Aquarius Birthstones: Amethyst, Amber and Garnet

These three Aquarius birthstones promote auspicious events and channel positive vibrations in the lives of those born between January 20th and February 18th.

Aquarius Birthstone

Aquarius natives have the Amethyst as their birthstone but respond very well to Amber and Garnet too. The Amethyst is the most characteristic for the sign because it’s known to conduct Uranus’s energies. When seeing this stone, the natives of this sign start to become more interested in everything that’s new and not yet discovered.

Aquarians are amazing at anything involving communication and love to make new friends. For them, functioning as a whole within a group would be the ideal situation and their dedicated birthstones can help with this.

Aquarius birthstones summary:

  • Amethyst is appreciated for bringing peace of mind and for making people more spiritual;
  • Amber is a stone of balance, patience and smart decision-making, and that also helps with the memory;
  • Garnet deals with unexplained fears and insecurity, helping in difficult periods.


Romans and Greeks from antiquity used to believe the Amethyst protects against alcohol by keeping their heads clear and their tongue sharp. There are many legends and all sort of myths about the Amethyst, so all the religions in the world used in different rituals.

Not only having a superb color, this gemstone is also known for its many shapes and for being affordable. It features both cold and warm colors, so when placed on a golden jewel, it looks simply amazing.

The Amethyst goes well with many clothes because it’s simple and clear. When it comes to its influences towards the human body, it’s good for relieving stress and for bringing about calm or peace of mind. Many business owners use it for wealth, so it’s suggested to place an Amethyst crystal in the office.

This stone protects the spirit and the body, while at the same time it makes the mind clear and helps people stay connected with their own feelings. It is being said that when wearing it, individuals get to know themselves better. At least this is what the ancient Greeks used to believe.

Those who keep an Amethyst on them are more spiritual and able to interact with the Divinity on different levels. This stone is connected with the crown chakra, so it helps with meditation and calms the thoughts of the user.

People in antiquity used to think it’s good against negative thoughts and that it makes anyone more intelligent or good with business. Travelers wore it to fight against treachery, soldiers had it on them to counteract attacks coming by surprise and to obtain victory in fights.

Hunters used to wear an Amethyst for more prey, while witches and priests thought it is the stone of the psychic, which protects against darkness in any type of black magic. Royals were convinced that by wearing Amethyst, they’re protected from diseases.

Nowadays, this gemstone is still appreciated for bringing peace of mind and for making people more spiritual. Many use it for meditation and to be in contact with the metaphysical realm.

It’s a purifier of the aura, so it releases negative energies and protects the body from anything that may be damaging for the spirit. Wearers of Amethyst have a clear mind and are centered when it comes to their spirituality.

The chakras this stone interacts with are the Third Eye, the etheric ones and the crown. This means it enhances psychic abilities, the intuition and the cognitive perception.

Many can swear it makes them wiser, more understanding and feeling at peace after losing someone dear. Since its expands the higher mind and brings about creativity or passion, many artists use it when making music, painting or performing on stage.

Their imagination starts running wild and they become to think in a more suitable way for what’s required of them. Students can use it before exams because it improves the assimilation of new information and helps with the completion of projects.

As a matter of fact, anyone can keep it as a talisman for focusing and tremendous success. Amethyst is also referred to as the “tranquilizer of nature” because it brings about calm and helps with the how the synapses transmit information in the brain.

It could be placed under the pillow or just rubbed on the Third Eye for a cure against insomnia and for beautiful dreams.

Diplomats, businesspeople and public speakers can employ it because it deals with anger and offers an advantage in debates. Those who want to become more spiritual and also more intellectual should surely benefit from it as well.


After being cut and nicely polished, Amber is used to decorate valuable jewelry. Not very heavy, it can be worn anytime without causing any discomfort. It’s usually transparent or semitransparent, and its color depends a lot on the species and the age of the tree that has deposited resin for the stone to form.

Its colors can be light-yellow, light-green, dark brown and a darker red. Amber makes people more stable and oriented towards what their heart wants. It helps artists to become more intellectual, creative and optimistic.

When it comes to the energy levels, it heals tiredness and determines individuals to accept themselves for whom they are. Therefore, it’s a bringer of peace, comfort, emotional purification and protection against anger.

Its light colors inspire a good disposition, so its wearers deal better with depression and suicidal thoughts. Those who wear Amber are more peaceful and trusting, not to mention wise and generous.

It’s a stone of balance, patience and smart decision-making, and that also helps with the memory.

In antiquity, doctors used to prescribe it for the heart, the bones and even for migraines. Those who have babies should use it when the little ones are teething.

Because it absorbs any negative energy, Amber gives the human body a chance to become balanced and to heal. It has great effects over the throat, the kidneys, the liver, the bladder, bones, the stomach and is a good stone for any mucous membranes.

Amber is all about the solar plexus chakra, so it’s good for the digestive system, the adrenal glands and all the organs in the stomach are. Furthermore, it helps the body assimilate nutrients and has great influence over the left brain.

It can be used for digestive and psychosomatic issues or for diseases that have crippled the sufferer. Travelers should carry it for protection and more courage.

It’s a stone of the Earth that brings about higher energies. Since it eliminates all the negativity, it helps the body heal and protect itself from diseases. Those who want to be more spiritual should seriously think of using this stone as well.


Garnet is known for its energetic and restorative abilities. This stone brings about balance, reinforces the energy and protects the aura. While large and plentiful, it can be found in many forms, depending on its mineral base.

Its healing properties and spiritual influences can be determined according to color, the place where it’s been found, Feng Shui attributions and energies.

However, regardless of how it looks like and all the other mentioned things, all Garnets successfully deal with the stress in the nowadays’ life and helps people plan more efficiently. Therefore, it is an excellent stone for those who want to be grounded in reality.

People who are lacking energy should as well use it because it brings about a sense of happiness and blocks negative energies. Couples who have problems in the bedroom should as well employ it in order to solve their problems.

Royals and rich people used to have it in decorative pieces in their homes. Noah used a very large garment in his journey, for guidance and light. Having powerful vibrations and featuring many colors, each Garnet has its own beauty and comes in either Ruby red, brown, and even orange or pink.

Known to detoxify the body from all the harmful elements, it’s also a great helper when it comes to the assimilation of nutrients. From an emotional point of view, it calms and protects from depression or sadness.

Those who feel lost can use it to improve their survival instinct and to become more courageous. Garnet is a stone that brings balance, peace of mind, passion towards interests and a healthy sex life.

Many use it for luck, business success and love. It can help with letting go of nasty behaviors and with bringing about confidence in oneself. Therefore, those who happen to be in a crisis should use it in order to organize more efficiently.

People with no hope would benefit from the way it activates the survival instinct as well. Those who feel like they don’t have any more energy could use Garnet to become stronger and to find the center that makes them livelier.

Because it is a stone of balance, Garnet deals with unexplained fears and insecurity, helping in periods when money seem to be completely missing. It focuses people to become oriented towards their goals and to attain success.

If you want to be more popular and positive, just use Garnet and enhance the respect you have for yourself. Any relationship, either of business or romantic, will greatly improve after wearing this stone.

Women who happen to be executives could benefit from its powers even more than men. In fact, those who want success in business should decide to wear the one that is cut in a square shape.

Because life is not always as people imagine it, this stone can help with accepting some truths and therefore, balancing emotions or thoughts for the wearer to start once again focus on success and for having enough energy.

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