Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

An Aquarius man and a Virgo woman have many differences and opposite ways of approaching things, however, there are many small things that bring them together.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman

There are many challenges the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman need to face when together. Their relationship can be enjoyable and annoying at the same time. However, there are many things they could each put forward in order to make things work between them.

Because they communicate very well, these two can find out they have a lot of compassion for each other.

CriteriaAquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Their dates will be dominated by many interesting conversations. It may not be the most perfect couple in the zodiac, but it surely is rewarding and fun for them to be together.

The Positives

The relationship between the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman is a late bloomer. They can have real magic if they invest enough efforts into their life together.

The respect they’ll have for each other will come in handy when they decide to get married. It will be easy for them to make the big step and keep a comfortable home.

The energy they both have will be invested in bringing good things into each other’s lives. It’s like they know their love can’t be destroyed.

The Aquarius man lives for the future, the Virgo woman analyses what happened in the past and plans for the present. They think of each other as intriguing. However, a certain distance between them will always exist. The attraction they have for one another is not magnetic as with other couples.

It is also possible that the relationship between the Virgo woman and the Aquarius man is being forced by others, which can greatly influence the others’ opinion about their connection. While she understands when she makes a mistake and apologizes, he barely knows what an apology is.

They are both intellectuals, but they have different approaches. He makes use of new age concepts, she’s a scientist. While she needs her routine, he completely hates it. If the Aquarius man is surrounded by predictability, he simply starts to die inside.

In bed, they are a good match. She will be open to all of his suggestions. The Aquarius man will only act romantically with the Virgo woman.

She’s patient and never demanding, so she’ll wait for him to open. He will notice she’s a keeper and will fight to have her in his life, and she’ll appreciate him for this.

The Negatives

The Aquarius man can be truly light-headed. He likes spending his time outside. In the beginning, the affection between him and the Virgo woman will keep him close to her, but he will eventually want some excitement.

She only needs someone devoted and committed to her. When she’s sad, he will not be as curious as she is when he’s going through bad times.

When it comes to making decisions, he can be a real mess. She’s too meticulous to ever let things slip away.

He will always be interested in discovering what new experiences he can live with her, but he’ll get bored, because she pretty much likes routine and they will eventually break up.

She won’t mind that he needs to be independent, but will be bothered by the fact that he can’t respect her rules.

Because the Aquarius man is always thinking, he can seem cold and distant. His Virgo woman will often wonder if he really wants to be with her.

It doesn’t matter how distracted, he will always be attracted by an intelligent girl with an open mind. As soon as a lady fascinates him intellectually, he will be completely into her.

Neediness annoys him. As they have many differences and opposite ways of approaching things, the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman will struggle to be together. She can’t understand why he has to be so friendly, while he can’t put up with her criticizing nature.

There aren’t too many things these two have in common, both in their personal and professional lives. But as two intellectuals working together, they can be a real success; especially when she sees the stubborn Aquarius taking her advice.

He’s inventive and a genius, she’s analytical and down-to-earth. Their chemistry can make them a very interesting couple.

Long-term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The Virgo woman will put a lot of work in her relationship with the Aquarius man. She will be ready to take on responsibilities and care for him and their family and won’t expect anything in return. All this will only help him to be more relaxed about family issues and enjoy his freedom.

He’ll be a great partner for her, making sure she’s always happy and satisfied. Because he will achieve many things in his career and social life, she will be impressed and proud of him.

However, because she tends to criticize, they will often have problems and their relationship will begin to sink.

At least with him, she will see life in different colors and will want to experience more. He can often be too preoccupied with work, so she will be neglected. And she can be very hurt when the man she’s spending her life with doesn’t pay her enough attention.

The more time passes, the more she will trust him and understand that his need for freedom is harmless. They will begin sharing dreams and working towards common goals as soon as they know each other better.

These two have a good chance to a long-lasting union, but they both need to invest some efforts into making things work.

The Aquarius man Virgo woman couple is one of the best marriage combinations because the partners make a great team and are able to communicate very well. They share the same values and sometimes have the same lifestyles.

They could consume each other’s energy but they won’t care that much. Best friends, it’s possible they will still be friends in the eventuality of a break up. Their children will be well raised and taught the value of freedom and hard work.

Final Advice for the Aquarius Man and the Virgo Woman

The Aquarius man doesn’t play any games when he’s interested in a woman. If in love, he will let his crush know about his feelings. He will take his time to find out what she likes and needs.

If the Virgo woman is the one he’s aiming for, he needs to be the intellectual that he usually is and talk to her about his travels.

He won’t hesitate to have long conversations with her in order to find out what her deepest secrets and wishes are, and they’ll get along very well because they are both good communicators.

The Aquarius man-Virgo woman relationship won’t need to be forced; it will work naturally. They will both be open to making fair compromises so that their connection isn’t affected by small arguments.

The Aquarius man is a fixed Air sign, the Virgo woman is a mutable Earth one. This means they both have some specific qualities that contradict each other. If there’s true love between them, they will continuously work at improving their relationship and making it work; and the efforts for balance and harmony won’t be in vain.

The Virgo woman is suggested to control her criticizing nature and high-pitched voice, or she will become a nag to the Aquarius man. A little bit of control will only bring good things in their life as a couple.

It would be great if she would be the one who plans vacations and their evenings. The more they are together, the more they will see she’s not as shy at she seems and he not as quiet as he seems.

If they want to be happy, they need to have as many social connections as possible and keep a relaxed atmosphere. He could try to be more practical and the head of the family. She can be a great homemaker who’s happy when the man brings in the money.

The Virgo woman will most probably want to be the support for her Aquarius man. He can hold on to a good job as he’s intelligent, but she’s the one who needs to take care of their money.

If they manage this this, their relationship will be almost magical. The more these two learn to overcome their differences and weaknesses, the stronger they’ll get to be as a couple.

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