Aquarius Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Aquarius kisses are not only about pleasure from making out but about intimacy and the creation of a passionate and ardent connection.

Aquarius kissing

Aquarius people are very intelligent and inventive when kissing. Besides, they have a certain delicacy when approaching a possible partner, this way anticipating how he or she is going to be.

However, they’re unpredictable and can make things exciting. These natives want variety all the time and for them, seduction can be anything, meaning their kisses are not just being given away. They need to have the mood and the perfect setup.

Aquarius kissing in a nutshell:

  • They love feeling the tension that’s accumulating when passion comes into discussion;
  • Aquarius people never kiss twice in the same way;
  • The Aquarius man likes pressing the lips against his partner’s;
  • The Aquarius woman will leave any kissing companion well impressed.

Aquarius kissing style

Aquarius lovers don’t kiss in a precise manner because they always need to try something new. All the time changing, they’re imagining how they could play with their partner, as well how their kissing could be more original.

They are the ones to lick the eyelids and to bite the face. It can be very exciting to kiss them all the time because they’re delicate and don’t want to do just about anything.

Only those who are ready to unite with candor can be the ones to join lips with them because they want their lover to open up, no matter if the subjects discussed are about a precise goal or more impractical.

These people don’t quite have a discipline when it comes to kisses because they can be fond of someone and after leave him or her behind without thinking twice.

They’re not only about the mouth when kissing, so they’re able to leave their partner’s head spinning after a make-out session.

It shouldn’t be expected of them to not be sure of themselves when intimate, or to clench their mouth when kissing because they’re always in the mood to put their lips together with someone.

However, they need to be put in the mood with a good movie or discussions about a book. When kissing, their moves can be strange because they love playing with their tongue and sucking on mouths.

As a matter of fact, making out with them can be a truly exciting experience because they’re as well romantic, kind and not scared of acting weird.

For these reasons, only Sagittarians can really appreciate them. As a matter of fact, these two signs attract one another, meaning there can be some serious sparks between them when they’re kissing.

People born in Aquarius are friendly and don’t mind giving a hand. This means they’re exactly the same with their lovers. Their kisses are relaxed, making their partner feel comfortable and calm.

They believe intimacy should just follow its course and come naturally because they don’t like being under pressure or feeling anxious, especially when kissing.

Kissing is all part of the seduction game

Seduction is what Aquariuses love receiving from their partner. They’re absorbing every glance and body position, just as much as they’re absorbing kisses.

These people are slaves to foreplays and love feeling the tension that’s accumulating when passion comes into discussion.

They’re living for these moments and to release them. Every touch and movement of theirs is with intention because they’re working hard to make pleasure a purpose for their interaction with their lover. However, they can have unusual ways of seduction and can’t miss a single heart beat when playing the game of hooking up someone.

As soon as the kissing part is starting, they can be slow and passionate in the beginning, just to end with the hottest make-out session.

All of this can lead to something more, but not very rapidly. As said before, they’re living for the foreplay and want their intimacy sessions to feature a lot of tension, just until their partner can no longer take the pressure.

Water Bearers love a grounded sexual relationship and are the most sensitive in the calves’ area, as well the ankles’ one. Therefore, kissing and biting them there can lead to extraordinary pleasure, especially during sex.

They love handcuffs as well, because these toys can simply make them go crazy. Besides, they’re the natives who love having sex in water, as well kissing in bath tubs.

After all, they are the trendsetters in the zodiac, so people should look at their style when it comes to kissing or having sex.

They know what to do and how to express themselves from a sexual point of view, this is for sure. Aquarius natives are sure to take their partner to new heights when they’re making love, mostly because they’re kissing like no one else.

More than this, they’re sexy and seem to own their lips, as well the ones of their partner.

When hitting on someone, they’re the ones to make a move and after to unleash their passion when least expected. When kissing in public, they can make others want to do the same.

Kiss an Aquarius man

It can be very difficult to imagine what the Aquarius man is thinking because he’s all the time busy and can’t interpret love hints like others do.

He’s attracted by a woman who knows what he wants and who doesn’t mind having sex from the first night.

When it comes to kissing, he likes pressing the lips against his partner’s. This man needs to be stimulated from an intellectual point of view, all before he’s starting to show a physical interest.

He needs to be shown affection before he’s ready to fall in love because this way, he finds love to be something natural and enjoyable. After all, he’s the most independent males in the zodiac.

The hardest thing for him to do is to keep his emotions hidden. More than this, he doesn’t want to change a thing about himself, so his lady should be the one changing for him.

When meeting the perfect woman for him, he’s true and doesn’t leave any place for misinterpretation. As a friend and companion, he’s giving and easygoing.

Kiss an Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman doesn’t make changes for anyone. She likes being the strange person and her actions can’t be predicted.

This lady likes learning, solving puzzles and having smart conversations. Her emotions are difficult to be expressed because it’s not her way to be touchy.

When smooching someone, she doesn’t use a precise technique and can leave her partner impressed with only one kiss, no matter if she’s using the tongue or not.

No matter the way, she can make a man not forget her and her kissing style. This girl has a strong intuition but can’t be easily loved because she’s more focused on intellectual matters.

She likes to have her hair put away from her eyes. More than this, she loves soft touches and to look into her partner’s eyes.

The Aquarius woman has a rich sense of humor and is very smart. Men are very curious about her originality and magnetic looks, not to mention she can sometimes be very romantic.

More than this, she’s kind, energetic, interested in making new friends and caring. A true liberal, she doesn’t accept the pretentions of many men, not to mention she’s very independent.

Her unpredictability can also be translated into her bed, where she’s creative and interesting to watch because she wants originality more than passion.

However, she shouldn’t be treated like a sex toy. This lady needs to communicate with her partner because her mind is all the time working.

As soon as aroused and passionate, she can become the most reliable and loyal partner.

This lady is considered to be the almost perfect partner because she accepts a lot, isn’t too often offended, almost never jealous or unaccepting, and she doesn’t nag men with her emotions.

All that she wants is that her privacy is respected and that she has enough resources in order to make her dreams come true.

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