Aquarius Horse: The Unpredictable Personality Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Aquarius born in Horse year

Aquarius Horse
  • Aquarius people are born between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • Independent people, they will not give their freedom up.
  • Communicative and friendly, the Aquarius Horse woman won’t leave anything to chance.
  • The Aquarius Horse man is so passionate that he doesn’t always think things through.

While they may be keeping their heads in the clouds most of the time, Aquarius Horses know how to wake up to reality if they are required to.

Free spirits, these Aquarians are only balanced by the influence of the Horse, which makes them more practical. Passionate, active and independent, Aquarians born in the Horse year will make the best out of their lives.

The Creative Aquarius Horse Personality

Because they are spontaneous and always trying to create a utopia in which they can live, Aquarius Horses can be viewed as unpredictable by many.

They like adventure and they can’t seem to be happy when they are not taking on new challenges. These people are full of ideas meant to guarantee them a safer future. Everything they are doing is in the name of freedom.

They can’t respect a schedule and they are more likely to take on freelance jobs. Nine-to-five routines are simply not for them and they do have the energy to take care of their own business.

People in Aquarius the year of the Horse are always in search of the Absolute Truth.

They are intellectuals who don’t take deception very well. They like knowledgeable people with whom they can discuss many things.

Top Characteristics: Instinctual, Hard-working, Assertive and Logical.

Mainly relying on instinct to get what they want in life, they will always look to deal with situations that stimulate them emotionally. The only thing that can bother their enthusiasm is their instability.

Sometimes, these guys don’t persevere although they are required to. Adaptable and in the same time capricious, Aquarius Horses are always optimistic and happy with what life gives them.

Hard working and self-reliant, people in Aquarius the year of the Horse are also friendly and sociable.

They will have friends from all circles of life. Because they are so imaginative, they will often bring in new ideas and concepts when working with others on a project. Their problem-solving aptitudes are noticeable when they are in a team.

The Aquarius’s intelligence, coupled with the Horse’s determination, makes the people born in both these signs good at finding solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. This is very helpful for them at work, but also in their personal lives.

Everything these people will take on in life will be aimed at success. They are multi-tasking and fast learners, so they’ll have many chances to accomplish what they have planned. In romantic relationships, the Aquarius Horses are flexible, loyal and supportive.

As lovers, their passion and imagination makes them resourceful and fun between the sheets. But don’t expect them to get involved in something serious and long-term very easily.

Don’t forget they are independent people, and it will be hard for them to give up all their freedom. But as soon as they’ve committed to someone, they’ll remain faithful and loving.

Because they are so smart, they will usually master more than one language from a very young age.

They make their money and put aside some funds for darker times. If they don’t have any money at all, they won’t ask for it at friends and relatives. They will simply endure the situation and be quiet about it.

They don’t care that much about money for they are viewing it simply as a necessity, not as something that can bring them happiness or any kind of satisfaction. It’s not that they don’t like owning nice things, they just don’t make a purpose out of obtaining them.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Horse: Film, Politics, Finance, Education or Management.

Generous and merciful, Aquarius Horses will always jump in to help the ones that are less fortunate. They like to talk about different subjects, so people will want to be around them. They will inspire optimism and joy wherever they will go. These people are able to adapt to any environment, and they are totally dedicated to what they believe in.

Often, the independence in the Aquarius takes over and the calmness of the Horse can no longer be observed. When they want something, they can act without caring if they hurt someone. There are times when they will also act contrary to their beliefs. It all depends on how their life is impacted by the decisions they are going to make.

Love – Exposed

As far as romantic relationships go, the Aquarius Horses are somehow complicated. They don’t like when things are too serious and they prefer the dominant status.

If you are in love with an Aquarius Horse and you want things to last, you must be patient and understanding with this freedom-loving character.

Most compatible with: Sagittarius Tiger, Libra tiger, Gemini Dog, Libra Ram.

If you don’t pay enough attention, your lover may run away terrified that you have tried to take his or her independence away. Besides being good lovers, Aquarius Horses are also best friends with the person who has chosen them as partners.

They are loyal and honest when they are asked to give their advice. Because they can grow tired of being so cheerful all the time, people born in these signs can throw tantrums with which others who know them very well are being used.

They need partners who will remind them it is OK to take it slow from time to time. This is the only way for them to overcome their vulnerability.

Aquarius Horse Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Horse woman has an unusual way of approaching life. She has everything she needs to be prosperous, but she tends to not finish what she has started. Sometimes, this lady can be inconsistent as well.

The woman born in Aquarius the Chinese year of the Horse is attractive and relaxed. She has complete control over her mind and emotions, and she analyzes everything with coldness.

Just like her male counterpart, she likes to communicate a lot, so she will have many friends. In love, this lady likes to keep things ambiguous. She enjoys the thought of having a family, but she can get busy with something else and she forgets all about it.

Some get married early and start getting busy with other things while married with children. It’s advisable that the Aquarius Horse woman takes more care of herself. She should use reason more too, especially when choosing her partner.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Horse: Gene Hackman, Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Ashton Kutcher, The Weeknd.

Aquarius Horse Man Characteristics

Friendly, happy and full of ideas, the Aquarius Horse man is always in the center of attention.

He doesn’t stick to an idea for too long as he has another one to think of. In romantic relationships, this guy is unstable because he always wants to be free. With an open mind, the man born in both Aquarius and the Horse is generous and has many friends.

It is advisable that he learns how to think things through before taking action. He needs to spend his time more wisely too as he tends to not take periods of rest and relaxation.

When in love, the Aquarius Horse man becomes passionate and caring. But he never forgets about his love for freedom.

He is attractive but very uninterested in the domestic life. When he doesn’t have a goal and an action plan, this guy becomes depressed and lonely.

And loneliness is almost fatal for him, as he likes to communicate more than anything in the world.

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