Aquarius Pig: The Optimistic Debaucher Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aquarius born in Pig year

Aquarius Pig
  • The dates of the Aquarius zodiac sign are between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • There is nothing but going forward with these natives.
  • The Aquarius Pig woman has a precise dose of selfishness that helps her thrive.
  • Totally stubborn, the Aquarius Pig man refuses to accept his flaws.

Aquarius Pig natives are overall good at everything, and their character and personality nurture traits of many emotional wavelengths, from a high-pitched enthusiastic attitude in moments of extreme joy, to the occasional downs and lows when things don’t go as planned.

But, in general, they are a very kind, happy and quite compassionate individual with whoever they meet. And this is what brings their many friends together, it’s what best defines and characterizes them, in other words their charisma and unique allure.

Moreover, this native is also a highly practical and steadfast individual when it comes to serious situations, or when they have responsibilities that must be met with due haste. Most importantly, they can endure and stand tall against any and all adversities, being strong for themselves or for those they love.

But when the time comes to retake what is theirs and rise anew from the ashes, this native will fly further and higher than anyone else, and they won’t forget any misdeeds or beatings that they had to go through until that moment.

The Vibrant Aquarius Pig Personality

On one side, the Aquarius Pig is a vivacious and optimist debaucher who enjoys having fun all the time, and while they stretch their hands to grab the forbidden fruits, they also don’t forget to share them with their close ones.

After all, what use is there finding all the exciting and beautiful vistas of the world, if you don’t have anyone to share them with? They’re a very sociable and kind Aquarius Pig, and takes care of all their friends in an equal and fair manner.

This is why they don’t usually like to partake in conflicting situations or pick sides, because they would have to fight against someone else’s interests and possibly offend them. And they won’t do that, unless they have to.

Quite possible one of the most cheerful and bright-looking natives out there, the Aquarius Pig has all the qualities of a great pleasure-seeker and fun-loving native.

Top Characteristics: Determined, Considerate, Diligent, Cheerful, Loving, Sensitive.

To try and take away their toys and break apart their playfield would be a direct insult and the greatest affront, so don’t even think about that.

They are very sensitive and vulnerable people when it comes to their desires and free-time activities. Also, through the aura that the Eastern sign brings with it, their personality takes a turn for the best, in that they relinquish their libertine and anarchic tendencies.

If normally, they are someone who despises and hates to be chained down to certain places or responsibilities, and seeks ultimate freedom and a carefree life, then this metamorphosis acts as an anchor point for them.

They don’t feel as bad when establishing a relationship and even going forward, when making a family for themselves, because they realize that life is not all fun and games.

Speaking of relationships and social life, the Aquarius Pig doesn’t lack in determination at all, and they won’t hesitate to say exactly what they’re thinking, no matter the present circumstances or context.

It’s generally better to come out clean and clearly state your likes and dislikes, whether something catches your fancy or not, that’s how human communication works like, after all. And due to this frankness and direct approach, they never stay put and never refuse someone’s plea for help.

Professionally, the Aquarius Pig is a very productive, ambitious and resourceful individual who does things exactly as they should be done, with not even the slightest hitch in sight. This is what keeps them on the top spots for a promotion, and this is also the reason why they might be chosen as the new leader of their department.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Pig: Politics, Education, Music, Sales.

After all, they’re the most hard-working and efficient one out there, there have to be some rewards. And it looks like they’ll fill the position quite good.

If problems were to appear, or if something eludes their understanding, then it’s time to ask someone who knows how things work. There’s no shame in doing that, or accepting criticism, if it’s constructive.

These are methods through which they thread forward on their path to a greater future, self-development being the keyword here.

Even if they might be slightly inept or weird-looking in the social games of our generation, their natural intellectual keenness and quick wits bring them up to speed with everything that needs to be known.

No opportunity passes their turf without being systematically observed, analyzed and, if worth it, made use of with strong will and determination.

As for potential weaknesses or tough spots that they have to face in life, there is only one, which is not really that bad in the first place, namely their voracious love for good food.

One of the great things in life, how could they not enjoy pleasing their senses? Is it really such a bad thing? After all, it doesn’t affect anyone negatively, except themselves if they eat too much, too quickly. But that’s another thing altogether.

Love – Uncovered

The Aquarius Pig natives are fun, loving and affectionate people to have as partners, and there’ll never be a dull moment when living with them.

They will try to act as spontaneous as possible and take you through spirited and joyful adventures all the time. Also, making use of their social skills, communication is a key factor for these natives, as far as relationships go.

It can avert a crisis or an argument, bring about possible solutions to a problem, and act as a catalytic element in general.

Most compatible with: Aries Rabbit, Gemini Rabbit, Libra Rabbit, Sagittarius Ram, Aries Tiger.

On a sentimental level, they have a very big and spacious heart, which can hold many sorts of feelings, each more surprising and intense than the other.

On the surface though, they won’t expose their fiery affection out into the open, and they may even come off as cold and distant. But, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

You just have to be patient and discover them gradually. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure, because they seek freedom above all else, and understanding.

So, if someone has the tolerance, intelligence and stillness of mind to look beyond the superficial aspect and wait for them to reveal all the profundity of their heart, then that person is most definitely not a short-sighted and ignorant individual.

Aquarius Pig Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Pig woman is basically the individual who will offer you support and help unconditionally, and act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

It’s really something that only she can do, out of all the other zodiacal signs. Maybe because she’s generous, maybe it’s a trait she has come to develop over time.

What matters is the accomplished fact, that she will even ignore her own wellbeing and health in order to stay by someone’s side.

And this is obviously something wrong, because ultimately, one’s own person matters the most, and a little egoism is actually indispensable towards our survival as a race.

That instinct of self-preservation, that’s latent egocentrism, and it’s what kept the human race alive for so much time.

Therefore, she must learn to be more self-centered and individualistic, otherwise things are not going to look good in the future.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Pig: Franco Zeffirelli, Anthony LaPaglia, Michael C. Hall, Amanda Holden.

Aquarius Pig Man Characteristics

In general, this native keeps to himself and doesn’t make a sound if there’s nothing that catches his interest.

He prefers to observe and analyze the world around him, watching the endless debauchery and spectacle of society.

However, if he is directly implicated in something, or if he has a close interest in the subject of a discussion, then he won’t just stand on ceremony and let others take the center stage.

With a volcanic temper and an even more fiery and combative attitude, the Aquarius Pig man fights with all his power to make his dreams come true, or to obtain whatever strikes his fancy.

Endowed with great many skills and talents, he has all the cards needed to start his course through life, and any challenge is welcomed, as long as it can further hone and increase his experience and perks.

If only things would play out like this, how good would that have been! Unfortunately, either because he refuses to admit his faults and defects, thus always going for the most difficult path, or because he achieves things so easily that he becomes self-indulgent and lazy, the road ahead is a bumpy and hard one to follow.

But, hope is the last one to go, and this is also the case. Who knows, maybe he’ll manage to even reach the top.

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