Aquarius Dragon: The Ingenious Worker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Aquarius born in Dragon year

Aquarius Dragon
  • The Aquarius dates are between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people have progressive views that are not always understood.
  • The Aquarius Dragon woman has the ability to persuade and motivate others.
  • A fine judge of character the Aquarius Dragon man can see beyond appearances.

The Aquarius’s influence in the Dragon people is pretty visible. They seem like they live in a completely different world, a world only they know about. If you need a person who is unconventional and ready to come up with new ideas, then talk with your Aquarius Dragon friend.

The Chinese sign of the Dragon lends from its luck and the heightens the sense that is something very special about these people.

The Empathic Aquarius Dragon Personality

They have an amazing imagination. These individuals express their ideas without being too delicate.

Straightforward, they have eloquence in their speech. You’ll never struggle to understand what an Aquarius Dragon is saying. In spite of their selfishness and authority, the Dragons in Aquarius are the more inclined to compromise, from all the other Dragons.

The only condition is that they are presented imaginative and tasteful ideas. They like people who are as creative as them.

It may seem these guys are not rooted in reality, but they are greatly influenced by the Dragon’s practicality.

Aquarians are progressive and devoted, while Dragons are pragmatic and down-to-earth. Great combination.

The Dragon’s authority and mystical characteristics are very poignant in Aquarians born in this Chinese year. Such individuals are good as artists or musicians.

Top Characteristics: Intuitive, Strong, Adaptable and Ingenious.

Flexible, the Dragon Aquarians will easily adapt to new situations and people. They are in love with themselves and also the most popular of all the Aquarians.

They have mood swings and they like to surround themselves with many friends. If these people manage to see their potential and they also study the Dragon’s influence on them, they can become very successful.

Those born in Aquarius the year of the Dragon take great pleasure in helping others. However, when they are the ones in need of assistance, they are too proud to ask for any help. This is not something that can help them through life, but it’s expected from Aquarians to be like this.

Great conversationalist, the Aquarius Dragons will talk about anything, with anyone. They are eccentric and they often surprise others with their imagination. When they start to speak it seems like they will never stop.

Their ideas are usually surprising and inspiring. Don’t contradict them as they won’t appreciate it.

They think their word has weight and great value. These are people who never doubt themselves. That’s why they can’t understand how others could question them and their arguments.

In case you want to be friends with an Aquarius Dragon, you need to be understanding of his or her free nature and don’t think for a minute they are not giving you enough attention.

If you manage to understand these natives’ dreamy way and eccentricity, you will be able to be their friend. Gaining their respect is a lot about figuring out independence.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Dragon: Management, Publishing, Medicine, Travel, Catering.

Great at planning, Aquarius Dragons are often the ones in charge of parties and gatherings. You could leave them to take care of all the details of your wedding.

They have many talents and skills, but they don’t like to brag about it, preferring to surprise people each time they have the occasion.

It isn’t easy to make friends with them. Aquarius Dragons don’t trust people very easily. They don’t enjoy taking part in competitions, but this doesn’t mean they don’t know what rivalry is.

If you have a problem, they are the ones to help you with an open heart. And they are good at finding solutions too. Mannered and with a developed sense of humor, you’ll never see them misbehaving.

The only thing that cuts their wings and makes them feel lonely are matters of love and romance. Because they are born in the year of the Dragon, these Aquarians know how to be ambitious and set high goals for themselves.

And they have all the means to achieve these goals. When they have an interest, they become very focused and determined.

These individuals like to get together with people who think like them, and they have a great intuition that helps with problem solving.

They enjoy exchanging ideas, trying new routes and then sharing their findings.

Love – Revealed

When they are with someone, the Aquarius Dragons seek to exercise their power and their dominating side.

They like long-term relationships and they want the partner to be the same as them. If you manage to win their trust, these people will be the most reliable soulmates you could ever find. They are honest and they speak their mind.

Aquarius Dragons show their sincerity the most when they’re involved in something serious. They will never stop trying to better themselves and their lovers. All this will come gradually and you won’t even notice it.

Most compatible with: Aries Tiger, Gemini Tiger, Libra Rat, Sagittarius Rat, Gemini Monkey.

Completely satisfied when their partner is happy, these people will struggle to make their relationships work. Loyal, they don’t commit just for the sake of it, they give a lot of thought to this matter.

Charming, the Aquarius Dragon will seduce you from the first moment you have laid eyes on him or her. They like reinventing themselves in love, and they have a craving for change. If you are with a person in these signs, look to always surprise him or her.

Aquarius Dragon Woman Characteristics

Energetic, strong and usually successful, the Aquarius Dragon woman knows she is talented and she uses her skills to accomplish things.

She is kind and generous, the only weaknesses she has being too much generosity and kindness turned into naivety.

If you want a relationship with her, arm yourself with patience. She needs support and attention even though she doesn’t show it.

Her lover will be spoiled and cared for. She will never cheat or bore the person she’s with. A natural born leader, this lady would be good in managerial positions.

She can inspire and motivate people. She doesn’t like to be controlled, so it may be difficult for her to work in an office.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Dragon: Matt Dillon, Sarah Palin, Isla Fisher, Mike Posner, Belle Perez.

Aquarius Dragon Man Characteristics

It’s not easy to understand the Aquarius Dragon man. He seems to have mystical powers and he sometimes escapes into a world of his own.

He is accurate in evaluating situations and people and he likes to contemplate rather than to take action. This man will achieve great things in life if he establishes goals for himself.

Persevering and strong, he will always make the right choice. He could be able to change destinies as he is courageous and good at finding solutions.

Looking for exciting things to do in life, the Aquarius Dragon man is always on the move. He would be great as a leader since he’s a good communicator who knows how to impress people. His only weakness is his dreaminess.

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