Aquarius Fixed Modality: The Philanthropic Character

The fixed modality means these people are always on the move and manage to instill in others the same sense of revolt against the current state of the world, that they themselves feel.

Aquarius fixed modality

This fixed air zodiac sign tends to be rather stubborn. Mostly because these people truly believe they have it all figured out for themselves. And that’s actually not far from the truth.

They are usually more knowledgeable than the rest of the folk, which enables them to share their brilliant intellect and ideals with the rest of the population.

Aquarius modality in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Knowledgeable, humanitarian and dependable;
  • Weaknesses: Anxious, stubborn and clingy;
  • Advice: They should seek new things to dedicate themselves too;
  • Dates: Every year, between the 20th of January and the 18th of February.

While their wisdom is uncontested, their methods tend to be rather unorthodox, but they don’t mind such labels if it’s for the sake of progress. Roles that would revolutionize today’s society are more than suitable for them, especially in the fields of science.

Attentive and kind

Knowledge is power and to the Aquarius there are no truer words that can be spoken. These scholars are the world’s seekers of truth. If it exists, they must know about it!

As such they explore every option and scenario possible so that they might uncover some sort of hidden truth or knowledge that would expand the world’s horizons, paving the road towards successful and harmonious future for society.

There is a complexity about this zodiac sign that tends to be rather hard to understand and untangle. While it is a fixed sign, its element is that of Air, which as everybody knows tends be rather free and always changing.

So trying to bring fixed attributes to this otherwise flexible Aquarius sign is rather hard. The easiest way to understand its firm quality is to think of it as its very nature.

Air is always on the move and that is exactly what never changes. This is what drives them and pushes them to continue facing opposition and adversity.

The strength of an Aquarius is deeply rooted in their bond with others, their friends, partner, family and even their coworkers. Their spiritual fulfillment is dependent on bringing their groundbreaking ideals into reality.

The fundamental signs of the zodiac are those that have already reached a state of balance and harmony that many still try to achieve.

For them it’s somewhat of a second nature to be contempt, because they already have everything they need and know everything that is to know.

The only turmoil they experience is when others try to break their inner peace with their superficial or empty ideals.

When it comes to dedicating themselves to someone or something, they do so with some difficulty. Not in the sense that it’s hard for them to commit to something, they are more than capable of that.

And they’re aware of it too, which is exactly why an Aquarian takes their sweet time before giving it their all for something, because they know they can.

They only ever let themselves be vulnerable with others after they have deemed them worthy of their brilliance. Their fear of being hurt by those they have given everything to is what causes them the worst hardships in life.

One of the reasons this sign is able to experience such joy in life is due to their purpose on this world. For them, there is utmost meaning in revolutionizing the way the world works and bringing forth their ideals so that they can better it as much as possible.

The knowledge they have uncovered and the certainty of it all is what makes these people a force not to be reckoned with.

Most superficial people believe the Aquarius to be a sign of water. They couldn’t be more mistaken, since its element is that of air. The only thing an Aquarius has in common with water, beside the meaning of its name, is its purity and cleansing properties.

The prowess and spirituality of this sign can become tainted if its use becomes intended for selfish motives, such as for personal gain of affection.

The true purpose of an Aquarius is to develop society as a whole, not to take advantage of its power, to benefit from love ever after.

In order to fulfill themselves spiritually and benefit the world, they must share the knowledge they have gained throughout the years so that they might push humanity’s progress further ahead, even if for a little bit.

This needs to be mainly done by convincing the rest of the world of this goal, making it a common purpose, as well as nurturing their minds into brilliance.

Most naysayers see the Aquarius as a rowdy individual that brings nothing but trouble wherever they go. This is mainly because of their unconventional and far from traditional methods.

This bold air sign simply doesn’t care about the opinion of others, so whatever works for them but doesn’t for society, is just as good as any other solution, maybe even better.

What truly matters

Those born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February are blessed with the fixed air sign of Aquarius. If they are born at the ending of January then rationality and logic are their main suits, which they use to reveal all of the universe’s secrets.

They pave their own road with the tools of the mind, for others to follow in their footsteps and be enlightened.

The ones born at the start of February are often found in the middle of scouring the realms of the inner mind in search for purpose and evolution.

They always reflect on the world and its machinations so that they can better understand it. There is nobody as close to revealing the secrets of the cosmos as they are. Similarly, it is them that truly embody the traits of the Aquarius sign, as opposed to their other siblings.

For people born in the midst of February, the process of uncovering the truth of the world couldn’t be more important. However, they dabble so much in this quest that sometimes they end up confused from all of the information they end digging up. It’s a truly exhausting process, for as much information as one can amass, there is still more to learn.

The Aquarians are the odd ones out of the bunch. Others see them as peculiar at best because of the way they chose to live.

Their unorthodox methods tend to catch the eye of everybody around them, however that is of no concern for them. Their sole interest is in living life their way.

Nothing else really matters as much. For these people, success is made out of nothing else than the intellectual achievements that they can amass throughout life.

Towards this end, they chase after knowledge with every waking hour. They simply must obtain the truth of this world, else they cannot feel contempt.

While this may sound odd, for an Aquarius, emotions are not that personal of a thing. In a sense that they do not feel for their own gain, but in order to further develop their understanding of society and the human soul.

Others might see them as detached and cold because of this, but in actuality, they do it for those around them, so that they too may benefit from their knowledge and the realizations they have reached in the process.

While other, bolder signs fight for the world through sheer determination and strength, tackling problems head on, the Aquarius is the one that walks in shadows and scours the corners of the earth in order to unlock the information required for bettering humankind.

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