Aquarius Monkey: The Ingenious Opportunist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aquarius born in Monkey year

Aquarius Monkey
  • The Aquarius dates are between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • These people possess a hidden perseverance that will always surprise.
  • Although not with her head in the clouds, the Aquarius Monkey woman remains a dreamer.
  • The Aquarius Monkey man is an individual of multiple talents.

The Aquarius Monkey just doesn’t know how to stay still. For them, inactivity is the worst possible thing that could happen.

It’s better to try something new and fail, rather than not do anything in the first place. This means that, as genuine Monkey Chinese animal representatives, they are a very good companion to have around, because there’ll never be a dull moment ever again.

Moreover, thanks to their powerful imagination and quick wits, characteristic to many Aquarians, they can cope with almost any situation that comes their way, as well as deal with many sorts of unsavoury characters and difficult to deal with people.

The Charming Aquarius Monkey Personality

The Aquarius Monkey native may appear as being a very determinate and hard-working individual who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, but the truth is they don’t really try as hard, and only thanks to their many qualities and amazing talent do they manage to impress everyone.

The probability of their rapid ascension depends on whether they learn to perceive failure as an opportunity, as experience for further attempts. In other words, perseverance is key to their development, and they must acquire it as soon as possible.

Their energetic personality and high-strung enthusiasm wasn’t something they developed along the way, no. They were born like this, with fun and joy as their spiritual parents.

Top Characteristics: Prodigious, Enthusiastic, Hard-working, Inventive.

Ever since they observed the outside world and acknowledged the opportunities lying within, not once did they hesitate in doing what was most enjoyable for them at that moment.

Of course, this incredible drive means that they sometimes forget about any limits or regulations and just proceed with what they see as appropriate. No one can hold it against them for too long, because they are also the ones who light up the mood when everything is gloomy and dull.

Keeping this in mind, is there really any surprise that they are always kept in the spotlight and people swarm around them incessantly?

Friends love them for the supportive and appreciative nature, and their partner feels as if nothing could ever affect or harm the relationship, because they are a very responsible and resolute individual who never says anything without meaning it.

By going about with a joyful and happy attitude, the Aquarius Monkey finds the power to struggle against all of life’s challenges on their own path, as well as show the occasional support and smile to anyone in need.

With a steady and systematic approach, their energy seems to be boundless and infinite, thus making it possible to effectively work in any environment without the worry about the lack of spirit and interest.

Above all else, they are visionaries who look to the future with a bright and open-minded eye, but in the meantime, they could forget about the present and the proper way in which to advance. It’s not as easy to forge a path in these days, and this is doubly so for these natives.

But, as time passes and they experience more and more opportunities, the Aquarius Monkeys will realize that the only way to reach for the stars is to have a great ambition, perseverance, as well as a calm and patient mind-set.

The breezy and carefree manner in which this native behaves has become a local legend, let alone the crazy jokes and puns that they keep on firing away like it was the most normal thing in the world.

For them, life is nothing if not a spectacle of various characters and events that must be taken full advantage off, with a fun and intense approach, of course.

They thus need people who know how to keep this fiery and passionate personality in check, otherwise the world could be set afire as quickly as that.

His flexible and shifting mood means that they could find the tiniest reason to change their mind and give up on doing something.

It could even be an important responsibility at work, or a romantic commitment, but it’s really of no consequence to them.

If something feels off, not only will they stop dead in their tracks, but also completely lose interest in what they previously did.

Furthermore, this native has no real interest in money or any material satisfaction, if only for a comfortable and decent lifestyle. That’s why they can be so generous and kind to others, never putting it in their eyes if it’s a detrimental action.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Monkey: Law, Film, Politics, Sales.

As for their career, the Aquarius Monkey follows up on their dreams and strives to reach the top, using the most innovative and creative ideas they are capable of concocting.

The sheer curiosity and thirst for knowledge of this native is astounding, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they end up working as a teacher, researcher or even a scientist.

Where there is a chance to learn something new and exciting, they are all over it, no time wasted and no effort left aside. If not for their unsteadiness and insatiable curiosity, they would surely either make paramount contributions to the world, or make a great discovery that could shake everyone to the core.

One of their weaknesses is that, for all their jovial and enthusiastic nature, there will always be some people who will not appreciate this, and even find it irritating and annoying.

If the other person is a strict and uptight individual who prefers to do things by the book, then this native’s carefree and inattentive approach may not be so fitting.

Love – Revealed

Aquarius Monkey natives are pretty rational and steady in a relationship, not letting infatuation cloud their mind and obscure their thoughts.

It’s all a very natural process, there’s really no need to hurry anything. As for their intimate relationship, they are as affectionate and loving, as they are sombre and distant when they feel like it.

Sometimes, you don’t even know what their feelings are, but that’s because they take a long time to realize who they are and what they like or dislike. Emotional maturity must first be obtained, and only then can we talk about a serious sentimental implication.

Most compatible with: Gemini Rat, Sagittarius Rat, Aries Dragon, Libra Dragon, Scorpio Dragon.

Aquarius Monkey Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Monkey woman has the tendency to avoid the real world as much as possible, in that she finds reality to be much too “real” and strict, with little chances of reaching for the stars and doing things freely.

The truth is, if they could only take a closer look and try harder to use their imagination and ingenuity, life would take on a whole other guise, one more colorful, pleasing and free than ever before.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that they keep their heads in the clouds. On the contrary, when it fits with their desires and interest, these women can be incredibly resolute and focused on achieving a goal.

Romantically, it’s better for her to start a relationship a bit later on, when the impulsivity and intense feelings of adolescence start to dim down and become more temperate. Experience brings with it happiness, and by knowing herself fully, she will become a much more interesting and attractive companion.

Her partner will eventually arrive and prove to be her exact soul mate, be it in personality, ideas, or future prospects. All that must be done is to continue on the given path and everything will ultimately turn out to be fine.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Monkey: Jerry Springer, Ellen DeGeneres, Geena Davis, Joy Mangano, Josh Brolin, Gucci Mane, Christina Ricci.

Aquarius Monkey Man Characteristics

This native has one of the cheeriest and most joyful personalities out there, and don’t even think that it goes to his head, because it doesn’t.

He fully knows and, upon a closer introspective analysis, realizes what he truly wants and what his principles are. Following up on them can only lead to self-development and a sturdy road to success, fame and fortune.

Although it’s a long and perilous path, constant battle and the accumulated experience will forge his will and temper his character to such lengths that not even the strongest enemies will be able to halt his advance.

Professionally, they are multifaceted individuals who make use of innovative and inventive methods to achieve their goals.

Knowledge, ability and ambition can take them a long way, and coupled with a natural allure of intrigue and mystery, is it even a surprise that they tend to always be in the spotlight?

Financially, knowing when to spend money and when to save it will be the first and last skill that this native must learn, because otherwise he has no other problems.

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