Aquarius Anger: The Dark Side of The Water Bearer Sign

Aquarians are angered by facing prejudice and having to explain themselves to people who don’t even wish to understand them.

Aquarius anger

Aquarians are free thinkers and always ready to go with what life has to offer them. What’s bothering and making others angry doesn’t bother them very much.

These people don’t want to follow the flock and the rules. If angered, they aren’t doing too much in order for others to find out their doings, not to mention they’re witty and can put people in their place with their harsh words.

Aquarius anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Not being allowed to just do what they please;
  • Can’t stand: Possessive and selfish people;
  • Style of revenge: Cold and aloof;
  • Make up by: Asking for forgiveness sincerely.

People born under this sign are true rebels, the ones that can’t conform and who want to give everything they have to the ones who deserve it. They seem to hold grudges for long periods of time.

Loving a good debate

While not using orthodox means, Aquarius natives have the tendency to never change their opinions and perspectives.

Their philosophy is only theirs, so there’s no one to take it away from them. These people love to travel and are considered true tramps.

They’re attracted to new methods of doing things and different alternative practices. Focused on development, they’re always looking forward and are only interested in freedom, not to mention they want justice to prevail.

When it comes to prejudices, they don’t have them. As well, they can’t refrain themselves from helping with advice. These people can be optimistic to the point of infecting others.

They simply love good debates and when others are provoking their thoughts, but they never want to fight. If angered, they aren’t staying for too long around.

It would be a good idea for them to go outside and to drive their car in order for their emotions to be settled. When having to deal with a situation the right way, they’re doing it in an elegant manner.

Aquarians don’t like to show their emotions to others, so when interacting, they’re having the smoothest conversations and are being composed.

They can later say they’ve benefited from all the space they needed in order to handle their emotions, but their feelings are most of the time kept for their own thoughts.

It’s possible they’re writing people off without any notice. They can make attempts to repair all their destroyed long-lasting relationships, but this doesn’t mean they’re trying with them all.

Angering an Aquarius

Aquarians can be very sharp with their words. It can be difficult to make them angry because they can tolerate a lot before becoming annoyed and being involved in dramatic situations.

Not much can be done in order to make them angry. They’re unhappy when others are being cruel or discriminating, and they can use their harsh words to blame those who are doing such things.

Conforming can annoy these people as well because they’re known to have unusual ways of dealing with life, not to mention they have a cool temper.

Aquarians can’t adhere to a conduct or dress the way the society is imposing because it’s their way to shock at any occasion.

At least they’re always relaxed and aren’t looking for conflicts. Someone would have to do something really terrible in order for them to be nasty and mean, after which they can disappear on that person.

They’re usually no longer responding to messages and calls, as well not arrive at events because their energy seems to be somehow lost and they only want to avoid the ones who have dared to cross them.

Testing the Aquarius patience

Those who are born under Aquarius are irritated when someone is talking too much about others and what they’ve said.

More than this, they don’t like it when parties are being organized without them knowing. When someone is calling them too often to ask if they’re fine, they can become really upset as well.

Also, they don’t like being over-treated, so they shouldn’t be asked to serve a coffee because they may be looking tired, or other things like this.

Their loved ones should avoid sending them messages all the time, and after complain that they’re not answering.

All in all, Aquariuses can be annoyed and truly angered when the basic traits of their sign are being challenged.

For instance, they don’t like confronting others when it’s not necessary, or not being let to do things their way.

These natives need a lot of space to be themselves, so those who are trying to make any change into their life or beliefs are only wrong about them.

Taking their time off

People born under Aquarius are never allowing their emotions to take over because they’re the diplomatic type, no matter if it’s about work or their personal life.

When angry, these natives aren’t hurrying to come up with a plan for revenge. More than this, they’re not quite the forgiving type and can take grudges with them until they’re reaching the Other World.

When Aquarians are trying to get their revenge, they’re giving their opponents a harsh talk and can blow them up without thinking twice.

Most of the time, they’re saying their enemies have bad forces surrounding them and that they want to stay away from such characters.

They can be relaxed and too indifferent when trying to make someone disappear from their life, meaning they can destroy gifts they received and memories that were built.

There are times when they’re crossing the line in the mess of others in an attempt to help, moment in which the situation is no longer in their hands. Aquarians think they’re the most moral creatures.

Those who have hurt them should not wait to be forgiven because they may pretend to no longer care about being crossed, but their black list is forever the same.

These people are tricky as far as revenge is going because they always want to be the ones who are winning. However, they’re not giving people enough importance, this being the reason why they aren’t acting vengefully.

These natives are all the time off and on as far as their emotions are going, this being the reason why they’re not committing to their relationships, something that’s required for revenge.

However, when meeting a Water Bearer who wants revenge, it can be noticed how he or she has a very dark side others have never been aware of.

When reacting in order to convince everyone that they’re doing what’s best, they’re in fact retaliating and thinking they’re the only ones right.

People born under Aquarius are sociable and wish to be loved by everyone. When looking to get their revenge, they want to still be seen as innocent, not to mention they can give up on projects that they’re no longer having enough energy for.

These people are employing all sort of social tactics to make others feel embarrassed.

They’re also relying on moral ideas to make their victims seem bad and to get things done quickly, especially in front of an audience.

However, they have to do what they’re doing and gain the sympathy of others, or they won’t feel like their actions are worthy of their efforts.

Making peace with them

Aquarius natives would be the happiest if knowing the planet is saved, as they’re big and generous humanitarians.

As a matter of fact, they’re the ones who are looking for different Internet programs on how the animals can be saved and on how they can make a contribution.

When they’re being part of something, they’re feeling truly accomplished. These people should just be asked to participate in something that’s bringing value.

They don’t like to forgive and are thinking of themselves as the most moral creatures on Earth. Besides, they aren’t too rational.

For example, they can conclude someone has bad energies and not forgive him or her for this.

There are times when they’re pretending to forgive because this is what’s making them feel good about themselves, after which they’re allowing the people they’ve exonerated back into their life.

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