Aquarius Dog: The Unassuming Genius Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Aquarius born in Dog year

Aquarius Dog
  • Aquarius people celebrate their birthdays between January 20 and February 18.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • Conscious and devoted, they will be there for you at your hardest.
  • With her incredible resilience, the Aquarius Dog woman makes a great leader.
  • The behavior of the Aquarius Dog man is criticized for lacking gentleness.

Aquarius people born in the year of the Dog are innovative and capable of providing constructive advice or expressing their opinions.

It’s great to be around them as they are good listeners who will be interested in everything you may have to say. This comes from the Dog’s side.

People born in this sign are known for being caring. More than this, the same Dog is known to be attentive and affectionate, things that make the open Aquarius more considerate too.

And the positive traits of Dogs can continue. For example, they are honest, devoted and make great friends, Aquarians born in the year of this sign don’t make any exception to this rule.

Happy to interact with people, Aquarius Dogs will be sought by others to give advice and help with different life problems.

Being highly critical, they can often hurt those who are looking to learn new things from them, but they will make it right fast with their friendly personality. The thing is, for them it is normal to talk about others’ shortcomings.

The Ingenuous Aquarius Dog Personality

Modest and tolerant, these people are the most easygoing Dogs and the sincerest Aquarians. They have a highly developed sense of humor and they are not at all selfish.

Everyone likes them because they are conscious and devoted. They see friendship as a responsibility, enjoying all its fun and good times, but at the same time taking it very seriously. For them, companionships are supreme connections that can’t be broken the first time someone says something wrong.

And they will stick to this principle all their lives. Charismatic and playful, Aquarius Dogs know how to have fun while also being responsible and serious. When they are working, they like to work hard.

Top Characteristics: Frank, Conscious, Optimistic, Loyal, Charismatic.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that they sometimes relax and have a little of fun. All work and not play can’t be healthy or that interesting, no matter how passionate you may be about what you are doing.

They like the company of friends and acquaintances, but what they want the most is to be around their family or their closest friends.

They will never try to show off, so shy is the word that best describes them at social gatherings. Of all the Aquarians, the ones born in the year of the Dog are the most timid and least interested in being in the spotlight.

They are loyal and always there to help whenever they are needed. The way they throw themselves into giving a hand, no matter if it’s their cause or not, is simply amazing.

They will support anyone they believe in, without thinking twice. And they won’t want anything in return, many people liking when they are around just for this special characteristic.

Friends and family influence the Aquarius Dogs in a great way. These special persons have an important role in their balance.

They are the most hurt when they are seeing dishonesty and selfishness, and they will always fight to protect the integrity and honor of their family.

The Dog is sensible and down-to-earth, while the Aquarius is rebellious and free. Such traits will balance the people who are born in both these signs. Aquarius Dogs will be simple and easy to get along with.

Finding it difficult to lie, they have strong morals and some principles of honesty after which they are ruling their lives.

While they don’t like to argue with someone, they will definitely jump to defend their morals, especially when they are in the right position.

It makes them feel better if they have expressed their opinions. This can make them seem feisty, but they aren’t. They simply want to make a point and prove that they can listen too.

It is better that they don’t work in the administrative sector, or somewhere where they need to adhere to a certain routine.

Their vitality and enthusiasm is not meant for this type of job. When they have a goal, these people will work hard to attain it.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Dog: Education, Science, PR, Writing.

Busy lifestyles are to their liking. They wouldn’t be any good in a place where they would have to complete repetitive tasks and not have any fun.

Because they bring in new ideas and they don’t hesitate to give the best solutions, they will be promoted by managers at a young age.

They like to think and they are always open to pleasing others, even if it means going over their own wellbeing and happiness.

Provoking them will only generate a cascade of emotions from their side. If they are deceived, they can easily become depressed. Not emotional on the outside, they have many deep feelings on the inside.

Betray their loyalty and you will get to know their wrath. If they can’t transmit their knowledge to others through informal means, they will choose to teach.

They are resourceful when it comes to different types of information, and they like to wake others’ interest in learning.

When someone hurts them, they hurt for a while because, as Dogs, they are honest and caring, and they expect others to be the same.

Love – Exposed

When they fall in love, Aquarius Dogs become a little bit crazy and impulsive. They just want to take their partner by the hand and go do all kind of interesting, dangerous things.

They would rather be single and not loved than get together with someone who doesn’t match their character.

In a relationship, they are faithful and never argumentative. You won’t see them jealous or worried that their partner might be cheating on them.

They will have something balanced and beautiful with the person who loves and appreciates them.

Obsessed with cleanliness, you must be careful to always keep a neat and tidy place if you have moved in together with one of the Aquarius Dogs. These guys always know where anything is, hating to live in places that are too agglomerated with useless possessions.

It is absolutely necessary that the person who’s in love with them has the same habits and cleans after him or herself.

Most compatible with: Aries Tiger, Gemini Tiger, Sagittarius Horse, Libra Horse, Aries Rat, Libra Rabbit.

They are very confident they are doing things right, and this can make them forget about their partner’s feelings.

It is advised that they improve the communication with their lover. This is the only way through which their love connection will improve.

While professionally they need change and variety, this doesn’t apply to the Aquarius Dogs’ love life.

They like a stable union and they want something long-lasting. Not the most sensual of all the signs in both zodiacs, they need to pay more attention to what their partner wants.

Aquarius Dog Woman Characteristics

The Aquarius Dog woman has to be in the center of attention, the one who’s the most important at any gathering. Besides this, this girl needs to be independent and appreciated.

Attractive, she will have many admirers and friends. If she would follow her dreams, she would achieve much more in life. She can communicate easily, and she is resilient and decisive.

Helpful, the Aquarius Dog woman would be great as a leader. It’s recommended that she pays more attention to what others advise her.

She needs to understand that advice from her enemies can also be useful and that compromise is sometimes beneficial.

If she would try and develop more spiritually, she would be happier and more at peace with herself. This is a lady who will succeed at everything she does in her life.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Dog: Charlotte Rampling, Susanna Thompson, Minnie Driver, Adam Lambert, Harry Styles.

Aquarius Dog Man Characteristics

Positive and happy, the Aquarius Dog man is interested in many things and will try all sort of jobs. He sees relationships as he sees his hobbies, meaning he is serious and loves with passion.

Independent, he has difficulties because he is critical of everyone and everything. He will be successful at everything he is doing because he’s original and smart.

Determined and goal-oriented, this guy will weigh in all the sides of a situation and only after he will make a decision.

He will invest a lot of his energy and time in thinking things through, but he will eventually do good. It is advised that he is gentler and less critical with others. He needs more love in his life, and to give people more attention.

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