesn’t mean they are more interested in financial gain than they are in people. Because they are dreamy, they can sometimes delay projects they are working on.

They have a constant state of unhappiness. It doesn’t matter what’s happening or the direction they’re taking, these people will always be unsatisfied with the moment they’re living in.

They just value what they don’t have much more than what they have obtained. And when they’ve managed to get what they were wishing for, they start to want something else, and this never stops.

When they have a nice, settled life, they will want more risk. These people need to learn how to be satisfied with what they have, and they will be happier.

Only by being completely satisfied with what they’ve achieved, they will learn how strong and resourceful they are.

It is difficult for Aquarius Goats to ask for anyone else’s help. They simply don’t like relying on other people. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t like working in teams.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Goat: Visual Arts, Design, Engineering, Music.

It’s difficult to manipulate them, so the people have around need to be honest and open. What makes these people incredibly attractive is their personality and charm. They are emotionally unstable, so relationships with them may be a little bit complicated and bumpy.

But people will always want to be their partners, and this can be noticed in the number of admirers they have waiting at the door.

Generous, Aquarius Goats will always want to help others as much as possible. As a matter of fact, Aquarius has always been the fighter for equal rights and the supporter of many lost causes.

When someone is being treated disrespectfully, they simply go crazy and try to make justice. Ingratitude bothers them to the extreme. There aren’t too many weaknesses that these people have.

But one worth mentioning is expecting everyone else to give the same importance to others as they do.

Believing this, Aquarius Goats will make wrong assumptions many times. But as they advance in age, they understand not everyone is the same and things are no longer that complicated for them.

Love – Revealed

Complex personalities, it is difficult to be in a couple with an Aquarius Goat. They are never happy no matter how much affection they receive from their lover.

They only enjoy the moment, taking all the pleasure from it, and they never think of consequences. This is why they are so good at casual flings. Many would say these people are only meant to play with others’ feelings and not to be involved. Dreamy, Aquarius Goats don’t even understand why they need to be faithful in a relationship.

If you want someone tolerant and not so serious, then the Aquarius Goat is definitely for you. These guys have the smarts of the Aquarius native, but less of their huge independence.

Most compatible with: Gemini Pig, Libra Pig, Gemini Rabbit, Sagittarius Rabbit, Aries Horse.

Aquarius Goat Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Goat woman wouldn’t imagine herself without her romances. She cherishes relationships and love connections, and she will be able to be friends with her ex-lovers.

She is emotional but she can keep her emotions under control. This lady loves being out at social gatherings, and she likes studying people. These curiosities she has can make her lose touch with her own interests.

She should try and be more rational and focused on her own ambitions if she wants to succeed. Her curiosity for the human soul can also destroy the relationships this girl is having.

She should try and be less interested in what the partner is feeling if she wants to keep him close. If this lady would stop thinking so globally, things would be much better for her.

Also, gossiping is one of her weaknesses, so talking about others is not such a good idea for the Aquarius Goat woman.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Goat: Jeff Daniels, Chris Parnell, Brandy Norwood, Chris Parnell, Ed Sheeran, Emma Roberts.

Aquarius Goat Man Characteristics

Unconventional, the Aquarius Goat man thinks without constraints and has a very rich imagination.

He is good at any profession that he chooses but he would do very well as an artist. He has great potential and he usually knows his goals.

Lucky and bold, this man will succeed at what he plans for. Because he has a contagious optimism, the Aquarius Goat man will not need to invest too many efforts in his endeavors.

He will always have money as he knows how to invest, but he won’t be spoiled. It is advised he becomes more spiritual, especially if he wants to continue to love life as much as he does. His chaotic life should be a little bit more organized, he will be able to achieve more this way.

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