Aquarius Ox: The Tempered Achiever Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Aquarius born in Ox year

Aquarius Ox
  • Anyone born between January 20 and February 18 is an Aquarius.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • Their special charisma will make them unforgettable to everyone they meet.
  • The Aquarius Ox woman is great at planning, although she could do with more free living.
  • Gentle and perceptive, the Aquarius Ox man won’t hesitate to become manipulative too.

The Aquarius Ox doesn’t need too much time to think their moves because they are already one step ahead of everyone else.

Animalistic in the confident and confrontational sense of the Ox but gentle and reliable in the sense of the Aquarius, these are surely people with a paced personality and a surprising power of deciphering the world around them.

Top Characteristics: Imaginative, Open-minded, Ambitious and Energetic.

The Flexible Aquarius Ox Personality

The most appreciative quality in an Aquarius Ox is adaptability. When they play this, these people are impressing for those around them. The fact that they can adapt so easily makes them strong and always attentive.

Inclined towards jobs that require intelligence and self-discipline, the Aquarius Oxen will manage to achieve great things in life. If you are born in Aquarius in the Chinese year of the Ox, it means you are patient and confident.

People in these signs are reliable and they can keep a secret when they have to. Just like the humble Ox, they will work hard to get what they want in life, and they’ll be very enduring. Inventive and ambitious, once they have decided something is good for them, there is nothing anyone can do to change their minds.

They always follow their dreams and they never make a step back from reaching their goals. It’s amazing to see how the stamina of the beast is getting through the imaginative, intellectual side of the Aquarius. This is an interesting mix, and the Aquarius Oxen are open-minded, ambitious and caring.

Having a developed sense of humor, the Aquarius Oxen will use this to deal with people who are less than them.

They know how to tell a story as they can remember the details. The fact that they are balanced and in the same time flexible makes them great partners.

They will handle relationships very well, and many people will fall for them. People can rely on the Aquarius Ox to do what they are saying they’ll do. Hard-working, they are not that good when things start to fall apart around them, though.

And other Aquarians are adamant to have things happening in their life. But these ones have their need for adventure suppressed by the Ox.

In order to overcome their fear of failure, the Aquarius Oxen need to get some help from people that love and care about them. The independent side of the Aquarius still exists in them, but it needs to be polished.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Ox: Education, Logistics, Science, Medicine and Farming.

Being encouraged to accept change and communicating their fears more often will help Aquarians born in the Ox year to deal with the fear failure if it’s necessary.

As they always want to be free, these people will rarely obey to any rules. They have a special charisma and they never compromise their way of life.

It’s very interesting to see how the Western and Chinese astrological signs have combined all their traits in these people.

All Aquarians born in different Chinese years will imitate the behavior of the animal they are representing.

The Ox can dominate a Western astrological sign, but the Aquarius has the power to tame it. This doesn’t mean the temper and stubbornness of the Ox won’t still be present. The Aquarius manages to also dominate the shyness of the Ox with his friendly nature.

Love – Exposed

In love, Aquarius Oxen are good friends and loving partners. As said before, they can adapt easily to new situations, thing that makes them good parents too.

Their relationship needs to always be fresh and romantic as they don’t like routine in love. While they may have shyness in expressing their feelings, people born in Aquarius the Ox year will give their best to communicate with their partners and make them happy.

After many relationships, they may find someone with whom they can settle and create a family. But they inspire anxiety and agitation in others, and that’s why it’s sometimes difficult for them to keep their true love next to them.

When they get married, the Aquarius Oxen become more responsible. Even though they may feel tied up, they will still appreciate what they’re having.

They communicate much better when they are more proud of themselves. They often have a humility that makes things worse for them.

Most compatible with: Aries Snake, Libra Snake, Gemini Rooster, Sagittarius Pig and Gemini Pig.

Aquarius Ox Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Ox woman needs clear plans in order to arrange her life as she wants to. She may seem boring to some, but this doesn’t bother her.

She usually doesn’t care about what others think and she is being herself no matter what. This is how she lives. It is recommended that the Aquarius Ox woman sometimes gives up her precise planning and lives more freely.

She needs to feel happy with herself and be less controlling with her life. In relationships, she should be less demanding.

She values quality and people who are reliable. These are the two main things she wants from her partner. She always has a purpose and she never compromises. The Aquarius Ox woman calculates everything that she has to do in life, knowing at what age she should start dating more mature men, or at what age she should learn to play the piano.

It’s quite complicated to be in a relationship with her. She uses logic for everything and she can’t handle her own emotions. What there is to know about her is that she tries to plan even how a relationship should be.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Ox: Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Trevino, Portia de Rossi, John Belushi.

Aquarius Ox Man Characteristics

Always inventive and a good conversationalist, the Aquarius Ox man likes being surrounded by friends. He is capable of achieving his goals and he has a good intuition. Always young in his heart, he is intelligent and perceptive.

This means he rarely finds himself in difficult situations. The man in Aquarius Ox will always be interested in people around him, but he will not show it.

Because he has charm and he is also unconventional, many women will show interest in him.

However, getting him involved and committed is not so easy. He dreams about the perfect partner and he sometimes doesn’t wake up to reality. If he respects others more and he also tries to be himself more often, he is sure to succeed.

More than this, he should have more respect for what’s universally accepted. His life would become easier if he would.

He can change his personality according to the person he is talking with and he can be manipulative, especially at home. He switches roles like others switch socks, and he can also be tyrannical with his partner.

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