Aquarius Ascendant Woman: The Rebellious Lady

She is most rebellious female of the zodiac and she will not allow anyone to decide for her, regardless of the life situation.

Aquarius Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Aquarius is interested in many different things, has a lot of friends and is relaxed and friendly.

She keeps a certain space between her and her loved ones, which may seem that she’s uninterested or uncaring. However, if someone would need her help, she would immediately give a hand.

Aquarius Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Convivial, quick-witted and rational;
  • Weaknesses: Clingy, authoritarian and blunt;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who will respect and support her;
  • Life Lesson: Accepting that it is ok not to have all the answers and to need others.

Many see her as unconventional and very determined to succeed and they are right. This lady is aware that she needs to protect herself from others and doesn’t allow too many people to get very close to her.

A woman of high ideals

The Aquarius Ascendant woman will work hard and focus all of her energy to make the world a better place. She must make an effort to let her heart rule because she can be too logical.

This is because her sign is fixed and she doesn’t want to let her emotions rule. It’s easy for this lady to come up with many ideas that can easily be put into practice.

If she would learn how to use her heart as well, she would know where to direct her love for humanity and make significant changes in the life of others.

She’s energetic, friendly and always making new friends because she likes variety. In spite of her inquisitive nature, it’s possible for her to not finish school very well because she’s a rebel.

As she puts a high price on her social life, she will make many friends who think like her and are very active intellectually. She will leave home very soon because she’s independent and wants to make her own living as soon as possible.

When it comes to work, she uses many of her creative ideas and solves problems in an unconventional way. It’s not her way to ever give up, usually taking projects to the very end.

Having high ideals, she’s resourceful and can build a perfect life for herself. Many will consider her hypocritical because she only talks of freedom and at the same time struggles to keep everything under control, being very proud of what she has influence over.

When it comes to love, she’s rather rational and not open to sacrifice her own dreams for a man because she needs her freedom in the relationship. Usually cool and easygoing, she will never panic, even if the entire world would be threatened by a zombie apocalypse.

She can never yell back at a person who’s hysterical or insults her because she has only calm responses in her mind. This lady doesn’t mind admitting others may be correct, but she sticks to her own beliefs and has a great talent at calming people down.

She would make a great boss because she doesn’t give in to pressure. Very confident and not afraid to face the new, she’s rather intrigued by the world and wants to know what she can do to improve things.

Strangeness and oddity are really for her as she likes to try and understand everything, all the time. Ambitious and always focused, this Aquarius rising usually manages to make all of her dreams come true.

Not at all emotional, she may offend some people with her lack of empathy, seeming apathetic and even arrogant. But she’s not at all like this as she only finds it difficult to talk about her feelings and doesn’t interact with others at an emotional level.

It’s just whom she is, so others shouldn’t be offended. Many will think she’s different and truly one-of-a-kind, while men may find her to be too flighty and even insane.

She loves going out and showing how intelligent, beautiful and elegant she is. This lady doesn’t mind facing obstacles because she seems to have a way of escaping any problem.

Her confidence makes her irresistible, so members of the opposite sex may worry she doesn’t take them seriously. Her opponents will be scared by her imagination and the fact that she can seduce others to do things her way.

She impresses and doesn’t necessarily look to commit when it comes to love. The woman with the Ascendant in Aquarius will develop special strategies with the man she likes, even before getting to know him.

She’s fascinating, proud and really impressive, so she turns many heads when walking down the street. Not to mention she has a great sense of humor and likes to talk about anything, from fashion to technology and politics.

She’s very open to have interesting conversations with those of the opposite sex because she’s smart and likes to be in the company of resourceful, elegant males. She can be superficial because she’s very proud of her charm, strength and knowledge.

The Aquarius Ascendant woman in love

In romantic relationships, the Aquarius Ascendant woman prefers to keep her distance, but she somehow manages to attract a very high number of men. She wouldn’t waste her time with someone pessimistic or who whines all the time.

Her partner should not only be loyal and a good husband, but also an intelligent friend with whom she can talk about anything.

Not caring too much about sex, this lady is all about respect, mutual trust, understanding and support. Since Uranus and Saturn, the planets who rule her, are so different, she may seem contradicting oftentimes.

But her magnetism will always have people attracted to her, while she would be interested only in their ideas. Very unpredictable in bed and the relationship altogether, she’s looking for a connection that is both stable and interesting.

Don’t expect her to want the traditional family because she’s all about individuality and experimenting in the bedroom.

Her Descendant is Leo, which means she needs someone passionate, lively and faithful. If her man would surprise her every day with new ideas regarding what to do and where to go for the holidays, she would be happiest woman alive.

What to remember about the Aquarius Ascendant woman

The Aquarius Ascendant woman is the best at giving advice because she thinks logically and doesn’t mind giving a hand when needed.

She’s a true intellectual who has knowledge about everything this world has to offer. Unique and unconventional, people see her different that the rest of the crowd.

She’s the type who can see things from a new perspective and doesn’t mind being given new ideas, which means she makes a great boss or leader.

She will never say “No” to those who are trying to inspire her because she likes hearing an opinion different than hers. But it will take her a while to overcome stubbornness and to put into practice what she has learned.

It’s not like she’s too open to change, she just wants to have all things considered and still does things the way she knows best.

When it comes to her appearance, she dresses differently, so it’s easy to notice her in a crowd because she’s the one wearing the green hat and red pants. In other words, she’s unique in the way she dresses, just like she’s in her behavior. This lady usually gets along with everyone, allowing her friends, partner and children to be as free as they want.

You can be sure she’ll be excited to meet people from different cultures and to treat everyone as her equal. This means people will really appreciate her for the way she behaves, not for her position at work or the money she makes.

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